A Weekend Away

The weekend just gone, I spent it in a beautiful cottage in Derbyshire celebrating my cousins 30th birthday and seeing as I had such a lovely time, I wanted to share that with you on here, which means you get an extra blog post this week!

The Cottage:

After college, my mum and I packed and then drove down to the cottage, arriving at about 5.45pm. We were one of the first to arrive and therefore had plenty of time to look around the property and see what it had to offer. We were so impressed by all the facilities it had and how impressive it looked. By about 7pm, the rest of the guests had arrived and we sat down to enjoy pizza and an array of snacks- all very delicious, even if the bottom of the margherita pizza (my favourite kind) was black (no exaggeration).

Friday night was a pyjama and games evening, so after dinner, everyone changed into their pyjamas or onesies, ready to play. We started with a game of Pictionary which was very entertaining but rather competitive between the two teams... I'm pleased to say that our team won! We then played the Cardboard Box Game where you have to pick up the cardboard box with your mouth without anything but your feet touching the floor. It gets very difficult as the box gets shorter but it's also fun to watch and try. I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did as I managed to get to one above completely flat which I did not expect given my height and how inflexible I thought I was. We then ended with a game of Guess The Baby where everyone had brought a picture of themselves between 0 and 12 months and we had to guess who we thought each one was. It was a very difficult task but again I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did as I managed to get 10 out of 14 right- a lot more than I expected!
We spent the day individually doing what we wanted to do, therefore the group was quite split. My mum and I started the day by doing a very brief gym workout- we would have done a full one but many of the machines felt like they might break and so we stuck to the few that didn't. We then dipped in the pool for a little while before getting into the hot tub with a few others. After showering and getting ready, we went with my auntie to pick up a car seat that she'd bought on ebay and needed to collect from a place near to the cottage and stopped for a drink in a lovely cafe on the way back. The afternoon was beautifully hot and sunny so I spent it outside, planning blog posts up until the end of the year (organised or what?!), snacking on peanuts and chatting to some of the lovely ladies that I was spending the weekend with.

In the evening, we had a meal booked at Angelo's so we got ready leisurely, listening to music and talking as we did so and walked to the pub/restaurant. On the way, we stopped at the park, trying to see how many of us we could get onto the swing- as shown in the picture at the top of this post (I was on the swing originally but as I'm one of the tallest, I didn't want to block anyone off the photo, so I moved off). The meal was absolutely delicious; I had Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil to start, Penne Arrabiata as a main and a Treacle Sponge for desert... It was all lovely; there was plenty of delicious food, the atmosphere was great, the service was brilliant and overall, the evening was amazing.

After walking back to the cottage and getting into comfy clothing, we had a lot of fun with singstar. Some had had more to drink than others which was very evident at this point and I enjoyed watching people singing and dancing to the songs even though I didn't want to do it myself.
We started the day with a delicious cooked breakfast, all sat at the table together enjoying it before getting in the pool for the second morning running, although this time we skipped the gym beforehand. It was lovely and relaxing as well as a lot of fun. We then finished the weekend with afternoon tea, sat outside in the sun, digging into plenty of delicious cakes!

I hope you enjoyed reading this rambly post about my weekend away. Let me know what you got up to this weekend in the comments.

Disclaimer: None of these photos were taken by myself, all were taken by a few of the ladies that stayed at the cottage with me over the weekend.

Love, Steph x

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  1. That cottage looks amazing!! Sounds like you had a fab time, I'm so jealous xx

  2. It was. Would have loved to have stayed for longer. <3 xxx


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