My 18th Birthday Part Two (Gifts)

As promised in my last post, 'My 18th Birthday Part One' (here), here are some of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday which I will say again, I'm not showing you to brag or anything, I just want something to look back on myself and as I enjoy reading other people's, I thought you might find it interesting too.

Black Radley Bag (1,2&3)- My parents bought me this as they thought it was a great way to welcome me to adulthood and I adore it, it's so simple but cute, it's a great size and it just adds something to bring an outfit together.
Blue Radley Purse (2&3)- To go in my bag, my grandma bought me this gorgeous Radley purse which is such a pretty shade with a cute design. It's also the perfect size for everything I keep in my purse and fits nicely in both the bag mentioned above and the one below!
Black Handbag (3)- The other bag I received was given to me by one of my best friends and is so cute and useful- it's an ideal size and the strap can be removed to make it a clutch bag or it can be kept on for your usual daytime outfit. I love it and can't wait to use it, which I will most likely do this weekend.
'18' Nomination Charm- Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this as I was wearing it on my bracelet at the time but I do really love it... I love having charms that remind of specific events in my life.
Heart Necklace (4)- This necklace is beautiful, I love the design on it that makes it stand out a bit without being overpowering. It's definitely up my street!
Purple Swarovski Bracelet (5)- I love this, I like how it's different from other jewellery I own and can be adapted to fit nicely by wrapping it round a few times. It's also a really pretty colour with some beautiful jewels on!
Silver Jewel Bracelet (6)- This is quite a simple bracelet but it looks gorgeous non the less, it's going to be so easy to pair with pretty much anything and adds a bit of pizzazz to an outfit.
Silver '18th Birthday' Bracelet- My mum bought me these a couple of months ago as a gift for out joint 50th/18th party (post on that here) which I did wear on the day. It has similar features to the bracelet above but both are beautiful and will get a lot of wear out of them! This one is featured in the main photo but again I was wearing it and forgot to take a picture of it on its own.
Cream Scalf and Matching Gloves (7)- These are so cute and comfy; perfect as we head into late Autumn and Winter. I have already worn these to a Bonfire and Fireworks Display I went to last weekend but I look forward to wearing them again soon.
Grey Lacy Scalf (8)- This scalf is really pretty and quite classy which I'm excited to pair with an outfit this season as I think it will add something lovely to a look!

Vanilla Extract Make Up Bag, Body Spray and Body Gel (1)- These smell incredible and the bag is the ideal size for putting any 'Top Up' make up or useful bits and bobs in to go in either of my new handbags.
Cupcake Bath Bomb (2)- This not only smells lovely but looks adorable as well, I almost don't want to use it but of course I will be making the most of it with a nice hot bath... probably with a good book as well!
Soap and Glory Birthday Washes Set Including Clean On Me and The Righteous Butter (3)- I have used these two products before and love them, at this size they are perfect for either my travel kit or my gym kit, they smell amazing and they leave me skin feeling lovely and soft!
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Varnish In Your Majesty and Green With Envy (3)- I love having nail varnish on but get annoyed painting them as they seem to take hours to dry and therefore, they often smudge. However, the Rimmel 60 second ones don't (they don't quite take 60 seconds either but they do dry very quickly which is extremely useful if you're like me!) They are also in two gorgeous shimmery shades, although at the moment I have only actually tested out the silver one but if the green is the same quality, I will be very happy!
Nail Correction Pen (3) - Another very useful product, perfect for removing and splodges or smudges around the edge of my nails, which again happens rather regularly.
Love Me Natural Soap and Bath Bomb Cracker (4) - Both the soap and the bath bomb smell so Christmassy and lovely which makes me very happy and excited for a Christmassy bath. They also come in really cute, festive packaging!

Yankee Candles Christmas Set (1)- I am in love with every single scent in this set. I had smelt four of these before hand and had them in my notes to add to my Christmas list when it came to it and now I actually have them all plus an extra one which I also love the smell of. I haven't lit these yet but am really looking forward to doing so as I'm sure they will make my room smell divine!
Imperial Candle Trick Or Treat (2)- As I mentioned in my October Favourites (here) I received this present a few days early which was a candle but not just a normal, everyday one, it had jewellery inside that you had to burn so far to get to. I do now have my jewellery (a silver circular necklace and black and silver earrings) and love them but I also still love the candle on its own as it smells incredible!
Cranberry Spiced Tea and Cashmere & Silk Candles (3)- Both of these smell lovely, they are again quite Wintery scents which makes me very excited for the festive season and I can not wait to burn them!

Goodbye School... Hello World! Message Book- If you know me well, you'll know that I love anything related to writing, photographs, memories and scrapbooks so this book is perfect for me. I am very excited to get my friends to leave me messages so that I can fill the book with lovely things before I go away to uni.
After The Crash by Michel Bussi- I hadn't heard of this book until two days before my birthday when I was in Waterstones with my brother and it caught my eye. I read the blurb and thought it sounded fantastic but after much deliberation, I decided not to get it at that time. My eagle eyed brother then swooped in later whilst I was blissfully ignorant and he purchased it for me so now I am very excited to dig into it.

