'Who's Most Likely To' Part One

Today's 'Tag Tuesday' post features my best friend George again but this time we decided to do the 'Who's Most Likely To...' Tag. Like with the Best Friend Tag, it was difficult to do as a blog post but hopefully I've done it in an entertaining and not-too-confusing way. We did this tag the same day we did the Best Friend Tag so there are a couple of references here and there from that post; if you haven't read it yet and want to read it first, click here. I went for the same (transcript) style post with a different colour for each of us to easily distinguish between who says what.

I've split it into two parts and the second part will go up tomorrow, I only split it as it's quite long and I don't want to bore you with lots of writing in one go, so if you want to read the second half, come back tomorrow and give it a read! Just a disclaimer; there's a lot of joking and sarcasm in this tag which may not come across through writing, but please don't take everything literally. I hope you enjoy it!

When George is speaking/answering
When Steph is speaking/answering
When both of us are answering

Who is most likely to...

1. lose a winning lottery ticket?
Me obviously! But then to be fair, I'm probably never going to have a winning lottery ticket to lose!
Did it say winning?
That is true.
You're more likely to get a winning lottery ticket I reckon.
Cause you're luckier than me... but I am more likely to lose it.

2. not shower for a week?
Me but that is only because you shower twice a day.
Yeah, it's nothing against you, it's just my habits.

3. not pass up a bargain?
I think that's the poundland shopper right there.
Yeah. If anyone can get a bargain it's me!

4. be unable to keep quiet for short periods of time?
But it depends on whether it's when we're together or generally, like with my family I'm quiet.
Yeah, and I can just never shut up, but I think you are more likely to be like that than I am.

5. worry?
I am a big worrier.

6. stand up a disappointing blind date?
I don't know what I'm basing this on, I just think out of us two, it's more likely to be you.
Yeah. You're nicer!
I'd feel to bad!

7. be arrested?
I think I'm more likely to do something stupid by mistake.

8. be in a music video?
Only because I love music and I'd probably just walk into a music video set so I could be on there.

9. have a tough time saying no?
I don't know what I'm basing that on though.
No, if I really don't want to do something then I'll say it but if not then I'll probably just be like 'oh yeah, I don't mind' depending on who it's with or whatever.
Yeah, I think it depends on the circumstance on that one.

10. marry for money?
I'm basing this on the conversation we had before where you said money can't but happiness and I thought it could.
Me too.

11. be a game show host?
I don't know... I guess it's more linked to what I want to do but then I'd be terrible on screen! And I love game shows as well. Actually I'd be terrible because I hate watching it when they lose- I feel so bad for them!

12. resort to online dating?
I'm only saying this because I want to know what it's like, like what you have to do, but I don't actually want to online date.
I just didn't want it to be me so I picked you!
I wouldn't want to actually do the dating, I'd just like to see the profiles and how it all works.
What if you got some interest?
I don't know.
Would you have hard time saying no?

13. have an affair?
Why? This is so mean!
I don't know why I'm saying you.
You said one of my words could have been loyal earlier?
That is true! I just don't want it to be me and I don't think it would be me but I don't think it would be you either... I know, if someone comes along with more money you might... or if you married for money but didn't actually like them.
That could be true.

14. be a millionaire?
Cause you're gonna marry for money! 
Stop it, I didn't say I was going to marry for money, I just said that money can sometimes buy happiness... I think me because I have what it takes! Plus I'm less likely to lose the winning lottery ticket!
That's true.

15. lie about their age?
This is just because I am almost a year younger so if I want to go out on her 18th, I would have to lie.
See, that's why you're more likely to be arrested!

16. consider having plastic surgery?
I don't know why, neither of us would!
Why did we both pick me?!?! I don't want it to be me so why did I put me?
I don't know.
I hate needles and stuff so I'd hate that.
But maybe you're more consumed by that sort of thing cause I've had nothing done whereas you've had highlights- you've changed the colour of your hair!
What and that means I'm more likely to have plastic surgery? Well I guess you don't want any tattoos and I'm more likely to want them.
Exactly, I don't want anything!
Okay, fair enough.

17. be on an advert?
I have a reason for each of us!
I don't.
I'm going on wishful thinking here cause it would mean I've been successful in making and selling my own product.
What would your product be?
A book or a magazine or something like that.
Yeah, I'm basing this on the idea that you're going to become a famous author and need to promote your new book.
If I was to say you, I was thinking it could be your ten minutes of fame as an actor!
Yes! There's the one.

18. go to Vegas and gamble away their mortgage for the month?
You because you like games and gambling too much!
I do, I love going to the slot machines. Guilty pleasure! And I do love that poker set I have.
And those coin games you play.
Oh, I do.
You're just getting used to it- you're building up!
Oh no... help me!

19. be unable to live without TV?
Only because I watch everything on my laptop.
Yeah I was thinking that.
Apart from friends and The Big Bang Theory, pretty much all of the series I watch on my laptop... you watch a lot more British series whereas watch more American series which are on Netflix or whatever.
You spend a lot more time listening to music or on your laptop whereas I watch TV.

20. help someone move?
I can't be bothered to do a lot of things and also, I sat through a course of psychology that talked about gradual commitment and that said, don't ever start unpacking boxes for somebody because you'll never stop.
But I quite like organising stuff.
But if you organise it, you might not do it in the way they want so they might reorganise it when you've gone and that would be annoying.
If they wanted help I wouldn't be able to say no... that's my issue!
Yes, that is your issue!
Although it does depend.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about George, myself and our friendship. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for part two and give that a read! I'd definitely recommend doing this tag either for a video, a post or just for fun as it was really fun to do! If you have any questions, requests or comments, let me know!

Love, Steph x

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