The Disney Tag

The other day, I had a Disney Marathon with one of my friends, which involved us watching: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Aladdin, Pocahontas and then I watched Cinderella, Mulan and Snow White after we had finished. This inspired me to do the Disney Tag...

1. Favourite Princess
Jasmine- she's always been my favourite but I'm not sure why, I just grew attached to her

2. Favourite Prince

3. Favourite Couple
Rapunzel and Flynn

4. Least Favourite Princess
Snow White- I don't really know why, she just gets on my nerves (I could subconsciously be basing it on Once Upon A Time but I re-watched the original Disney film the other day and she irritated me)

5. Least Favourite Prince
Hans- does he count? If not, I don't know.

6. Least Favourite Couple
Snow White and Prince Charming- just because she bugs me so I'm not a fan of the couple either

7. Favourite Dress/Outfit
Belle's golden ball gown or Sleeping Beauty's pink dress at the end

8. Least Favourite Dress/Outfit
Probably Mulan's outfit

9. A Princess Who Inspires You
Mulan; she was very brave and strong and everything she did was for the right reasons

10. Worst Decision Made by a Princess
Anna- to marry someone she just met; it was only ever going to end in disaster!

11. A Villian Who You Feel Was Justified In Their Treatment Of The Prince/Princess
The only one I can justify is Maleficent but that's only if you base it on 'Maleficent' rather than on 'Sleeping Beauty'

12. A Princess Who You Would Like To Trade Places With
Jasmine- she gets to fly on a magic carpet and has a pet Tiger

13. A Princess Whose Life You Would Hate To Have
Mulan- the way women were treated was definitely not something I would want to live through

14. A Princess Who You Think Is A Bad Role Model For Young Girls
Maybe Belle because although she's intelligent and is under-appreciated or seen as 'weird' by the villagers, and the story of beauty coming from within rather than being based on looks is positive, the fact that she returned to and stayed with a man/beast who imprisoned her and showed signs of abusive behaviour, could be damaging for young girls watching it. However I do love Beauty and the Beast, and my second favourite Disney princess is Belle.

15. Favourite Tiara
Probably Cinderella's tiara

16. Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (can include duets)
A Whole New World- Jasmine and Aladdin; it is my all time favourite Disney song (closely followed by Be Our Guest but that's not sung by a Disney Princess)

17. Least Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (can include duets)
I can't pick this one. I love most Disney songs, it just depends on my mood

18. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Best Friends
Belle because I think her personality is most similar to mine so I think we'd get on well

19. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies

I'm going to go with Aurora because I like her overall personality and think we'd get on but at the same time, I think her constant tiredness (I know it's not her fault) would really wind me up.

20. The Princess You Would Openly Hate And Be Enemies With
Snow White because she annoys me the most so might as well make that obvious

21. The Princess You Would Dress As For A Halloween/Costume Party

22. Three Admirable Qualities About The Princess You Named On Question Number Four
She's trusting, hard working and caring.

23. A Princess You Feel Didn't Deserve Her Happy Ending
I don't think any of them didn't deserve their happy ending but I though Pocahontas' ending could have been better- I didn't like that ending.

24. The Happy Ending You Feel Didn't Make Sense/Was Too Easy
A lot of them are quite easy because they meet their 'true love' once and then live happily ever after, after they save them.

25. Favourite Sidekick

26. Most Interesting Story

27. Best Singing Voice

28. Edge Of Your Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting
I don't find it the most exciting, but the moment I am most on the edge of my seat is probably the fighting scene/ avalanche scene in Mulan

29. If You Were A Disney Princess, What Would Your Story Be?
I have no idea

30. What Do You Want To See From The Next Disney Princess?
A strong, intelligent, caring princess who doesn't meet their true love once and get married, I'd also love it if they had a gay or lesbian character as a role model for young children. I'd also like a princess that's a little bit bigger than many of the others.

Love, Steph x

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson Review

I have another John Green (and David Levithan) book review for you today. (May contain spoilers).

As with the rest of John Green's books, his unique style of writing is amazing and really helps to shape the book. The two Will characters are written so well, in a way that you can get inside both of their heads and understand them as characters on a deep and intimate level, despite the two being very different. 

