Colour Obstacle Run

Last Saturday, myself, my friend, three of my cousins and a few of their friends, headed up to Sheffield to take part in the Colour Obstacle Run (COR) at Rother Valley. The run was 5k and involved 10 obstacles and 9 colour stations.

The COR was so much fun to complete and having never done anything like it before, I didn't quite know what to expect before hand. It was amazing to have done it with a group of lovely people that made the whole experience even better.

The weather wasn't the best and it did rain on and off but it didn't matter; it made some of the obstacles more challenging but all in the name of fun right?! It was one of those situations where you had to not take yourself seriously and you just had to let loose and embrace it all. The more paint you got on you; the better.

My favourite moments were the second to last obstacle where you had to jump over inflatable walls and over one of them, myself and Jess (my friend) clashed heads and got stuck as we tried to roll down the other side which made completing the obstacle more difficult as we had to do it through laughter; the other was throwing the paint up at the end as part of the festival.

Whilst it was a lot of fun, it was a challenge and so as a team we decided to raise money for Little Princess Trust. We have raised £280 so far but hope to achieve our goal of £350. Little Princess Trust helps to provide wigs for young boys and girls living with cancer, who have as a result, suffered hair loss. It's a great charity which could really use the support and donations, so if you have any money; however much it is, that you can donate to the cause, please help us do so as it will be helping out a lot of young people. If you haven't got anything you can give, why not share it with someone that can? If you are interested in donating, you can do so here or you can visit the website here to find out more about the charity.

If you get the chance to take part in a COR, I recommend you do so, as it's an experience like no other and is a great deal of fun, even if you're not the most energetic or sporty person (like me).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love, Steph x

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