May Favourites 2015

I have been loving so many things this month across a variety of areas, so without further ado, here are my May favourites:

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara- I did a post on this product here, which you can read if you want more detail about the mascara, but as a brief summary, I've found it great to use on a daily basis for a slightly subtle, natural lash look and I love the rubber wand which easily glides onto the lashes.
J2O Apple and Raspberry Lip Balm- This lip balm smells and tastes amazing, but it's a very dark purple shade which leaves your lips purpley/pinky. This is good for anyone wanting to add a bit of colour to their lips, while hydrating them, without committing to lipstick which you have to keep topping up, or without leaving a shine from lipgloss, if you want a matte finish.
Ted Baker Butterfly Scrub- I got this for Christmas but I only opened it this month as I've been using my other, open products. I have used this before and loved it but I think I love it even more this time around. It smells incredible and has a great texture which is easy to mix with water to make it more liquid-like or to use on damp/wet skin without mixing with water, for more of a scrub, which is great for removing any dead skin.
Ultimate Fix Foundation, Concealer and Powder- I have been loving using this product this month because I've found my liquid foundations and even my BB cream too heavy and uncomfortable on my skin, I don't know why as I'm usually fine with them and find them quite light but for some reason, I've been really aware of it being on my skin this month. To get around this, I used this powder-like foundation and it made my skin feel so much fresher, lighter and more comfortable.
L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara- I love this mascara, it makes my lashes look so much better and fuller than any other mascara I've used, it lasts all day and is great for both lengthening and volumising. For more information on this, you can check out my blog post on it here.


The Vamps Concert- I enjoyed everything about that evening but rather than rambling on about it for a second time, you can read about my evening here if you want to hear more.
Warriors by Imagine Dragons- This is such a good song, I love the beat and music you can hear throughout the song, as well as the vocals which I think, have a great tone.
Fall Out Boy- Recently, I have been loving listening to various songs from Fall Out Boy's American Beauty/American Psycho album, particularly American Beauty/American Psycho and Fourth of July which I am obsessed with and have been listening to on repeat!

YouTube Videos

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift- How could I not put this video in my favourites, not only is it a great song (probably my favourite from the album), but the video is incredible with so many amazing faces, a lot of action, and interesting graphics. It looks like it was really fun to film.
My Boy Friend Does My Make Up by Gabby (Velvetgh0st) and Hobbie Stuart- As you've probably guessed by now, I am a huge fan of both Gabby and Hobbie and even more so when they're together. I have watched and rewatched this video numerous times and I still love it as much as I did the first time. It made me laugh a heck of a lot and it contained so many cute moments between the two. I'd love to see more main channel videos of the two of them and would love to see Hobbie do more main channel videos on his own as well because he is so funny and adorable in this video.


Meganjmccracken- I love both Megan and her blog, she's so lovely and easy to talk to, and I always love to read her posts. I'd definitely recommend checking her blog out.
Lolarainxx- Similarly, I love reading Lucy's posts and although I haven't really spoken to her much, she seems like a really lovely and interesting person and I would love to speak to her more often (I blame me and my forgetfulness!)


AA- This (app) game is so simple but addictive. For those that don't know what it is, you have a large black circle that spins in the center and little black circles that you have to get onto the larger circle but the black circles can't touch each other. It doesn't sound that  fun when you explain it, but it provides hours of entertainment. Although, I've been stuck on level 84 for over a week now!
Minesweeper Flags- Another (app) game which is really simple but addictive. This game takes me back to my childhood, as it is the first computer game I remember playing, along with Spider Solitaire.
Nak'd Banana Crunch Bar- This bar tastes so good, and is full of protein and all natural ingredients, making it a guilt-free pleasure. I've tried this flavour, the apple one, the strawberry one and the chocolate one but this one is my favourite by far, it has an interesting texture and tastes amazing. It's also suitable for vegans.
Beat the Brain- I love this game show, it's my new favourite because rather than just being about trivia and knowledge, it tests different parts of your brain. I also really like it because, not to toot my own horn, but I'm usually pretty good at it and get most of the challenges right which I really like :)
The Big Bang Theory: The Indecision Amalgamation- I love The Big Bang Theory and this episode made me laugh so much, especially the scene that involved the conversation about the message in the card.

Love, Steph x

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  1. Fab post as always :) and thank you for the mention, you're so lovely xxx

  2. Thank you. You're welcome :P xxx


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