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It seems like absolutely ages since I last did a haul despite the fact they are one of my favourite posts to do. Therefore, I thought it was about time I uploaded a new one containing all of the things I've bought in the last month or so (during and after my holiday) across a range of stores and categories.

Beauty and Fashion
Real Techniques Core Collection Kit:
As you may remember from previous posts I have loved using the real techniques expert face brush over the past few months so after trying one of the brushes, I wanted to get hold of a few more and involve them in my make up routine. I don't like these four as much as the expert face brush however they are very good brushes and make my make up application a lot smoother and easier. I bought this kit from Amazon for £13 as opposed to the RRP of £20.99 which I believe was a very good deal and was definitely worth it. 
Available to buy here.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation:
I have heard so many positive reviews of the Rimmel Wake Me Up make up range and couldn't wait to try it for myself. I managed to find this in face2body for £4.99 as opposed to the £8.99 RRP and I've really liked using it; it's got a good, medium coverage, it's easy to apply and it lasts well.
Available to buy here.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer:
Like I mentioned above, I wanted to try this range and as my concealer had pretty much run out (Collection long lasting perfection concealer), I needed to purchase a new one. Whilst in Boots, I saw a 2 for £10 deal on Rimmel products and figured it was the perfect time to give it a try. I do really like this concealer but I like it more for my under eyes and any redness rather than for blemishes. I think I might have to repurchase the Collection concealer for that and keep this one just for my under eyes and redness.
Available to buy here.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner:
This was the other product I decided to purchase as part of the 2 for £10 deal and I love this. I had kind of gone off using eye liner in my daily make up routine for a while and whilst I've not gone back to using it daily, this product makes me want to do it more often. It's a felt liner which is easy to control and glide over the eyelid and creates either a thin or thick look as the name suggests.
Available to buy here.

Maybelline Colour Show Blush 'Em:
I really like the matte finish this blusher provides; it gives your cheeks a natural glow, looks pretty and subtle and is very inexpensive! Although, I don't think the brush is the best to use with it.
Available to buy here.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 (Primer, Concealer and Foundation in one):
I was given this foundation by one of my friends who bought it but found it too light for her skin and I have been very impressed with it. This has been my go-to foundation each morning recently as I really like the finish it provides, it's quite long lasting, it's got a good coverage without feeling cakey and it makes a great make up base.
Available to buy here.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Oh La La Perfume:
I love this perfume but unfortunately I can only get it abroad so when I saw it in a Spanish supermarket, I thought it would be best to get a new one for when my current bottle runs out (probably very soon). It has a fresh, floral and quite sweet scent without being overpowering.

H&M Patterned Joggers:
Again, I bought these whilst I was in Spain and I'm very happy with the purchase. As I mentioned in my August favourites (here), these trousers are ridiculously comfy and can easily be dressed up or down.

I originally wanted to watch this film in the cinema but never got chance to however, I finally managed to get it on DVD and watch it at home. It's a great chick flick combining romance and comedy all in the right proportions for an entertaining film (although in my opinion, you can never have too much of either of those things).
Available to buy here.

i was here by Gayle Forman:
I loved reading and watching if i stay (by the same author) and after reading this blurb a few months ago, I knew I had to read this book. So far I've only read the first couple of pages but I can't wait to read more of it.
Available to buy here.


Sprinkle of Glitter Diary 2016:
As an avid watcher of Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) and a huge fan of Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter (review here), I was excited to get my hands on her 2016 diary which will hopefully encourage me to use a diary more efficiently next year. I have had a brief look through at the pages for each week and so far, I like what I've seen although I didn't want to look at all of them properly and ruin the surprise of opening each page on the right week next year.
Available to buy here.

It's Time To Start Living Notebook:
Another product I bought whilst in Spain. I love this notebook as it has such a positive, cute message on the front cover as well as a beautiful photo. It's a handy size for carrying around and I particularly like the fact that it has a small folder on the back page for any extra notes or pieces of paper.

Papermate Ink Joy Coloured Pens:
These colourful pens are very useful for brightening up any college work and revision notes. They are very smooth to write with and look really nice even when you're writing something that maybe isn't the most interesting or fun to write.
Available to buy here.

Selfie Stick:
Another thing I mentioned in my August favourites, this selfie stick is a pretty fun thing to own and actually helps to get a better angle and better lighting for a selfie... it's great to have when hanging out with your friends as you have more chance of fitting people on.

I guess this is something I probably won't need to use very often in the future but I bought it on a very hot day in Spain and I thought it looked really pretty. So given the fact that it was very inexpensive, I'd say it was worth it even if I never use it again.

Love, Steph x

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