A Day In The Life: An Audience With Union J

I love the fact that this photo has the people it has in it but I hate how awkward I look!
On Wednesday, the wait was finally over and before I knew it, I found myself driving to pick Jess up ahead of 'An Audience With Union J'.

When we arrived in Nottingham after me rambling about goodness knows pretty much all the way, we reached our stop and after getting lost first off, we made it to The Canal House for a bite to eat before the show. For anyone that doesn't know, The Canal House does actually have the canal running through it which makes the whole feel very odd; on the one hand it's really cool but on the other it kind of creeped me out a bit; I'm not entirely sure why. The food was nice but I didn't really eat much of it as I often get stomach pains the day of a concert (again, I have no idea why) and at that point it made it difficult to eat much as it only seemed to make it worse.

After the meal, we made our way to The Glee Club and once inside, found a place to stand. We ended up near the back and at a bit of an angle to the stage but the view was still incredible and it still felt close to the stage. Although it would have been nice to be right near the front, I don't think I could have coped with that even if we did get there earlier as I get really nervous and claustrophobic in crowds as compact as that. Plus, I'd feel bad for blocking people's vision with my height!

Now is probably the point where my inner fangirl really starts to show...
From the moment they hit the stage, the vocal performances were incredible as was the energy of both the band and the audience. The Q&A sections were also highly amusing with some amazingly sassy moments, particularly from Jaymi (the Queen of Sass) which you could expect but also from Josh. I thoroughly enjoyed singing along to the songs as well as laughing at a lot of the things they said or did in between. As much as I loved it all, my favourite bit had to be meeting, hugging and getting a photo with them.

Rather than explain every little thing that happened, which trust me I could easily do, I thought I'd share some of my personal highlights of the evening and upload a couple of clips which are mostly of moments I found particularly amusing but also includes a couple of my favourite songs they performed which was difficult to select (I only chose from the ones taken with my iPod rather than my camera as these were better quality, sorry they're not particularly still but I wanted to enjoy it and not worry about quality filming):

- Whilst we were queuing for the meet and greet, one of the photo-background-sign-things fell over (or George knocked it over, I'm not entirely sure which one) and someone behind us yelled something like, 'It's cause of your big bum George' causing George to stick his bum out in retaliation, which was highly amusing to witness.

- Again whilst queuing but this time when we were at the point of the queue just in front of the stage, three of the four took a break to go to the toilet and as they came back across the stage, George decided to do a 'slow mo' walk which I stupidly didn't get a video of but did manage to capture a bit of it in a photo.

- The final highlight whilst queuing (bet you never realised queuing could be so entertaining!) George poked his head through one of the banners and because I was looking in that direction at the time, we made eye contact and smiled at each other (to be honest I think I did a really stupid smile as I was
caught completely off guard) but either way, it was a really lovely moment for me.

Here are some of my highlights of the show (sorry the filming and editing isn't great- it's not really my area of expertise but I thought I'd show you them rather than explain them anyway):
I Can't Make You Love Me:
Follow You (New Song):
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I certainly enjoyed writing it and being able to relive some of the amazing moments. I had an incredible evening, so a big thank you to Union J for putting on the show and any of their team or other staff that helped make it come to life but also, to Jess who came with me and helped make it special for me! I also want to thank Jess and give her credit for some of the pictures as some were taken by her and some were taken by me but I can't distinguish between the two.

Sorry this post didn't go up on Saturday as I had previously stated... I tried my very best to get it up but as it involves YouTube videos there was a big delay- one video seemed to be stuck on about 650 minutes for ages, but it got there in the end!

If you went to any of their shows, let me know what you thought in the comments or if you have any questions or anything, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check it out.

Love, Steph x

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