What's Your Best Physical Feature: Day Ten

There aren't many physical features I like about myself but, one thing I do like that I think I like best is my eyes. I like the colour which I think looks nice, especially when I wear blue as it makes them stand out. Also, although I have very pale lashes, I quite like them because they are fairly long.

Another feature I like is my nails because although they are in bad condition at the moment (I don't know why, they're just a bit weak and break a lot), I like the length and size because they are easy to paint and usually in a fairly decent shape.

I liked this day's challenge because I feel like we often focus on the negatives and things we don't like about ourselves, and I'm just as guilty at doing this as many other people, but all it does is make us feel worse about ourselves. I think we should focus more on the positives and the features we do like and emphasizing them more in order to improve our self esteem, confidence and overall happiness. (I need to take my own advice here!) Therefore, I challenge you to think of a couple of things you like about yourself and either write in the comments below or just keep it to yourself and hopefully feel a bit more positive and confident.

Love, Steph x

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