What Are Your Worst Habits: Day Nine

  • I always wash my feet just before getting into bed otherwise my felt feel horrible against my bed sheets- I don't know why but it does. This isn't that bad of a habit, it's just a bit annoying and a bit of an inconvenience sometimes.
  • I pick or bite nail varnish off once it starts to chip which just makes my nails look worse and in a poorer condition.
  • I don't go to bed when I'm tired (or even why I do, by the time I've got ready for bed I'm far less tired) so then I struggle to get to sleep, which I sometimes struggle with anyway but even more so if I go to bed late and passed the tired stage.
  • I used to set my alarm almost an hour before the time I needed to get up as it would take me that long to wake up, now I've managed to get it down to about 20 minutes before I need to get up. By setting an alarm earlier it wakes me up more gradually but it can actually be worse for making you tired because the last part of your sleep is disturbed, so really it would be better for me if I had the last twenty minutes properly sleeping and I just got up straight away after the first alarm but this never happens!
  • I also spend my money more or less as soon as I get it, or buy things I don't really need which means when there is something I really need or really want, I can't afford it.
I'm sure there are probably some other bad habits I have, but these are the ones I can think of right now. 

What are your worst habits?

Love, Steph x

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