Your Five Senses Right Now: Day Six

Taste: Mint (because I just brushed my teeth.)

See: I can see my room, particularly my bed and cushions, my bedroom door, my wardrobe which is opposite and myself as my wardrobe doors have mirrors. To the left slightly I can also see my desk and all the things on and under it, my bag for college, my bedside table and my dressing room.

Smell: I can't pick out a smell because I'm used to all the smells in my room and house and there is nothing extra like cooking, pets or perfume etc. to change that smell.

Feel: The warmth and comfort from my bed sheets as I am currently in bed on my laptop (wild Friday night!!!) I can also feel the weight and heat of my laptop on my lap.

Hear: Clocks ticking, a bit of wind, the sound of the keys as I type on the keyboard and the faint sound of traffic in the distance.

Love, Steph x

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