David Levithan really manages to capture the thoughts and mindset of a someone living with depression and the way he portrays his character allows us to connect with him and empathise in various situations. Both characters are written in a way that expresses their intelligence, their mindset and their thoughts in general, enabling us to see how they respond and react to situations.

The book itself is not like anything else I've ever read; it has quite a unique plot, including a lot of wit and dry humour which I really enjoyed reading and found very funny. It was definitely not like I had expected it to be, but this just made it better. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into it, but after that, I read it quite quickly and really enjoyed it.

I also liked how David Levithan's Will Grayson wrote in lowercase letters which adds to the expression of his personality, particularly helping to express his thoughts and mindset.

These were a couple of extracts that I particularly loved (contains spoilers): 

'o.w.g: i know it sucks, but in a way, it's good.

this is about as inspirational as a movie of hitler making out with his girlfriend and having a good time. it ruins afoul of what i call the birds*** rule. you know, how people say it's good luck if a bird s***s on you? and people believe it! i just want to grab them and say, 'dude, don't you realize this whole superstition was made up because no one could think of anything else good to say to a person who'd just been s*** upon?' and people do that all the time- and not with something as temporary as birds***, either. you lost your job? great opportunity! failed at life? there's only one way to go- up! dumped by a boyfriend who never existed? i know it sucks, but in a way, it's good!' 

I found this extract really amusing, particularly as it was something I'd not thought about before but whilst reading this I understood and was amazed that it was something that had taken me so long to realise.

'i think the idea of a 'mental health day' is something completely invented by people who have no clue what it's like to have bad mental health. the idea that your mind can be aired out in twenty-four hours is kind of like saying heart disease can be cured if you eat the right breakfast cereal. mental health days only exist for people who have the luxury of saying 'i don't want to deal with things today' and then can take the whole day off, while the rest of us are stuck fighting the fights we always fight, with no one really caring one way or another, unless we choose to bring a gun to school or ruin the morning announcements with a suicide.'

I thought this was very accurate and showed a serious point of view of someone suffering from depression compared to how mental health issues can be viewed and often belittled by those who don't have experience of it.

'tiny: you know what's a great metaphor for love?
me: i have a feeling you're about to tell me?...
tiny: sleeping beauty.
me: sleeping beauty?
tiny: yes, because you have to plow through this incredible thicket of horns in order to get to beauty, and even then, when you get there, you still have to wake her up.
me: so i'm a thicket?
tiny: and the beauty that isn't fully awake yet.'

I just loved this cause I thought it was a beautiful metaphor.

'this is why we call people exes, i guess- because the paths that cross in the middle end up separating at the end. it's too easy to see an X as a cross-out. it's not, because there's no way to cross out something like that. the X is a diagram of two paths.'

This was another extract I liked because it was kind of a realisation and a 'wow' moment for me as I understood what it was saying, having been something I'd not thought of before, but again, I thought it was a really deep and meaningful way of looking at (in this case) 'exes'.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book; it's funny, it's interesting and it's thought provoking!

Have you got any book recommendations? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Steph x

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The Celebrity Tag


Today I have The Celebrity Tag for you; I have tried to pick different celebrities for each category so it doesn't get boring by seeing the same names over and over again, such as George Shelley who no doubt would be my answer to many of these if I got the chance.

1. If you could be one male and one female celebrity, who would you be?

Nick Grimshaw because he has such a fun job, he gets to do so many incredible things and meet some amazing people, and he's just fabulous overall. I'd be Shay Mitchell if I could be one female celebrity because she has some incredible opportunities, works on an amazing show and is just gorgeous.

2. If you could marry one celebrity who would it be?

Anyone that knows me will now that my answer to this is of course George Shelley- he is my ultimate celebrity crush and has been since X Factor.

3. If you could star in a movie, what genre would it be and who would be your co-star?

A rom-com because I love that genre of film and it looks like it would be so fun to film. I would have Zac Efron as my co-star cause who wouldn't want Zac Efron as their co-star in a rom-com???

4. If you could live with a celebrity who would it be?

Jennifer Lawrence, I think it would be so fun and we would have so many amazing, funny moments- it would never be dull. Plus, I imagine she'd be a good friend.

