Your Pet Hates: Day Seven

My biggest pet hates are slow walkers and loud eaters. Considering I have long legs, I find it quite difficult to walk slowly and I as a result I get very irritated by people walking slowly either with me or in front of me (unless the person has a good reason). I also hate when people stop right in front of me or in a place that causes a blockage or inconvenience for other people. Regarding loud eaters, I don't mind too much when people are eating something that has to be eaten loud like crisps, it's when people eat those things extra loudly or when people eat things that should be eaten quite quietly, loudly or they slap their lips as they eat. Urghh!!!

More recently, I have also developed a pet hate for the word 'bae' I can't stand it. I hate hearing people use it and I hate seeing it on social media sites where I see it most days. In most cases, even if I really like a photo, a post or a tweet, I won't 'like', 'retweet' or 'reblog' it if it includes the word 'bae'. I just think it's such a hideous word. :(

Another pet hate is when people pronounce quinoa as (quin-oh-ah) which my mum and brother do frequently because they know I hate it.

People sitting on my bed and warming it up is another pet hate of mine because I love having my bed cold when I get in and if someone has been sat on it earlier, it's not as cold. (I have a double bed, so I do sit on one side, but I don't move over until I'm actually in bed).

What are your pet hates?

Love, Steph x

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