I also received a couple of book vouchers so I bought the following with them:

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester- Most of you will probably have come across this somewhere either online or physically but I now have my hands on it and really look forward to reading it! I like watching Phil's videos but Dan is one of my absolutely favourites and I always find him hilarious so I have been looking forward to giving this a read ever since they announced that it was being published.
Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg- If you've been reading for a while, you may recall that I uploaded a response to the first book or more accurately, the 'ghost writer' controversy of the first book and in it I shared my opinion and response to the book (here) so of course, I had to get hold of the second one and again, I am very much looking forward to rejoining Penny on her adventures.
The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella- Sophie Kinsella is an incredible author. I have only read two of her books so far but 'Can You Keep a Secret?' is easily one of my favourite books. I love everything about it; the character, the plot, the humour... it is genuinely one of the few books that actually makes me laugh out loud.

George's Present: 
These may all seem randomly put together but I've put them in one section as these were the lovely things my Best Friend gave me, most of which have some connection to a part of our friendship.

Frozen Lush Bath Bomb- As a massive Lush fan and a massive Frozen fan, I'm ashamed to say I had not yet tried this bath bomb until George gave it to me for my birthday... I have now used it and loved the colour it turned my bath which was a bright blue with a lot of shimmer in the water. It also made the bathroom smell so lovely!
Olaf Keyring- Along similar lines, she bought me a keyring with Olaf on which is now with my keys. I find Olaf hilarious and would say he's easily my favourite character from the film but I do love a lot of the others so it's made a very nice addition to my keyring collection.
Photos of us- George hates having photos taken of her so when she suggested we take some photos with cakes we made the other day, I was a little taken aback but didn't think much of it. The sneaky little thing then printed a couple of these photos and gave them to me for my birthday.
Vintage 1997 Mug- This mug is so cute and will be great to have in my possession for many years in the future, it almost makes me not want to use it but at the same time, I want to drink everything from it.
Pinballs- A simple thing but these are one of my favourite sweets and whenever we have a movie day/evening I always get some of these and George always gets some minstrels.
Mini Wine Bottle- She said she had to get me some kind alcohol for my 18th Birthday and this size bottle is adorable!
Headbands- I also wear a lot of bows in my hair so she got me a couple of them which are perfect colours for the colder months!
The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard- Sara Shepherd is the author of Pretty Little Liars which I'm sure you all know by now, is one of the best shows ever in my opinion but I have never actually read the books or any others by her. So George got me this one to read which sounds very very good, as she didn't think I'd want to read the PLL books given that I can pretty much guess what happens and I know who A is in the book anyway.
Spanish Sweets- She has also been away recently so she bought me back these delicious things which are some of the best sweets ever to exist!
Minion Straw- Whenever possible, I only ever drink through straws as my teeth are rather sensitive and drinks tend to affect them a lot so I'm always asking if people have a straw when I'm out or at someone's house (I do also carry some in my bag but when I've swapped bags or have run out and forgotten to replace them) so George got me this minion one because she also knows I love minions and always need a straw, so hopefully I will remember to keep it on me and just keep reusing it.

Champagne, Prosecco & Pimms- I've linked these three together as they're all significant to the fact it was an eighteenth birthday. The prosecco and champagne are perfect for celebrating that fact and although Pimms is a summer drink, it is one of my favorites and was actually given to me early when my mum and I had our joint 18th/50th party, I just saved it until now.
Pink Sparkly Flask- This is so pretty and sparkly which makes me very happy and excited to use it.
Tickets to An Audience With Union J- I've mentioned that I'm going to this event several times on my blog and as I'm writing this, it's the morning of the concert and I am very, very excited, possibly the most excited I've ever been, as I think it's going to be an incredible experience! I did know I was getting these before my birthday but it seems to have come around so quickly and as you're reading this I'm hopefully having a fab time there with one of my besties, praying that it never ends!
'18' Glass Ornament- I don't know why but I love glass ornaments; I think they're so pretty and often quite sophisticated and always look great in a room and this one is no different, and will be perfect for keeping hold of for years to come!
'S' Mug- This is another really cute mug and although I got this in Summer too, I have yet to use it as I'm thinking I might keep it for uni next year (hopefully no flatmates' names will begin with S) as I'm going to be needing more things like that so might as well keep it good condition for then.
Bill's Cherry Jam- As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went to Bill's restaurant in the evening on my birthday. It was all very lovely and was it so nice of them to give me the Cherry Jam wrapped up as a gift. I haven't tried it yet but it looks delicious and I am looking forward to doing so very soon!
Sat Nav- My grandma bought me this gift shortly after I passed my driving test as an early birthday present so that I didn't have directions to worry about as well as all of the other new aspects of driving and it has been so useful over the past few months!

That completes my 18th Birthday Posts. Don't forget, the next post will be going up on Saturday instead of Friday this week, where I will be talking about my experience at 'An Audience With Union J'. Also, if you want an updated what's in my bag with one of my new handbags, let me know and I'll do one of them in the near future. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got, I haven't gone into too much detail about the products as that would be one very long blog post and it's already long as it is but if there's anything more you want to know about something, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to answer you. Thanks for reading.

Love, Steph x

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