Timeline Of Your Day: Day Fifteen

9.20: Woke up
9.30: Got up and gave my mum her mother's day present
9.45: Ate breakfast (special k red berries)
10.00: Laptop time including printing some photos taken yesterday for my grandma for mother's day
11.00: Get ready
12.30: Sort out water for my horse and gave him some carrots
14.00: Helped set the table and get things ready for my family coming round
15.00: First family members arrived, followed by the other family member afterwards, we had some cakes and drinks and talked
17.00: Ate tea which was a buffet
17.45: Desserts
19.00: First family members left
22.00: Last family members left
22.30: In bed on my laptop writing and editing this post

Although the day seems very boring when structured like this, this is how I imagined it wanted the 'timeline' to be laid out and I couldn't think of any better way to do it. I had a really lovely day and enjoyed spending some quality time with the family for mother's day, it was very relaxed and fun and it was nice to hear all the stories about my cousins trip to Florida which they got back from a couple of days ago. I love to spend time with my family, just socialising, catching up and having an overall lovely time, it's amazing to have such a close, supportive family. I love them all a lot and want to thank them for such a brilliant day.

I hope you had a great day and spent it with some of the people you love and doing what you love.

Love, Steph x

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