'Who's Most Likely To' Part Two

Not my usual upload day but as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to split up this tag but I didn't want a week between the two, so you have an extra post from me this week! Anyway, it's all the same as yesterday, just the second half, so if you haven't read that yet, you can check it out here. Again, there's a lot of sarcasm and joking in here so please don't take it all literally.

When George is speaking/answering
When Steph is speaking/answering
When both of us are answering

21. live in a different country?
George // Steph
I don't think I would, I'd love to travel and see all the different places but I don't think I'd like to live anywhere else.
I think I might change my answer to me just because I think I'd prefer to stay in England but I think I'd be more likely to move, just for a short while.
Yeah but to where?
I don't know, well I love languages so I'd want to move somewhere for a bit or live somewhere for a bit so I could do that. I'd also like to learn Spanish and/or German so I'd do it for that.
No, I don't like change, I don't think I could get used to a different country. I mean there's all different things; a different currency, different food, different houses... it's just too much change.

22. lose their purse or ID at a club?
You're very clumsy...
But I don't lose things that much do I?
No but you're the first one to get the ID, so there's more chance of you losing it than me who hasn't got one.
And I did lose my sQuid card [a payment card for our college].
That is true.
So it is possible. I'll drop, it will disappear and I won't be allowed in the club ever again!
Where did that go? You'll drop it at and at waist height it will just vanish.

23. survive in The Hunger Games?
I'd say you because I think I'm more likely to do something stupid... I'd probably be the one to eat poisonous berries.
I was thinking that you're a lot taller, you're really tall so you're more likely to get seen, especially with that bleached hair right now!
Not bleached hair, thank you very much! I think I'm more likely to trip over into someone's sword or something.
And as we decided earlier, you're more of a diva!
We didn't decide that earlier, you decided that earlier, I disagreed... and what's a diva got to do with The Hunger Games?
Because if you're a diva, you're not going to want to camp out are you, you're going to want that fire that kills you.
I don't like fire!
You're going to want that medicine at the banquet that kills you.
Well I am if I'm dying!

24. cry in public?
Neither of us!
I don't know.
Okay, I know mine.
I picked you because I remember one time when you were close to tears when we went to go and see Union J at Boots.
I wasn't though, that's the whole point.
You were closer to tears than me though lets face it!
Obviously! I was closer to hyperventilating, not to tears!
Oh and scary movies! You cry!
That's why I would say it, if it's in terms of crying through sadness, I don't cry in front of people usually if I can help it but I cry with laughter a hell of a lot, I cry when I'm happy sometimes, I cry if I'm scared- if someone is telling me a scary story, I will cry, even though I love hearing them! I cry for everything, I cry at films... if we're watching something in the cinema, I will cry more.
That is true... I did not cry at The Fault in Our Stars.
Which is wrong!

25. laugh at the wrong moment?
You were laughing in a cupboard one time when you'd been told to cool off.
I wasn't told to cool off, I was asked if I wanted to take a moment.
Exactly! And then you went and laughed at yourself in the cupboard.
Well I was laughing at myself but it was partially your fault along, cause I looked around the circle and all of you looked so serious and then when I caught someone's eye, I can't remember who, I just burst out laughing!
Then you fell off your chair.
Well I fell off my chair first which is what caused the laughter.
I fell off my chair three times that evening, that's why I was laughing!
And with you, it's not even like a subtle laugh, you burst, it's loud.
Whenever I'm sad or nervous or anything, I'll laugh, my auntie's the same, whenever that happens, I just giggle... I get the giggles.

26. be impatient?
I am really impatient.
Yeah you can be. See I think I'm fairly patient most of the time but when I do get impatient, I'm not very subtle about it.
I don't think I'm very patient, I try to pretend to be but it doesn't always work out.

27. talk to animals?
I think this is going to be my talent!
Yeah, I'm basing it on the fact that you want to be a vet.
I'm going to be a horse and dog and cat and bunny whisperer.
Very specific, you could have just said animals.
No, actually yes because I want to be able to talk to elephants as well.

28. be a drama queen?
George // Steph
No! I'm trying to think of an example.
Go on then.
Well you think of one as well then!
I don't need an example.
Yes you do, I am not a drama queen!
I think yesterday is an example cause we got home and...
It scared me!
Yes I know but you scared everyone else and it was a but dramatic! We got home and Steph thought this black thing on the floor was a sock so she was about to kick it and it moved and you have never heard as loud a scream as that, and that started me screaming and then her mum who wasn't even through the door yet started screaming and everybody was running rampage and this little mole, which is what it was, this little mole was terrified!
It made me jump.
It was an over reaction.
I guess I can over react sometimes but I'm sure you can too and I think you do it more.
No I don't, name one time for me then.
I don't want to.

29. spend all of their money on something stupid?
It depends what it means by stupid because I mean, I would say Steph because of all her concert tickets.
They are NOT stupid!
I personally think they're a little bit of a waste of money.
I don't, I think they're the best thing you can spend money on.
I don't.
But, I do think it would be me, only because I do buy things without thinking sometimes... or I think and I'm like 'yeah I'll use it' and I don't and I probably waste money.
I like saving.
I like spending, I mean I like saving too but I prefer to spend it.

30. marry a celebrity?
Wishful thinking this is.
If your author career pays off then you're more likely to know one than me.
That's true but I could always invite you along and you could meet one.
True and because of my natural flirting side, it would definitely work.

31. remember all of the words to a TV show theme song?
I wish I was as good at remembering everything as I am at remembering song lyrics and stuff like that. Plus, I get hooked on TV shows quickly. I am a very obsessive person.
You are obsessive. I just get bored of watching the same thing more than a couple of times in a row.
I don't, I obsess over everything though.
You don't obsess over big brother though do you?
No, if I like something.
You did enjoy it!
Even the gym, like at the moment I'm obsessing over that.
You are obsessing over the gym, I don't understand why.
I don't know, it's just than when I like it I will obsess over it and do it excessively... music, as soon as I like a singer or a song, I will listen to it so many times.
And then it just goes bad.
Well, I dunno, when it's the actual band that I like, I obsess over it for ages... Union J I've liked since X Factor, I've obsessed over them since X Factor; that's three years of my life, well, almost three years of my life!
That's ridiculous. I think that is a waste of three years.
No it's not.
I think it is. What has being a fan of their achieved?
Happiness, it has brought me happiness.
How has it brought you happiness? I mean, always stressing whether you're going to get a ticket?
It's exciting though when you do and when you see them it's great. I can't even put it into words. I can feel my heart beating quicker already... I get too excited about things, okay?

32. do a bungee jump?
I love heights!
I don't, I get scared.
I've always wanted to do that!
Then again I do love Go Ape and stuff like that.
It's over water so even if it breaks, you're not going to die... you might do a bad face plant. So it's worth it.
Not necessarily.
I want to do a bungee jump in the Maldives.
Life Goals.

33. ask stupid questions?
Not a hard one really.
No, you sometimes need to think before you say stuff.
Well sometimes it's just the way I phrase things.

34. be a terrible driver?
I feel I may try to rush to try and catch up with Steph who is already driving and as I haven't even sat in the driver side of the car yet.
Yeah, I'm only going for you cause I don't think you will but I'm hoping I'm not cause I passed my test and if I am a terrible driver then I really shouldn't have passed my test.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, requests or comments, let me know!

Love, Steph x

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