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Today I decided to upload my response to the 'This or That' tag so here it is. (The one's in bold are my answers).

Make Up

Blush or Bronzer 
Until recently, blusher was never part of my make up routine as I naturally blush a heck of a lot so didn't feel it was necessary. Having said that, I have started to use it daily and I really like the way it looks (a lot more than I expected). However, I still have to go for Bronzer because I've been using that as part of my daily routine for years and I love it, it adds colour to my skin that I otherwise would lack.

Lipgloss or Lipstick
I rarely use lipstick yet I always use lipgloss, I find it so much easier to top up and find that it lasts longer so doesn't need topping up as much.

Eyeliner or Mascara
Although I love eyeliner, I don't wear it everyday where as mascara I do- If I get dressed, I'll wear mascara even if I'm not bothering with make up and don't wear anything else. If I could only use one make up product for the rest of my life, it would definitely be mascara. Also, I couldn't wear eyeliner without mascara where as I could use it the other way around.

Foundation or Concealer
Definitely concealer, I don't actually use foundation that often anymore, unless I'm using a powder foundation; usually I use BB cream or sometimes just powder if my skin's having a good day. I used to use foundation everyday but I just find it a bit heavy on my skin for it to be part of my daily routine.

Brushes or Sponges
Again, I rarely use sponges, it wouldn't be much of a hindrance to go without them where as brushes are essential in almost all parts of my make up routine.


Long or Short
I love having long nails but they never seem to last long before they break which then means my nails end up all different lengths which is very irritating.

Acrylic or Natural
I've never had acrylic nails but I quite like the shape of my nails naturally and I like the length when they've not broken so I don't have any desire to try acrylics. I also think it would ruin my nails which I don't want to risk happening.

Brights or Darks
I love browns and other quite neutral shades but the ones I wear are not very dark and I don't really wear many other dark colours, I usually go for bright or light colours.

Flower or No Flower
I love flowers or other designs on nails and if I had the time, patience and ability to do it on my own nails, I would, but I only have a flower or other pattern if I have my nails done (which is not very often at all).


Perfume or Body Spray
I always wear perfume and love so many different ones where as I only really wear body spray if I'm out and want to freshen up. I also sometimes wear a mix of the two but would happily just wear perfume where as I wouldn't just wear body spray.

Body Lotion or Body Butter
I love both and don't really feel much difference- it depends more on the brand rather than which of the two it is. Having said that, I use body lotion more than I use body butter so it would have to be that one.

Bodywash or Soap
I like soap for my hands but 100% prefer bodywash for the rest of my body because I prefer the ease of application and the feel of it on my skin.

Lush or Another Bath Company
As I'm sure you all know by now, I am a huge Lush fan and although there are other companies I like, I have to go for Lush because they have so many products I love, that smell, look and leave your skin feeling amazing.


Jeans or Sweat pants
I never wear sweat pants, if I'm having a comfy day, I'll wear leggings (or pyjamas), so it definitely has to be jeans for this one.

Long or Short sleeve
I don't really like long sleeves unless it's a hoodie or jumper. I prefer to build up the layers than just have a long sleeved top on. I also struggle with long sleeves because my arms are so long, so the sleeves on long sleeved tops/jumpers are often too short meaning I have to get the bigger size if I want them.

Dresses or Skirts
I like skirts a lot but I am a massive dress person, I love dresses whatever the occasion- casual or formal!

Stripes or Plaid
I don't really have a preference for this one but I'm going to go with stripes.

Flip-flops or Sandals
I love sandals, they're so comfortable, practical and pretty, they go with more or less anything. I love when it gets to summer and I can wear sandals. I do also like flip flops but I don't really like the thong style, as the material between the toes get's a bit irritating, but the flip flops without that separating material are amazing, you can just slip them on and off- perfect for holidays by the beach/pool.

Scarves or Hats
As much as I love hats, I wear scarves pretty much daily in Winter and my neck often feels bare and cold without one.

Studs or Dangly Earrings
Dangly earrings are great for a night out or when I have my hair down but I prefer to wear studs when my hair is up (which is most of the time). They also irritate my ears less as you can't really feel them where as some dangly earrings can pull on your eyes a bit.

Necklace or Bracelet
I love both items of jewellery and have several of each but I wear necklaces more often and I feel like a necklace can complete an outfit better than a bracelet can in most cases.

Jacket or Hoodie
I love being able to relax in a hoodie, they're so cosy and warm. I like them for sleeping in, relaxing in or for wearing on a cold day when I can't really be bothered in terms of clothing.


Rain or Shine
You have a lot more choice of things to do when it's sunny plus, rain can ruin your hair or make up and make it more difficult to see (especially if you wear glasses).

Summer or Winter
This was a very tough decision because I like both for different reasons but get fed up of the weather fairly quickly. However, I went for Winter because I love the cosy nights, where you can get into your pyjamas early, have a hot chocolate and curl up in bed or on the sofa to get warm. I can also cope better when I'm cold than when I'm very hot, especially when it comes to concentrating.

Spring or Autumn
I like both of these seasons too but for similar reasons above I decided on Autumn. Also, my birthday is in Autumn so I always say I love Autumn.

Chocolate or Vanilla
I love chocolate but when it comes to chocolate flavoured things I'm not a huge fan: I would much prefer vanilla ice cream, icing, biscuits (unless it's chocolate digestives or chocolate chip cookies or something similar) and sponge cake.

Feel free to do this tag yourself and link me to your response below as I'd love to read them.

Love Steph x

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