What's In Your Handbag: Day Eight

I don't really have one handbag that I keep things in and use all the time, I tend to use my college bag most of the time and usually if I'm going somewhere where I need a handbag, I move a lot of the stuff out of my college bag and put it into a new handbag so each time I use it, I just have the essentials for wherever I'm going. Today, I went ice skating for a friend's birthday so I took a fairly small bag which could easily fit into a locker. This was the bag I took and the things I took inside it today...

As I was wearing ballet pump style shoes, I didn't have any socks on and since I needed some for skating, I put a simple pair in my bag along with a fluffy pair which was recommended. I also had my mango card and provisional license in the Radley card holder, and my purse which you obviously need when going out. I never go anywhere without chewing gum and my favourite flavour is 'cool breeze' by extra. I also took my cien peach sorbet lip gloss and my maybelline master graphic liner in case I needed to top up my make up through out the day. Last but not least, I took my glasses.

Note: I did also take my phone but that was in my pocket for most of the day, as well as an umbrella which didn't fit in this bag so I just carried it.

Love, Steph x

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