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I am a huge music lover and as it's getting close to Christmas, artists seem to be dropping albums and singles left, right and center. Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favourite new (ish) singles and albums, some of which have featured in the last couple of monthly favourites, others I've just kept to myself. A lot of these you will probably have come across as many are either in the charts or have been in the charts but there are a couple of less well known ones in there too.

Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe) by 5 Seconds of Summer- The band's second album is incredible, I thought the first was good but they just seem to be getting better and better. This album seems to cover more serious topics and emotions which I think helps the listener to connect with the music even more. My personal favourite is Outerspace/ Carry On (the two songs class as one track) as I adore the lyrics in Carry On as well as the melody in each of them. I could sit here and talk to you about each track individually but that would take a long time and would probably just consist of me rambling about how amazing they all are so instead I just recommend you give it a listen for yourself.
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Get Weird (Deluxe) by Little Mix- Another smashing album with hit after hit. There is not one song by these ladies that I don't love but this album is on a whole new level. It seems to have a fairly diverse sound with some unexpected elements on various tracks but all in all, it just shows off their incredible vocals. My favourites are: Clued Up because of it's relatable lyrics which are great to hear on a bad day and; Love Me Or Leave Me and Secret Love Song Part 2 which are gorgeous vocally but are also great ballads to powerfully belt out- I think my family are sick of hearing me sing these in the shower!


Hallelujah, Victorious and Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco- These are three of four songs from their upcoming album 'Death Of A Bachelor', which is due to be released in January, that have been released early and I have been loving listening to them all. Emperor's New Clothes has a very strange music video but the song itself is such a tune which I can't help but love listening and singing along to, as with the Victorious and Hallelujah.
Sax by Fleur East- If you're from the UK and haven't heard this song, where have you been? It's been playing on all of the radio stations as well as being the tune for Asda's Christmas adverts which seem to come on extremely often. It's so catchy and is sure to get people moving.
Focus by Ariana Grande- An incredibly catchy song that always makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear the opening beat.
Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes- Everything about this song is beautiful; the lyrics, the melody, the video, the vocals... it's all heavenly to listen to.
Wake Up and Cheater by The Vamps- Their new album is one of the CDs on my Christmas wishlist so the only songs I've got at the moment are these two. However, I really enjoy listening to them and really like the catchy tune to Cheater in particular which I think would be a great 'getting ready to go out' track' due to it's upbeat nature.
Love Yourself and Sorry by Justin Bieber- This is extremely difficult to put in this post as I have disliked Bieber for a long time now and whilst I loved his very first songs, I quickly went off him and them as a result of his behaviour and attitude. However, these two songs are incredible! I'm not a big fan of the rest of the songs on the new album, although I've only heard previews but I have had these two on repeat for the past couple of weeks.
Better When I'm Dancin' by Meghan Trainor- This is such a catchy, feel-good song and again makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear the opening beats. I can't help but smile when I hear it.
The Sun Is Rising and Gold by Britt Nicole- These two are definitely not new releases but I felt like they deserved a spot in this post anyway as I recently rediscovered my love for them. Gold is another feel-good song whilst The Sun Is Rising is more of a ballad style which is something I always love to listen to.
Hotel Ceiling by Rixton- Another song that's been out a while but one that I have loved more and more recently. I love the tune to this song and always find it quite emotional but beautiful to listen to.
Queen's Speech 4 by Lady Leshurr- I feel like I shouldn't like this song, it's far from my usual music taste and the lyrics are questionable at best but for some reason, I love it. I love to rap/sing a long to it and find myself really getting into the song whenever I hear it being played.
Hello by Adele- Of course this had to be put in here. Adele is killing it as always and this single seems to be being played everywhere and for good reason. The vocals are stunning and the music itself is so powerful and amazing.
Eyes Shut by Years and Years- As soon as I first heard this track, I knew I loved it and after hearing it on the radio over and over again, my love developed further and I felt like I had no choice but to purchase it so that I could listen to it on repeat.
Follow You by Union J- This song hasn't been released yet as it's from their upcoming third album but the boys played it on their last tour and I have loved listening to the video I took as it's such a catchy song that I can't help but move and sing along to.
One Call Away and Some Type of Love by Charlie Puth- I've enjoyed listening to Charlie Puth's covers on YouTube since last Summer and since the release of See You Again, I've been even more hooked. These two songs are early releases form his upcoming album and they're incredible. I love the lyrics to One Call Away in particular but both have lovely, catchy tunes and amazing vocals.
Fall For You by Bethan Leadley- Last but not least is this single from Bethan's EP which was recently released. I love her distinctive tone as well as the guitar (I'm not sure which specific type) and drumming that you can hear with her vocals.

So that completes my fairly long list of recent music loves; there are a number of others but these are the main ones. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you've maybe discovered a new song that you like. If you have any recommendations, let me know as I always love discovering new songs and artists.

Love, Steph x

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