Why Do You Blog: Day Thirty One

Last day of the blogging challenge and I'm quite pleased with how well I managed to stick to it until the last few days when my laptop broke!!! I hope you enjoyed reading the posts and getting to know me a bit more. It was definitely a commitment but I enjoyed the challenge and might do another one in the future.

I blog to express my thoughts and opinions in a way that I find most comforting and interesting, and as a way of escaping anything I don't like going on in my life as it's something I enjoy and that helps take my mind off of things. It also is a way for me to develop, improve and broaden my writing experience and writing style in order to help in the future and to better myself. Since starting my blog, I've really enjoyed being part of the blogging world both as a writer and as a reader as I read blog posts far more frequently than I did before I started blogging, and it's been nice becoming more involved in it all through both comments and posts.

What do you like about the blogging world?

Love, Steph x

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