A Day In The Life: 18th/50th Party

Two weeks ago today, I spent the evening surrounded by my friends and family, celebrating my (early) 18th, my mum's 50th and my aunties 50th. I had an incredible evening and I wanted to do a reflection post or another 'Day in the life' post so that the memory doesn't fade away; I can look back on it and so that I can share it with you.

I love party planning, I find it really exciting and interesting and often, I become so consumed by the planning and how I want everything to go, that I don't enjoy the event as much as I expect or hope to. However, this is one of the few parties where that didn't happen... I loved every moment of it.

We held it in a cricket club and so were both indoors and (for me, mostly) outdoors, which luckily the weather allowed us to do easily. It was quite small but was big enough for everything we wanted, and was ideal for the evening.

We had a hog roast style buffet, (there was no full pig spinning round, which I was very happy about especially as I'm piscetarian!!!) and a chocolate fountain which was delicious, although I didn't actually use it much- I think I went up to the fountain once! The food was presented really nicely and tasted lovely. One of my cousins also made us 5 chocolate bouquets (of dairy milk chocolate bars) that we could place on the table as a decoration and that guests could help themselves to, which were beautiful.

No birthday party is complete without a cake and the cake we had made for our party was amazing!!! It was actually another of my cousins that made it as she has her own cake business and makes the nicest, most beautiful cakes. Our colour scheme was mostly pink, black and white, with hints of purple, and our only theme really was music, so we had a cake made to fit these things, and this was the cake she designed and made for us:

The bottom layer was vanilla, the middle layer was chocolate and the top layer was lemon (the top one reminded me of a french fancy). If you ever need a cake baking for any occasion and you are from around the East Midlands, I'd definitely recommend you check out her cakes and contact her if you're interested because they are delicious and gorgeous- and what more do you need from a cake???

Sweet Cakes and Pretty Bakes: 'Bespoke customised cakes and bakes individually tailored for any occasion'
If you are interested, you can email her at: SweetCakes-PrettyBakes@hotmail.com

As you probably expect, we did have a DJ and disco which I see as almost an essential for a party of that scale. Whilst he was very good, it was more of a background filler and a break between the ABBA tribute band we had hired, which really got people dancing (especially those who had a bit too much to drink and were set on embarrassing those who hadn't ). Now I'm not really a fan of dancing, I tend to avoid it whenever I can, but I did enjoy seeing how happy it made others. The entertainment which I had picked out. organised and loved through out the evening, was the photobooth. I find photobooths incredibly fun; you can mess around and just enjoy yourself whilst capturing the memories, so as you can guess, I did go in multiple times with different people. You can see some of those photos in the collage at the top of this post, or I put a couple on my Instagram, so you can check that out here if you want to see them there.

All in all, I had one of the best evenings I've ever had, I was among family and friends, I got to talk to people I hadn't spoken to in a long time or hadn't spoken to much before, I had fun just talking, taking photos in the photobooth, eating, listening to the music and just having a nice time with everybody. I also enjoyed the simplicity of just dressing up for the evening, wearing a pretty dress, doing my hair and makeup nicely and even stretching as far as fake lashes which is unusual for me but was really fun to do.

I want to say a massive thank you to everybody that made the evening special, it was an incredible way to kick start my 18th birthday celebrations. I hope you had as good an evening as I did.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Steph x

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