5. Which celebrity would you most like to party with?

Luke Hemmings so I could hang out with not only him but also the other members of 5SOS and get to know them whilst having a great time. Plus, I could spend the evening listening to their accents. Win-win.

6. Which celebrity do you think you're most similar to?

I'm not sure if YouTubers count but I'm going to include them anyway. I have thought long and hard about this one and even asked a couple of people and eventually I came to the conclusion that I am probably most like Gabby (velvetgh0st) (at least the Gabby you see in her videos, you obviously only get to see a few minutes of her life but basing it on what we do see) for several reasons: I keep things to myself a lot and don't usually like to discuss what I'm upset about or when I'm upset, I'm organised and love lists and notes, I eat with the 'wrong' hands, I love PLL, I'm not very good at pretending to like someone and I'm quite opinionated and often speak my mind or say it how it is but this depends on the situation and who I'm with- I can also stop myself from saying things in the situations where it's necessary, I hate seeing apps on an iPhone that are just all over the place and not in boxes, I bite my nails when I'm stressed or nervous, I also hate being told what to do- if I have a job to do and someone reminds me, I am ten times more likely to take my time doing it and delay when I'm going to do it; I'd rather do it when I want to do it and not feel like someone's making me do something! However, there are also several differences, particularly in terms of music, both interest and the fact that I am tone death and she is quite clearly the opposite.

7. If you could punch one celebrity in the face who would you punch?

If I had to punch someone, it would without a doubt be Justin Bieber for many many reasons.

8. If you could get punched in the face by one celebrity, who would it be?

I have no idea, I don't want to be punched in the face by anyone so it doesn't really matter who.

9. If you could take a celebrity to a red carpet event, who would it be?

I'm going to go with Beyonce, because even though she'd show me up big time, to be seen on a red carpet with her would be amazing and definitely an opportunity I wouldn't pass on.

10. If you could make a video with a celebrity, who would it be?

Zoe Sugg (Zoella) because I love her videos and to be a part of one would be amazing. I also would love the opportunity to meet her, talk to her and hopefully have a laugh with her.

11. Which celebrity would you most like to go on holiday with and where?

Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) so I have someone to be awkward with, someone who can do embarrassing things to take away from the stupid/clumsy things I say and do, a tall person to explore different cultures and places with (so that I don't look like a lone giant) and quite simply so that I can get to know him and hear his hilarious stories in person.

12. Which celebrity would you like to see naked?

Colin O'Donoghue or Ryan Reynolds- I can't pick!

13. Which celebrity would you NOT like to see naked?

There are many I wouldn't like to see naked.

14. Which celebrity would you take as your personal butler?

Nathan Sykes because he is another of my favourite (ex) band members so I'd be able to spend time with him and he could sing to me, which would be a bonus.

15. What celebrity group would you be a part of?

Taylor Swift's friendship group- there are so many amazing people in that group and they seem to have so much fun together. Plus, I think Taylor would make such a great friend!

16. What celebrity's wardrobe would you steal?

I know I've already mentioned Taylor Swift's friendship group, but my answer for this is Taylor Swift again (which I'm allowing as it's slightly different). She is my ultimate celebrity style icon- I love her style and she's quite tall so it's more likely to suit my height than many other celebs' style.

17. What celebrity's wardrobe would you NOT steal?

Lady Gaga

18. What celebrity would you be most nervous to have lunch with?

I'd be nervous to have lunch with any celebrity but I'd probably be most nervous with any member of Union J because they are my favourite band and are role models to me, so it would be very exciting but nerve-wracking.

I'm not tagging anyone specific in this tag but if anyone wants to give it a go, let me know in the comments and I'll definitely give it a read. Also, if there are any tags you'd like me to do, let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Steph x

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Summer 2015 Wishlist

I thought I'd do a Summer 2015 wishlist today. I've never attempted one of these before so bare with me if it's not the best quality- I also used a new editing site that I've never used before, so this is a post full of firsts I guess.

I haven't included fashion in there because I prefer to look in store for that so it's more difficult to find things I like online (unless it's tall clothing which many shops don't do in store- only online). But anyway, if you do want me to do a Fashion wishlist, let me know in the comments. Also, I just want to apologise for the fact that there are 11 products on there, I've only just realised and I don't have time to go back and edit the photo again, but if you're anything like me it will bug you (especially now I've pointed it out!). I can't stand having things on odd numbers, and it's particularly annoying here where I've done 11 rather than 10 of all numbers. But anyway, I'll stop rambling about numbers now; here are the things I'd love this Summer...

1. Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland (x)
I'm excited to read this book; I love Louise and her videos so I'm sure the book won't disappoint. I had planned to pre-order it but I think I might have to wait a bit until I have some spare money to get this.

2. FCUK Sun-Kissed Bronzing Collection (x)
I currently have an FCUK Bronzer (I don't know what it's called) which I got one Christmas absolutely ages ago but I love it; it's lasted ages; it's high quality and has a good level of pigmentation; it shimmers nicely in the sun; and it's a good shade for my skin tone. Anyway, it's running very low and I looked online for a replacement but I couldn't find the exact one, but this set looks amazing and I'm sure it will be of a similar quality, plus it comes with a highlighter-bonus!

3. Username: Evie by Joe Sugg (x)
Another YouTuber I love, so I'm looking forward to giving this a read when it comes out too.

4. Hand Food by Soap and Glory (x)
I am running very very low on this hand cream but I love it and it is easily my favourite hand cream, so I'd love to buy a replacement. It leaves your hands feeling silky soft, doesn't leave any sticky residue behind and smells amazing.

5. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester (x)
So many YouTuber's books which all pretty much have the same reasoning behind why I want to buy and read them; Love them and their videos so will hopefully love their book.

6. Real Techniques Foundation Brush (x)
I've been wanting to try a Real Techniques Brush for a while now and the one I'd like to try most is this foundation brush because the one I have at the moment doesn't spread it as easily and evenly as I'm hoping this one would.

7. Sugababes Tease (x)
Years ago, I had this perfume and loved it. Recently, I smelt some perfume (on someone passing by) which smelt exactly like this one and I fell in love with it again which made me really want to buy a new bottle.

8. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Pink (x)
I saw Gabby mention this product in her 'Huge Drgustore Haul' video the other day (here) and thought it sounded incredible. My hair has grown quite a lot recently but I think it could still benefit from the use of this product to hopefully help it grow even more and to improve its overall condition.

9. Hello Life by Marcus Butler (x)
This one has exactly the same reason as the other YouTuber's books.

10. Fujifilm 2x 10 Shoots Mini Instax Film Pack (x)
For my last birthday, some of my friends grouped together to buy me a Polaroid camera (Thank you!) which I love but I don't use as often as I should do because I'm always scared I'll run out of film so I figured it's time I bought some more and start using it more regularly because I do love it!

11. Looking For Alaska by John Green (x)
I really want to read this book as I've read The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, Will  Grayson, Will Grayson (I have a review on that for next Friday) and I'm currently reading An Abundance of Katherines, all of which have been amazing and written so well. The other John Green book I've seen and wanted to read was Looking for Alaska, so I'm hoping to get this and give this a read. (Update: since writing this this morning, I have actually bought this (well my Grandma bought it for me) so I'll be able to read this as soon as I've finished An Abundance Of Katherines)

Thank you for reading. Let me know what's on your wishlist!

Love, Steph x

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TV Show Tag

So, you may or may not have noticed that I don't usually upload on a Tuesday, I tend to stick to Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday, although I'm not the most consistent, but I've decided to change it up a bit. Since I love doing tags and they cover pretty much anything, I've decided to start a 'Tag Tuesday' where, as you may have guessed, I upload a different tag every Tuesday. My other upload day will be a Friday or Saturday, I haven't quite decided that one yet and knowing my inconsistency, it may well switch between the two.

I love so many different TV shows so it was hard to pick just one for this tag, so instead, I'm going to break the rules slightly and do three (which was still difficult to select). So without further ado, here is my TV Show Tag.

1. What is your favourite TV show?
-Pretty Little Liars
-Once Upon A Time

2. From 1-10 how obsessed are you?

3. Do any of your friends watch the show and are they as obsessed as you?
-Yes and probably
-One does and I think so
-Yes and possibly but I doubt it

4. How did you discover the show?
- I don't really remember this one, I'd just heard of it from somewhere and wanted to see what it was like
- Zoe (zoella) vlogged about it after she'd asked for some TV show ideas so I decided to give it a try
- When I was a child, me and my brother used to go into my parents room on a Sunday morning and we'd all watch Friends for an hour or so, but I re-discovered it when I was older just by scrolling down the channel list and I fell in love with it.

