Arbonne Review

Just over a month ago, I was introduced to Arbonne by the lovely Megan (blog here) which I briefly mentioned in my Fruit and Yoghurt Recipe post (here). I haven't spoken much about it since as I wanted to wait until I had tried some of the samples I had been given. 

There are a number of sample products available and all free, so if you're interested in trying out a new, natural and ethical beauty brand, you can search the site here and contact Megan here letting her know what you'd like to try, alternatively, if you really love the sound of a product and want to purchase it, I think the best way to do it is through Megan, so I'd recommend contacting her first.

I searched the site and made a list of all of the products I wanted to try, I then sent it to Megan who sent me all of the products I'd requested (and a couple extra) that were available as samples. The products I tried were; FC5 hydrating cleanser- freshener, FC5 nurturing day lotion with SPF 20, moisturizing night creme, hydrating eye creme, Calm gentle daily cleanser, Calm soothing facial serum, Calm gentle daily moisturizer, Calm soothing eye gel and Arbonne Intelligence rejuvenating creme. (My mum has also sampled the RE9 set and the FC5 cooling foot creme, which she loves).

I wanted to sample one product or a couple of products (that work together) at a time before trying another so that I could see which product is having which effect more easily, for this reason, I haven't yet tried the FC5 cleanser or the Arbonne Intelligence rejuvenating creme, so I won't be talking about these products today.

Eye Cremes:

I'll start with my least favourite and get that out of the way... My least favourite products were the two eye creams, not that I didn't like them- they felt very nice when I first put them on, but I have quite sensitive eyes so I couldn't put the product to close to them, which meant I didn't quite get the full effect so for me, they wouldn't be worth the money. Having said that, I have enjoyed sampling them and for anyone that wants a good eye cream, I think this would be a good one to try (the issue was to do with my eyes rather than the product).


I am a face wipe kind of girl; I take my make up with a face wipe and then use a cleansing lotion and a toner afterwards. However, I have heard so many times that a face wipe is far worse for your skin than a cleanser, so I thought I'd make the most of using these samples by trying using a cleanser. The Calm daily cleanser was great on my skin and it did remove my make up, but I just don't seem to like removing my make up that way and I struggled to get used to it, so I think again this is a product I wouldn't buy but, for anyone that does prefer cleansers to wipes (good on you!), I would recommend giving this a go as it does feel great on your skin and it leaves it feeling clean and fresh.

Moisturizers and Serum:

I liked using the FC5 nurturing day lotion and moisturizing night creme as I felt they both did an amazing job; they smelt great, were nice and lightweight once you had applied them, and they left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I also loved using the Calm soothing facial serum and gentle daily moisturizer which again left my skin in great condition, they felt light on my skin, made my face feel a lot fresher and like the others, smelt lovely. I also found that with all of these products (especially the face serum), you only needed a very small amount, which suggests that a bottle of which ever you use, will last you a long time, making it worth the money.

I am looking forward to purchasing a couple of these products when I can afford to (oh the student, shopaholic life!) although I haven't decided exactly which yet; I want to wait until I've finished sampling them all until I decide. 


If you are interested in finding out more, contact Megan and I'm sure she'd be happy to help, or go to the website (both links are in the second paragraph) which has a lot more information for you. If you are at all tempted by the products, I'd definitely suggest you request some samples (which come in really cute packaging!).

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it and have potentially discovered a new brand.

Love, Steph x

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  1. Thank you for writing this lovely review Steph!! I'm so glad you like the products, you and your mum can have a 25% discount when you want to buy, but there's no rush (I know the student life oh so well ;)) xxx

  2. It's okay, just being honest :) Thank you! xxx


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