February Favourites 2015

Sorry this has gone up late, I had intended to put it up earlier today but this morning we got some news that meant I had to go somewhere unexpectedly where it wasn't really suitable or possible to edit the few bits left of this post and to upload it. At least it's gone up in February (Just)!!!

Title by Meghan Trainor- I love this album so much, there isn't a song on it that I don't like. They all have catchy tunes, with most of them making me want to get up and dance around despite the fact I have two left feet! This is a great album to listen to wherever and one I especially enjoy at the gym where it is perfect due to its upbeat rhythm and fun tune. Album available here
Handwritten by Shawn Mendes- The album itself isn't out until the end of April but there are a couple of songs already available to download off iTunes and I love all of them. Shawn Mendes has a beautiful voice with some amazing songs and I love his tone. My favourite has to be 'A Little Too Much' which has some very relatable and emotional lyrics, perfect for a casual listen or to listen to when you're not having a very good day/moment. Album available here

TV Shows
Netflix- I know I'm late to the party on this one but I've never felt the need to use it before seeing as everything I wanted to watch was on Sky or Amazon Prime (which we bought by mistake). Having said that, I had to pay for each episode of Pretty Little Liars on Amazon Prime which wasn't cheap when added up so I decided to give Netflix a go and downloaded a free trial. So far, I have been loving it and I intend on paying for it once the free trial ends.
Pretty Little Liars- Once again, I couldn't not feature this in my favourites post but as this has been in my last two, I won't go into detail about it. All I will say, is that I can not wait to find the season finale when we finally find out who A is!
90210- During my free Netflix trial, I found 90210 which I first watched years ago but only saw about half of season three and a couple of episodes of season four. So naturally, I watched all four seasons that were available on Netflix and even though I found it quite repetitive and annoying at times (and disliked all of the characters at different points through out the show), I did like it at the other times and really enjoyed it over all- plus I got hooked.
H2O Just Add Water- This one takes me back almost ten years when the show was first aired. I used to love this programme and decided to watch a couple of episodes again as a bit of nostalgia and although the acting is rather poor or cheesy at times, I do find it entertaining and have enjoyed watching one of my favourite childhood programmes again.

Simple Skin Care: Cleansing Lotion, Facial Toner and Light Moisturiser- I mentioned these products in my Beauty Haul which you can find here and in my Overnight Make Up Bag and Everyday Routine which you can find here. I've found these products work really well at removing any excess make up and leave my skin feeling cleaner, fresher and smoother.

642 Things to Write About- I bought this book from Waterstones a week ago or so and so far I haven't done a lot with it but I really like the concept of the book and I think it's great for anyone with a passion for or interest in writing. Funnily enough, it contains 642 things to write about with a large variety of titles that you wouldn't usually think of. Some examples are: 'A four-year-old child is afraid of the dark. Write about the child's fears and what you might say or do to help the child overcome the fears.', 'Who people think you are, compared to who you know you are.' and 'Write a scene in which two people leave believing opposite things are true.' Available here
If I Stay DVD- I have been waiting to watch this film since August as I read the book and loved it but by the time I had finished reading it, there were only a few showings left (one a day for a week) which were at times I couldn't get to so I had to wait for it to come out on DVD which seemed to take absolutely ages. Anyway, I finally got the DVD (a few days after it was released) and watched it and loved it. It was a beautiful and very emotional story. I would definitely recommend this film (and book) to anyone who loves a good story, a tearjerker or just an interesting and rather thought provoking film. Available here

Love, Steph x

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