5. What was your first initial thought of watching the show and did it change after watching it?
- I don't really remember but after watching the first episode, I was hooked and have just fallen in love with it more and more as its gone on
- For the first few episodes, I couldn't really get into it but by the middle of the first season, I started to enjoy it and by the end of that season I loved it
- I don't remember this one either but I just remember loving it more and more as I got older

6. Why do you like the show?
- I love everything about it; the characters, the plot, the actors... the list goes on
- I love the twist on tradition fairy tales and well known story book characters and I think the concept of the show is amazing. Plus, Hook's comments and dry sense of humour makes the show for me, I love all of the scenes he's in and just look forward to a witty comment.
- It's a brilliant show with characters you just fall in love with, it's hilarious, has some great plots and I just love it

7. Who's your favourite character in the show?
- Hanna
- Killian/ Hook, Grumpy or Emma
- Chandler

8. Who's your least favourite character in the show?
- Paige
- Snow White/ Mary Margaret... I don't know why but I find her very irritating especially in the third and fourth series
- Ross

9. How would you kill off your favourite character?
I wouldn't in any of them, I love them too much to do that and it would just break my heart if it happened

10.Who's your crush on the show?
- Caleb
- Killian/ Hook
- I don't really have a crush on any of the Friends characters, I just love them all

11. If you were to be a character, who would you choose? *spoiler*
- Hanna; she's so funny and clever in an underrated way, plus, I love her style
- Emma because I just love her character, plus she is with Killian so it's a win, win
- Probably Chandler just so I could say all of his sarcastic, witty lines

12. What's your favourite episode? *spoiler*
- I can't decide this one for PLL but I definitely think season six will be incredible as the first two episodes have been emotional and just generally amazing
- Season 2 Episode 9: Queen of Hearts. Where Snow and Emma return to Storybrooke, because there are so many of Hook's lines that I love and that really cracked me up
- The one that could have been: where it shows an alternative story of the characters, if things hadn't have happened like they did or, I can't remember the name of it but the one where Rachel gives birth to Emma and she thinks Joey proposes (it might be over two episodes, I'm not sure)

13. What's your favourite season?
- Season Six so far
- Season Four I think
- I really can't pick one favourite season for Friends

14. Do you watch it when it airs or do you DVR/TiVo it?
- I watch it on netflix as soon as it't put on and I get the chance
- I watched all of the series so far on netflix and when season 5 is released, I'll probably watch it like I watch PLL
- I watch it when it's on on Comedy Central or I watch it on DVD as I have the box set

15. Who do you ship?
- Haleb
- Emma and Killian and Regina and Robin (I don't know their ship names)
- Phoebe and Mike and Monica and Chandler (I don't know their ship name's either)

16. Do you follow the cast on twitter?
- Yes
- No
- No

17. What's something that reminds you of the show?
- Whenever I see A on it's own or a something shaped like an A
- Fairytales
- The friends theme tune

18. Which one of the character's would you like to meet?
All of them!

19. If you could meet any one of the actors, who would you meet?
- Shay Mitchell- I'd imagine she'd have so many amazing stories to share
- Colin O'Donoghue
- Jennifer Aniston- she is one of my favourite actresses

20. Which actor is similar to their character?
I have no idea for any of these.

21. What other shows would you recommend?
The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Melissa and Joey, Young and Hungry, Two and a Half Men, Vicious.

Thank you for reading, let me know your favourite TV shows and/or recommendations in the comments.

