Overnight Makeup Bag and Everyday Routine

Yesterday I stayed at my friends house overnight and as I was getting my things ready, I came up with the idea to make a blog post about what my overnight makeup bag contains, so here it is. It also kind of doubles as my basic everyday makeup products/routine and the picture shows the order in which I use or apply the products working from top left to bottom right (minus the eye remover which is for the end of the day rather than the beginning) although this is only a rough idea as I often change it up a bit.

Step One: Skin

I start by cleansing, toning and moisturising my face using the simple products displayed above. First of all I apply about a 5p coin size splodge of cleansing lotion onto a cotton pad which I then rub into my skin. I then pour a small amount of toner onto a new cotton pad and do the same thing, removing any excess dirt and bacteria. To finish my skin care step, I put about a 5p size splodge of moisturiser onto my fingers and rub this into my face and neck. I often do these steps before getting dressed, allowing a few minutes for the products to sink in before I apply my make up.

Step Two: Face

After allowing time for my moisturiser to sink in, I start by applying Collection's Illuminating Touch Concealer with my Ecotools Kabuki Concealer Brush to any spots or blemishes and under my eyes. I then use either my Collection Secrets BB Cream or Collection Ultimate Fix 3 in 1 Concealer, Foundation and Powder or I skip this step if my skin is having a particularly good day or I am in a particularly lazy mood. Next, I use my Ecotools Kabuki Contour Brush to apply my Natural Collection powder as although it's designed for contouring, it does a good job at applying powder. I'll then apply my FCUK Bronzer using the brush in the set, followed by my MUA Blusher in the shade Candyfloss, using the Ecotools Kabuki Bronze Brush, which I also use to blend the Blusher and Bronzer together. To finish off my face section, I spray on the Collection Fix Me Up Make Up Fixer to keep my makeup in place for longer.

Step Three: Eyes

My last stage is my eyes. For this, I start by applying a combination of the shades Camel and Sand from the W7 In The Buff Eye Palette both on my eyelids and along my bottom lash line. After this, I'll sometimes add the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick in the shade 011 Bluffing, to add another tone to my eyes, which I'll blend in to the other shades. If I choose to wear liner (which I usually do if I have time), I use the Mastergraphic Felt Liner to line my eyes. I then use Little Mix by Collection, Jade's Defining Black Mascara on both my top lashes and my lower lashes. To finish, I use the Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Palette to fill in my eyebrows, using a combination of the two lighter colours.

I hope you found it interesting to see my everyday basic make up routine and products, and the things I would usually take when staying overnight somewhere. All the products mentioned, I really like and would recommend. If anyone has any other recommendations, let me know in the comments.

Love, Steph x

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