November Favourites 2015

Welcome back to my blog, today I have my November Favourites. This month there have been quite a few things I've loved, many of which I featured in my last haul or in other recent posts.

Beauty and Fashion:

L'Oreal Superstar Superliner- I mentioned my newly found love for this product in my Autumn Beauty Haul (here) but to summarise, it is unbelievably easy to use and creates a bold black line which can be built up to create either a thin or thick line, making it ideal for a cat eye flick.
Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil: 210 Keep It Classy- I also expressed my love for this product in my haul. These lip pencils are very long lasting and can be used as a pencil outline or used to fill in the lips completely. This colour in particular is a sort of berry shade with a slight pinky tone to it which makes it perfect for this time of year.
Zoella Awesome Drawersome- Some of my lovely friends bought me this for my birthday and I am in love with it. The products inside are gorgeous- not that I'd expect anything less from Zoella- and they smell incredible. The drawers themselves are really cute and pretty and now have their well earned place in my dressing room, containing my make up, which makes doing my make up in a morning a lot easier.
Arbonne Daily Cleanser- Another product I mentioned in my last haul; I have found this product a great improvement to my skincare routine as it makes removing my makeup a lot more gentle and kind to my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean after each use.
Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar- This palette is stunning both in the palette and on the cheeks, a combination of the shades helps to create a lovely glow with hints of contour shading and plenty of shimmery highlight.
Radley Purse- The purse I received for my birthday is another of my new loves. Every time I get it out of my bag (more than I should do) my love for it is rekindled. The pattern and colour are gorgeous and it's the perfect size.
Radley Handbag- Linking to the purse, I have also been loving my Radley Handbag which is an ideal size for my essentials without being too big that I subconsciously feel the need to fill it with every random thing I find.
Black Bag- I have also loved using this other black bag from one of my friends and have been using this interchangeably with my Radley bag. Again, it's an ideal size and is easy to wear with anything.
 Black Boots- I bought some new black boots last month and since then, I have worn very little else. They are perfect for this time of year and keep my feet nice and toastie whilst looking lovely at the same time.


Focus by Ariana Grande- The latest single by Ariana Grande is another massive hit in my opinion! I have been listening to it an awful lot this past month and find myself unable to do anything but move along to the rhythm and sing a long to the words every time it comes on.
Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes- This beautiful song wasn't available to buy until a week ago but I've been listening to it on YouTube and enjoying the music video pretty much all month. The song itself is stunning; incredible vocals and beautiful lyrics but the music video is something else. I have watched it so many times and still cry every time.
Get Weird by Little Mix- Little Mix also dropped their new album this month and I have been obsessed with it! There isn't a single song I don't like on the album but my favourites have to be Love Me Or Leave Me, Clued Up and Secret Love Song Part 2. I have listened to these a ridiculous number of times and still love to belt them out every time my ears are graced with their beauty.
An Audience With Union J- Of course this had to go in my favourites! I won't go into detail about this as I did a whole post on it, so if you missed that and want to know more about the event, you can find it here.
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here- If you've seen any of this series or have seen which celebrities are in there, you probably won't be surprised to see this TV show in my favourites. I always love I'm A Celeb but have particularly enjoyed it this year because it has some awesome people on. Obviously George Shelley is my favourite in there but I am also really enjoying watching Jorgie, Vicky and Brian and have become very fond of them. I can't stand Lady C and find myself frequently getting worked up by her selfish and often plain idiotic comments and actions and more recently have taken a huge disliking to Chris based on a few sexist comments he made but the rest of the show is brilliant! Ant and Dec also help make the show incredible (of course!) with their brilliant comments that never fail to make me laugh.


Primark Throw- I bought this last month but have found it particularly lovely this month as it's gotten a lot colder. It was £5 but is incredibly soft and warm and has basically gone everywhere around the house with me. The one I have is also very festive as it's white with silver snowflakes on; you may have seen it in the background of some of my recent photos.
Candles- I have too many candle favourites to pick out a particular one for this month's favourites but I've basically been loving all of the ones I got for my birthday (post here). They all smell amazing and make my room feel a lot cosier and a much nicer environment when I'm working.
Group chat- This is a very random favourite but it is my group chat with my friends which constantly seems to have amusing, random conversations that probably make no sense to anybody else but is highly entertaining to be a part of. The people in it are also some of the best and funniest people, so of course that helps.
Friends- Linking to the group chat, I want to put my friends in my favourites. They could easily feature in any monthly favourite but in a bonus post last Wednesday (here), I talked a bit about them and the positive place I am in regarding friendships so I felt it was only right to give them a place in this month's favourites.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. What have been your favourites this month?

Love, Steph x

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