Love, Steph x

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Contemplating Body Image

Today I wanted to do a blog post on my thoughts on body image and body confidence. This is a topic that I find quite difficult to talk about and I'm not entirely sure why but I'm going to give it a go. (It might contain a lot of me rambling on).
I think for me, I find body image and general appearance conversations difficult, like even with friends when it's talking about things we do and don't like about ourselves, or complaining about our skin being in a bad state... I find it a real challenge and often feel uncomfortable, but I don't want it to be a topic that I don't feel comfortable discussing. I think part of this is because everyone notices different flaws about themselves and it just makes people feel worse, or leads to people jumping in with things they do like and trying to help the person, but not usually successfully. I also think it's because in my head and heart, I strongly believe that everyone is beautiful; everyone has their imperfections but they're still beautiful and in fact imperfections help make us up and therefore make up our beauty, but at the same time I often don't see it in myself. I then think about all of the other more important issues in my life and other people's lives and it just makes me think that appearance shouldn't be the thing that stops you from being happy and enjoying your life, there are so many other things that try to do that for you! Obviously this isn't the case, there are so many pressures to look and be a certain way that it makes it difficult not to put ourselves down and feel crap about our appearance. So many people struggle with body confidence and loving their body for different reasons, and to different degrees i.e. some struggle with it more than others.

I find it so easy to pick apart all of the things I dislike about myself and very difficult to pick out what I do like, and it shouldn't be like that. People should be able to look in the mirror and like what they see, feel confident about themselves and be able to think, 'you know what, I have a really nice...' It shouldn't be so difficult, but for many it is. There are days where I just hate everything and I think, 'oh well if I was thinner this might be different' or 'if I looked more like that then this would be better' but I'd love to be able to look at myself and think, 'yeah, I look good today and I can confidently do whatever it is I want to do'. 

For me, I would like to be a bit thinner and more toned just so that I can feel a bit happier in myself and so I have more confidence in myself. It may sound superficial or whatever but it is something that I struggle to admit to people; I love to be able to say 'everyone is beautiful' and that 'it's society that puts these pressures on us to look a certain way', but at the end of the day, I want to be happy and I want to boost my confidence and feel better in myself and I feel like one of the ways to do that is to improve my appearance in a healthy, natural way. 

I don't want to diet (not that I think there is anything wrong with that, it's just not something I want to do or a word I particularly like to use), instead I'm trying to increase how much exercise I do and improve my eating habits. I think I eat fairly healthily anyway but recently I have been a lot better; I always try to have healthy snacks, and pick healthy meals. I have particularly focused on cutting down the amount of sugar I eat (not counting fruit sugars), without completely cutting it out of my diet as I know that would just make me crave it more. I still eat sweets and chocolate and general treats occasionally, like when I'm spending time with my friends, but on a normal day, I try to avoid these kind of foods as much as possible.

One thing I can't stand is when people feel the need to comment negatively on someone else's appearance, I just don't understand why they would think it was okay. All it does is hurt people and damage their self esteem. I think it's far better to spend your time commenting on what you do like about someone instead, or if you can't do that, then just say nothing about it. 

On a similar note, I hate the word 'ugly' it is possibly my least favourite word to exist. I don't think it ever needs to be used and when people describe someone else as 'ugly', it really bothers me and I don't get why anyone ever thinks that word is okay to use... there is absolutely no point to it; all it does is knock people down. I can't ever see myself using that word to describe someone and I don't feel comfortable being involved in any conversations that include that word to be perfectly honest... If I never heard that word again it would be too soon. I would honestly rather listen to someone swear constantly than hear someone refer to somebody else or call somebody else 'ugly'. (Sorry bit of a rant there!)

I know people find different things attractive and different people attractive but that doesn't mean you have to put anyone else down to big up what you do like; you can appreciate their beauty without being attracted to them... they are completely different things.

I'm not really sure what the point is to this post, I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you, as always, let me know in the comments what you think. I could probably have said a lot more but as it's already a pretty long post, I thought I'd just make my key points.

Please remember that you're beautiful, even if you don't always feel it. Thank you for reading. 

Love, Steph x

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Fruit and Yoghurt Recipe

Recently I've been loving this snack which I thought I'd share with you in case any of you wanted to try it. It's very simple and healthy but also delicious.

3 Tablespoon Natural Yoghurt
1 Mashed Banana
1 Teaspoon of Flax Seed
1 Handful of Frozen Fruit

You can change the ingredients slightly to suit your taste buds, or add more or less of certain ingredients as you please. I like to add mash banana so that it naturally sweetens the yoghurt as well as giving flavour, but if you prefer to add an alternative sweetener such as agave nectar or even just sugar then feel free.

Flax seed adds Omega-3 essential fatty acids, lignans and fibre which all have their own health benefits and reduce the chance of developing illnesses such as cancer. For more information on the benefits of Flax seed, click here.

