January Favourites 2015

Welcome to my first official monthly favourites post, I did a current favourites in December last year but this year I've decided to do a monthly favourites each month, either at the very end of the month or at the start of the next month. Enjoy...
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume- I love the smell of this perfume, I have been wearing it quite often but sparingly so I don't use it too quickly because I just love the smell so much. I won't try to describe the scent but I would definitely recommend trying it.
  • Rituals Diwali Delight- I won't go into too much detail on this one as I did a whole blog post about it (here) but basically I am in love with this product, it just smells so incredible and feels amazing!
  • Collection Eyebrow Kit- I have been loving this product, it helps make my make up look finished, by adding some colour and a more clearer shape to my brows.
  • Collection Jade's Defining Full On Mascara- As mentioned in my beauty haul, this mascara is my absolute favourite mascara because it works so well with my lashes to lengthen them and make them more defined. I love the rubber brush and will continue to purchase this until I find another one I like more (which could be difficult).
  • MUA Candyfloss Blusher- I have never really used blusher as part of my daily make up routine before but following a conversation about it, I decided to try one. Given that MUA (a superdrug brand) had blushers for £1, I decided that was the best place to get one to try- then if I didn't like it, it wasn't a huge financial loss. However, since I bought it, I've worn it pretty much everyday, and I really like how it looks with the rest of my makeup, particularly with my bronzer.
  • Ecotools Kabuki Make Up Brush Set- I love these brushes, they feel soft against me skin, apply my make up evenly and smoothly and they look so cute and pretty. What makes them even better is knowing they are earth and animal friendly.
  • New Look Tall Khaki Parka- This featured in my Haul (part two) post and despite the cold weather and the fact that the coat is quite thin, I have been wearing this most days and loving it, it's goes well with a lot of my clothes including my brown and cream scarf, which matches it amazingly. I love the appearance of it, the length of the arms and the main body and the overall feel of it. 
  • Radley Scalf- I love scarves and my Radley scarf is no exception, it looks great with my grey coat and keeps me lovely and warm, which is great for this time of year. I also love the texture, it's made from a mix of cotton and silk which makes the scarf feel amazing.
  • Brown and Cream Scarf- I bought this a while ago on a stall, selling scarves two for £5 and I love it, it feels so soft against my neck and keeps me lovely and warm. It goes brilliantly with my parka or with my red military style coat and looks really cute.
  • Whittards White Hot Chocolate- I got a set of Whittards hot chocolate for Christmas and given the cold weather, it's been perfect for hot chocolates. I haven't tried many of the other flavours in the set because I love the white hot chocolate so much, especially when you add hazelnut syrup.
  • Photo and Fairy Lights Display- When I redesigned my room last Summer, I made a photo and fairy lights display, I recently got more photos printed so I added them to the display and changed the fairy lights and I really love how it looks, especially when it's lit up.
  • Agave Nectar- I first tried this after Niomi mentioned it in her healthy macaroons video and we've been buying it ever since, it's a great natural alternative to sugar for cooking, sweetening fruit and in hot drinks. I love the way it tastes and I always use it instead of sugar, which has helped reduce my sugar intake.
  • Pretty Little Liars- I know this was in my last favourites post but seeing as it is back on again and as amazing as ever, I couldn't not put it in this favourites as well. If anyone likes mysteries/thrillers/dramas/comedies they should definitely check this out, I can't recommend this program enough. 
  • Celebrity Big Brother- I don't normally watch Big Brother, celebrity or otherwise but when I heard the line up rumours (mostly the fact that Jaymi Hensley from Union J was on that list), I decided to watch them entering the house to see what it was like and I got hooked from there. As much as this series has irritated me and made me quite angry at times, I like watching it and seeing the nice characters in there.

I love to watch so many different YouTubers (list of subscription in my Liebster Award post here) and it was difficult to pick my favourites but these are the few I have selected for this month.
  • Gabby (velvetgh0st)- I love the way her personality comes across in her videos and I hate the amount of hate she gets which she truly doesn't deserve. Her twitter is also amazing and always makes me laugh by her sassy tweets and replies to hate. 
  • Louise (sprinkleofglitter)- I always love to watch Louise's videos because I find her very relatable and a good role model. I love her sense of humour and her personality that comes across in her videos. 
  • Daniela (DanielaPires)- Daniela also has a great video personality and has such a lovely accent. Her videos always make me smile and I share so many of the same interests which makes her videos very easy and fun to watch.
  • Amy and Laura (Waresisters)- I found the waresisters through Daniela a while ago and I love to watch their videos. They have a very relaxed and friendly style that puts a smile on my face. It feels like you're involved in a friendly conversation when you watch their videos.
Love, Steph x

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  2. Still so touched that you mentioned us in your YouTube section! Really does mean a lot to us. Thanks x

    1. It's okay. I was only being honest... I really love your videos and think more people should have the opportunity to find them and watch them :) xxx


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