The McBusted Tag

Today's 'Tag Tuesday' is very specific; McBusted and so for this one, I enlisted the help of one of my closest friends Jess who is, like me, a big fan of the band (probably even more so than I am). So without further ado, here is the McBusted Tag...

1. When did you find out about McBusted?
Jess: I think it was on a YouTube channel, whilst I was looking for Tom Fletcher videos.
Steph: I think a friend told me about it and I didn't believe them at first, but once I knew it was real I was so excited about it.

2. First song you heard?
Jess: Air guitar. Absolutely loved it!
Steph: Air guitar for me as well and I actually didn't like this song that much when I first heard it but it grew on me very quickly.

3. Have you ever seen them live?
Jess: Nope, but it's on the bucket list! Their shows always look amazing fun, but I've never been able to go and see them.
Steph: Yes once and it was incredible, it was so energetic and lively; it was such a fun concert.

4. Have you ever met them?
Jess: No but that would be amazing.
Steph: Nope.

5. Are you followed by them on twitter?
Jess: James Bourne followed me on April 13th. Best twitter moment ever!
Steph: No.

6. Favourite song?
Jess: Get over it, back in time and before you knew me- Too close to decide on one.
Steph: Riding on my bike, back in time and hate your guts.

7. Do you have any merch/posters?
Jess: Yeah, I have a signed poster that a friend got me.
Steph: Only the programme from their first tour.

8. Who is your favourite member and why?
Jess: Tom Fletcher; I don't know why, I just love him but it's closely followed by Dougie.
Steph: Harry; he's always been my favourite but like Jess, I don't know why.

9. Were you already a McFly/Busted fan and when from?
Jess: Yeah, I loved McFly and McBusted introduced me to all of Busted's songs which I'm very glad about.
Steph: I loved them both which is why I was so happy that they were making music again and even happier that it was together. McFly and Busted were pretty much my childhood bands; I loved them!

10. What's your favourite McFly/Busted song?
Jess: Nerdy by Busted or Obviously by McFly. I really love the message of nerdy (and the guitar-ing is to die for) and I've always loved obviously.
Steph: It's got to be Year 3000 or Thunderbirds Are Go by Busted and Star Girl or All About You by McFly but I love so many others almost as much!

I hope you enjoyed reading that tag, if any of you are McBusted fans and fancy giving the tag a go, let me know in the comments so I can give them a read. Thank you Jess for featuring in this post and for helping me decide what to do; you are a great problem solver and friend in general. <3

Love, Steph x

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