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This time last week I uploaded a haul saying I hadn't done one for months and now I've found myself uploading one for the second week on the trot. However, as I said before I enjoy doing them and as I went shopping at the weekend, I wanted to upload it shortly after so if you see anything you like, you can get your hands on it and possibly get the same deals I got.

Disney Quote T-Shirt £6.00
It has such a lovely quote (although any Disney quote... and I'll probably like it). I love how its just plain white with black writing and black graphology but with some gold to brighten up and sparklify the top. I especially like how the gold, sparkley words are such beautiful ones. Aside from the fact I think it's adorabe, it's also super comfy and easy to wear which is always a positive! 

Sleeveless Woollen Jacket £14.00
I'm not too sure what this is called but I think it's a great piece to own as we're heading into Autumn and Winter. It's quite cosy and warm without being too thick or bulky. I also like the fact it has short/practically no sleeves as I have very long arms and so finding a jacket like this with long arms would be very difficult. The neutral colour makes it easy to pair with and and add to an outfit.

Long Roll Neck Jumper £12.00
I think this might be my favourite purchase... It's warm but not too warm. Again, I like the sleeveless design and think it would be easy to pair with a black long sleeved top underneath if it's particularly cold or just a jacket on top. The colour is perfect for Autumn and will go nicely with berry lip/eye shades which is a route I'd like to go down this Autumn. It's also very comfy but still looks pretty.

T-Shirt £6.00
A simple t-shirt really; grey toned which is quite easy to wear, great for the colder seasons. Meanwhile, the gold detail along the pocket adds a bit of pizzazz. I think it will make a nice outfit without a lot of thought- perfect for college.

White Lace Top £7.00
I bought this top before and loved it; it's so comfy but still looks nice (several people have commented on this) and it's so easy to wear on a lazy day whilst still looking like you've made a bit of an effort. Unfortunately my first one got ripped and as I loved it so much, I decided to pick up a new one.

'Bow' Bobbles £1.50
These are super cute and add a little extra to a simple hairstyle. I love wearing these and might have to pick myself up a few more in different colours or patterns. Again, they're effortlessly pretty.

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 Eye Palette £4.00
So inexpensive but amazing! I have tried it a couple of times before writing this and have had no problem with the quality or how long it lasts; in my experience it's lasted as long as any other I've used. The shades are gorgeous... especially the pinky/purple shades as we head into Autumn. I would definitely recommend this product and will consider buying some others from Revolution.

Zoella Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion £5.00 £4.00
As many of you are probably aware (if you watch Zoella) she has released not one, but two beauty ranges and after trying and loving a few products in the first range, I have been excited to get my hands on some of the new ones. I only picked up the body lotion but I may have to get a few more as it smells and feels incredible, and leaves my skin feeling lovely. The 'Zoella Beauty' range has £1 off everything in Superdrug at the moment, so if you're thinking of trying some out, now's probably as good a time as any to do so.

Simple Protecting Light Moisturiser SPF15 £4.35 £2.45
I love this moisturiser as it's very refreshing and hydrating for my skin and leaves my face feeling soft, so as there was such a great deal on the products and a decent amount off, I figured now was a good time to pick up a replacement for when mine runs out.

Maybelline Lash Sensational £7.99
I have heard so many people raving about this mascara, so naturally, I bought it to try for myself. Whilst I don't like it as much as the L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara, this is a close second and is great for lengthening and volumising my lashes. I love that it has a curved, rubber wand, angled to reach all your lashes and give the best result.

Collection Long Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 £3.99
A classic! I simply needed to replace my old one and wanted to stick with the same concealer as it gives such a brilliant finish; it has a good coverage, it blends easily, feels lightweight and it lasts! 

Maybelline Brow Satin £5.99 £2.99
I love this brow product, it is the only thing I love to use on my brows and that actually gives me the shape I want which in turn makes me feel a lot happier and possibly more confident with not just my brows, but my overall face. I bought this with the mascara on a buy one get one half price deal hence the price drop. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the perfect brow product.

Twilight Bath Bomb £3.35
I love the smell of this bath bomb and the way it looks when you pop it in the bath. It has to be one of my all time favourite Lush products with quite a calming effect, ideal for an evening soak. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar £2.75
Another of my all time Lush favourites but this one is a far sweeter scent which if you like that sort of thing, is lovely to be able to smell as you relax in the bath. I also find this bubble bar really moisturising, leaving my skin feeling particularly soft. It does normally have a flower on the top (in the circle) but for some reason, all of the bars in the store were missing the flowers.

Bandana £2.00
I love having bows or something similar in my hair and for a while I have considered trying a bandana as I loved using the headbands with a pole through them (I don't know the proper name) which allow you to shape accordingly, including create a bow, and I think bandanas seem to do a similar job but give a slightly different look which I like. This one was very inexpensive from tiger but it's pretty and allows me to create some new hairstyles which I love to do.

Extra Cool Breeze Chewing Gum £1.00
This is my go to chewing gum and the only mint flavoured one that I love. I don't like mint flavoured things very much, especially strong ones so this one is perfect as it's quite a sweet mint but still leaves your mouth and breath smelling and feeling fresh. I always keep a pack of these with me!

Sports Bottle £1.00
Not a lot to say about this other than I needed a bottle for college but didn't want to pay a lot. I like the colour although the lid and bottle don't quite match which bugs me and I find that the screw top prevents spillages which is a must for my college bag and it's quite a handy size.

iPhone 5 Screen Guards £1.00
I actually got a new iPod recently and hadn't got any screen protectors to fit it, so when I saw these in poundland I decided to try them. They aren't a perfect fit for my iPod as they are designed for iPhone 5s but it does the job until I can get one that fits better.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed seeing the things I bought and my first impressions of them. If you have any new purchases that you recommend, let me know.

Love, Steph x

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