Highlights of 2014

Florida; Swimming with the dolphins
Prom with my best friend

Meeting Union J
  1. Meeting Union J- Union J have been my favourite band for a while now, ever since I fell in love with them at Judges Houses. This year, I finally got to meet them at a perfume signing, and it was one of the best days to date. I'd only decided to go the day before and leading up to it, I wouldn't allow myself to get excited in case I couldn't meet them which made the whole thing really surreal, and I didn't quite know what to think or do. Unsurprisingly, I got starstruck and pretty much forgot how to speak, meaning I more or less ignored them when they spoke to me. On top of that, my camera wouldn't work properly so the only picture that worked was the one with Josh. Despite both of these things, it was definitely a favourite moment because it was something I'd only dreamed of doing, and it was such a great experience to meet my idols. This is definitely a day I will remember.
  2. Getting back in touch with an old friend (Jess) and becoming closer- This year, I also got back in touch with one of my (now) closest friends who I hadn't spoken to for at least a year, I think. Since then we've done a lot more together and speak to each other a lot. This is one of my highlights of 2014 because she is a friend that I'm sure I will be friends with for a long time, and one that I love speaking to.
  3. Staying with one of my best friends (who's like a long distance sister) in Germany
    - I also got the chance to stay with one of my best friends for a week in Summer. This was an amazing experience, it was the first time I flew both on my own, with friends (without a parent/teacher/adult) and on my own, own. It also gave me chance to spend time with someone I would consider to be like a sister, who I could always talk to as well as some of my other friends who live in Germany so I don't get to see them very often. We had a great time, just spending time with friends and doing what we wanted to do.
  4. Strengthening my friendship with my best friend (Georgie)-This year, I have also strengthened my friendship with my best friend who I now do things with most weekends. We have always been good friends, but this year, we have grown a lot closer, and I hope that stays the case for many years to come in the future. 
  5. Prom- Prom was a great experience, it was an evening for me to celebrate with my friends, after 11 years of school. It was a great end to my school life, and made me sad to be moving on but also excited to start the next chapter of my life, where I had more choice and freedom to do the things I want to do.
  6. GCSEs- Getting my GCSE results was definitely a highlight for me, as it showed that all the hard work I'd put in throughout my whole school life had paid off.
  7. NCS- This was an amazing experience for me, not only did it give me the chance to meet some amazing people but, it improved my confidence massively. My confidence may not be that
    NCS Graduation
    great now, but NCS definitely helped to improve it. By doing it alone (not knowing anyone beforehand), I got the best experience out of it possible, improving my confidence in myself and my confidence when speaking to new people. It also helped improve so many other skills that will help me in the future. Most importantly, I had fun, doing something worthwhile. This is something I would recommend to any 16 or 17 year old and something that I would do again and again, if I were to go back in time. 
  8. Christmas with my family- Christmas is always one of my favourite times of the year, everyone spending it with the people they love and doing the things they love. This year was no different, I love spending the day seeing my family and doing all our traditional Christmas things, like the Christmas Dinner, the evening buffet, the visit from Santa that makes all my younger cousins incredibly happy and the quiz that always causes controversy over who is cheating and who is not. I wouldn't swap my family Christmas for anything.
  9. Florida- In Spring, I went on holiday to Florida with my family for the second time, and it was just as magical as the first time. My favourite day of the whole trip had to be the day we visited Discovery Cove, not just because we got to swim with the dolphins (ours was called Marea) which is something I've wanted to do near enough my whole life, but also the whole experience, which involved a lot of eating, swimming with fish and rays, feeding otters and birds, and just having a great time as a family, doing something that makes everyone happy.
  10. Becoming a Godparent- Last but not least, is the day I became a Godparent for the first time, to my second cousin Louie. This was a special day as it was the day I was given the responsibility and excitement of playing an important role in his life, to help guide him and support him in life.
Looking back on 2014, it held some amazing and unforgettable experiences. I'd forgotten how much I'd done and achieved this year. There have been many other moments I have enjoyed but these are ten of my highlights.

What were your favourite moments of 2014?

Love, Steph x

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