I usually use frozen blueberries and/or frozen berries from Waitrose but you can use which ever fruit you wish to, whether that's frozen or normal.

The order in which you put it together is interchangable, but I usually start by mashing the banana and then adding the yoghurt and mixing them together, I then add the flax seed and stir that in and finish by adding the frozen fruit on top.

This snack is great for breakfast, desert, snacking on throughout the day or for putting into a smoothie which makes a lovely, iced smoothie.

Have you got any recipes you've been enjoying recently? Let me know in the comments.

I also just wanted to let you know about this company that I recently came across thanks to Megan, it's called Arbonne and it sells health and beauty products. I haven't tried any of the products yet, but there is a long list of things I'd like to try. Anyway, I'm telling you about this now because if anyone's looking for new products and/or wants to try a new company, you can click here to view the products, and then you can speak to Megan (her email is here) and she can sort you out some free samples, and give you more information about the brand. To view her blog post on it, click here.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely week.

Love, Steph x

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Maybelline Review

I never really consider myself a Maybelline product fan, not because I don't like them, simply because I just don't usually see a product I like and want to pick it up. However, recently, there have been several products I have thought looked good and a couple that I have picked up. In the last month or so I've bought and tried a couple of products, so I thought I'd review them for you.

Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer: £6.99 here

I bought this concealer with the foundation below from Tesco for a special offer of two for £10. It has a twist up stick which lasts quite a while, although I have used other concealers which have lasted longer. It has a good coverage and is great for brightening up any dark under-eye circles and for covering any redness or blemishes. I would defini
tely consider re-purchasing this as it's very nearly run out, but for the time being I already have a different replacement concealer.

My rating: 8/10

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation: £7.99 here

Again, I bought this foundation from Tesco for two for £10 with the concealer. It claims to give an airbrush finish which I wouldn't 100% agree with but having said that, my skin has not been in the best condition this last month (I'm hoping it's down to exam stress and will improve now they're over), so my skin hasn't been the easiest canvas for an airbrush finish, however, it has covered any blemishes and redness well and I'd say it's of a medium coverage. It definitely lasts and even though I spent 3 hours in car on a very warm day, sweating both from the heat and from the stress of not knowing where I was going as we drove around a new city and spent a great deal of time in traffic, it lasted really well and didn't all drip off of my face as I had expected it to. Similarly, I've had a cold for the last week and despite needing to blow my nose regularly, the foundation around my nose had lasted better and longer than I expected it to. The pump is easy to use and doesn't cause too much or too little foundation to leave the nozzle, meaning little or no foundation is wasted. I'd definitely recommend this foundation, and I've defnitely been pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product.

My rating: 9/10

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil: £5.99 here

After seeing lots of adverts for this, I wanted to try it as finding a good product for my eyebrows is not an easy task- the problems with having blonde hair and brows! Anyway, I have loved this product, its easy to apply, it's a little bit darker than I would have liked but I've got used to it now and it isn't too dark, it's good for getting a nice shape to the brow, and fills them in nicely. It has two ends, both of which give a good overall finish when applied both individually and even more so when done together. One end is like a pencil, and the other is kind of like a felt pen to define the brows and go over them again after filling them in with the pencil.

My rating: 9.5/10

Have you got any Maybelline products you love or any you'd love to try? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Steph x

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What's in my bag?

Today I thought I'd do a 'What's in my bag post' as I've recently started using one bag pretty much all the time so I have plenty of things in there to share with you. The bag I've been using is a black 'Prada' bad which I bought at an African market when on my holiday. I love this bag as it's the perfect size and it goes with everything.

The plastic bag in the top left corner of the bottom left picture, had a card and some chocolates in which I had in there, ready to drop off at my driving instructor's house to say thank you (they've been dropped off now).

Top left: I always keep my camera in my bag in case I see anything worth taking a picture of, and you never know when you'll want to capture a memory.

Top right: I always keep a pen in there- you never know when you're going to need to write something down. I've also recently started keeping a stylus in there, I'm not too sure why, I just think it could come in handy.

Bottom left: I keep the 'so...? in love' body spray in my bag so that I always have something to freshen myself up with throughout the day. I'm actually not the biggest fan of this scent, I only picked it up when I was going straight out for the evening and I wanted to get something to feel nice and fresh after being out all day. It has grown on me a little bit, and it's very useful to have.

