Holiday Haul

I have another haul for you today which contains the things I bought on my holiday and a couple of things I've bought since then. I hope you enjoy!

Holiday Purchases

Oh La La! Perfume: My mum bought me this perfume about four years or so ago when she went on holiday and I loved it, I used it so frequently and thought it smelt incredible. When I finished the bottle, I kept it for a bit and tried looking for it online and at the time, I found nothing. I then searched again a while after (after I'd got rid of the bottle) and still had no luck. At this point I started to doubt that it had ever existed! However, on my holiday a fortnight ago, I was perusing down the perfume and make up aisle in the supermarket and came across the perfume, which I was very excited about and sprayed some of the tester and still loved the smell, so of course, I picked up a bottle. This perfume has a really lovely design and has is a mix of fruity, tropical, citrusy, vanilla and sweet smelling but isn't too sickly or overpoweringly sweet, it has a nice balance that makes it smell sweetly fresh.

Rimmel Wonder'full Extra Black Mascara: On my trip down the make up and perfume aisle, I also came across this little beauty. I can't remember the exact cost but it was definitely between 4 and 5 euros which is between about £2.80 and £3.60, so it was a real bargain considering they usually cost about £7.99 here in England. Having said that, I hadn't come across this mascara before seeing it there, I was just drawn in by it's plastic/rubber wand which I really like in a mascara and thought it looked like a good purchase. Since buying it, I've used it almost everyday and have really liked it, it's even coming close to a favourite but hasn't overtaken my Collection favourite yet.

'Prada' Handbag: Whilst on holiday, we went out for the morning one day and took a trip to the African market where I purchased this bag. I'm well aware it isn't a real Prada bag but I really like the design anyway and I thought it was simple enough to go with pretty much all outfits, but still really nice looking and a good enough size to fit everything I need in without being too big. So far, I've only used it once but it was very comfortable to carry around and fit everything I needed for that day in (which was more than I would usually use for something other than college) and it looked really nice.

Other Purchases:

Tangle Attack: I've heard so many people raving about tangle teasers but I've never tried one and never particularly wanted to as i didn't think it would help my hair (curly) and they're not exactly cheap (particularly if they're not going to do much for your hair type). However, I saw this 'Tangle Attack' in poundland so I thoughts I'd pick one up to get a rough idea what the tangle teaser would be like and how it differs to brushes for my hair, and I have to say, even though it was only £1, it has been quite useful and been good for getting through my hair fairly easily, so I may be investing in a tangle teaser in the near future.

Maybelline DreamLumiTouch Concealer: I've not come across this concealer before but I have been looking for a new one and seeing as this and the foundation below (along with other products) were on offer for 2 for £10 in tesco, I thought I'd give them a go. I've only used this to test it briefly when I got home after buying them yesterday so I can't comment on the quality or result yet but I'm hoping it will do all I want it to do.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation: As I mentioned above, I purchased this with the concealer for £10 for the two and like with the concealer, I can't give many comments on this yet as I only tested it when I got home and haven't used it yet properly but I might do a review on these two products after I get a proper feel for them.

Thank you for reading. Have you made any purchases recently that you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Steph x

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  1. That bag is gorgeous!!! Where did you get that 'love' stand in the background, it's so pretty xx

    1. Thank you! My mum bought it for me in August last year whilst I was away and she can't remember whether it was from evolution or dunelm, and I can't find it on either of their websites (they probably have stopped selling it) but it was from one of them. :) xxx


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