Bottom right: This umbrella is one that I got for Christmas from my grandma, I usually keep it in my car just in case it rains while I'm out, but on the day I made this post, it had been a very unpredictable day for the weather, with showers on and off through out the day, so I decided to keep it in my bag instead.

Top left: I bought this purse sometime last year from New look for about £6.99 I think, and its really useful because of its good size and neutral colours which go with my bag and most outfits. It has plenty of room for cards, coins and notes, not that I often have notes in there! (I spend money too quickly)

Top right: You never know when you're going to need grips, so these are always handy to keep in your bag, likewise with tissues. I always keep chewing gum in my bag too, my favourite is Extra Coolbreeze which I always buy and always keep in my bag, my pockets and my drawers etc.

Bottom left: I never go anywhere without my headphones. As you can see, the ones I use are the old apple headphones- I don't like the new ones... they're too uncomfortable in my ears.

Bottom right: I always keep a lip balm in there, usually the cherry one shown in the picture which I buy three of for a pound from poundland, I also like having the J2O Apple and Raspberry lip balm because it tastes and smells delicious and leaves my lips a pinky/purpley colour, which is good for when I want a bit of colour on my lips without using lipstick or lipgloss. I also had the ruby red lip crayon in there as I'd been using that on the day of writing this post, it's not a particular brand, I got it free in a magazine, but I prefer having this to a red lipstick, as it's easier to apply and maintain. Lastly for lip products, I have my flutter pink lipgloss which I got ages ago for a birthday or Christmas (I can't remember which) but I love this make of lipglosses (I got three in a set) as they look great, they are easy to apply and they last a while.

This could probably have a blog post to itself, but I also keep a little toiletries (sort of) bag in my handbag. The bag was another thing I got free in a magazine, but it's the perfect size for what I need and it looks really cute.

Left: I keep a little purse in there with sanitary products, just in case I or anyone else ever needs one.

Middle: More lip products! Another flutter lip gloss which as you can see is very tattered now and is running very low, but I still love this product and love this shade. I also keep my baby lips lip balm in there as an alternative choice for lip balm flavour and appearance.

Right: Hand sanitiser from poundland, another product that you never know when you're going to need it, and something you can always benefit from having. I also keep a hand cream in there, another product I got from poundland, but it smells incredible and feels lovely on my hands.

I don't keep much make up in there but I have a concealer from MUA (superdrug brand), which I keep in there just in case I need to top it up or cover up a blemish. The eyeliner from No.17 is also a very useful sized product to keep in my bag to top up, if I ever need to. The Makeover Essentials travel kit is the ideal size for keeping in my bag, and it contains lipglosses and eyeshadows, which is useful if I'm out and want to top up any make up.

Top left: Toothpaste may seem like an odd thing to keep in my bag, but I once ended up staying at a hotel unexpectedly and had nothing with me- no pyjamas, no fresh clothes, no toiletries, nothing, so now I like to stay prepared and keep somethings in there in case of an emergency (I could probably do with a mini toothbrush as well).

Top right: Another couple of products that are useful to keep with you in case you ever need them. Plasters and paracetamol- useful for both myself and the people I'm with who often ask me for one of the two.

Bottom left: A mirror is another product I find useful to keep in my bag, and this one is an ideal size, and it has two mirrors when you unfold it which makes it even better. I keep a nail file in there for any nail emergencies- it's come in very handy when I've caught my nail and need to file it down to avoid catching it on clothing or anything and to avoid making it break even more. I don't really know why I have a makeup sponge in there but I guess you never know when it may be needed.

Bottom right: Like I mentioned before about being prepared in the case of an emergency; I have a little bar of soap. I keep bobbles in there in case I ever have my hair down and change my mind later on, or a bobble snaps etc. The Ted Baker Butterfly Wings body spray smells incredible- I definitely want to get some more, and it's the perfect size for keeping in my bag, another product useful for freshening up.

Of course, I also keep my phone in my bag, I have a Nokia Lumia and an iPhone which I use as an iPod since mine broke, and my mum let me use her old one instead. Both cases are from amazon.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.

Love, Steph x

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