January Favourites 2016

A new year means a new chance to discover new things, especially as I've had things for Christmas that I've been able to try out. Whilst there are some favourites from 2015 that I still love, I wanted this month's favourites to include all new things which I'm going to try to do for the rest of the year as well. This means that you won't keep reading about the same products so you'll just have to remember that my love for them may well span over more than one month.

Inside Out- This film has become one of my all time favourites as I love the whole concept of it and I think it's done in a brilliant way that makes me think, laugh and cry. It's very deep with a lot more meaning and emotion behind things than it first appears.
How To Get Away With Murder- In my 2015 favourites, I mentioned that Eye Candy was the only TV show that I loved almost as much as PLL however since then, I have watched the first season of How To Get Away With Murder and it is rivaling PLL for the top spot in my TV favourites. I love the style of the show as it flicks between 'the night', leading up to that night and after that night with more details slotting into place with each episode. It was done extremely cleverly and with each episode, I was desperate to watch the next to find out what happens next. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys dramas, mysteries or crime based programs.
Under The Dome Season 2- I watched the first season of this over a year ago and hadn't had any luck finding season 2 so when I received it for Christmas, I was excited to get back into the show and it was even better than I expected it to be. After watching season one in a day, I half expected season two to go down hill a bit but I found it just as addictive and even more gripping and tense than the first one.
90210 Season 5- After watching the first four seasons in 2015, I was very pleased to see season 5 added to Netflix. I think I enjoyed the last season even more than the others as I'd had more of a break between and so their repeated mistakes didn't bother me as much and I started to like most of the characters more than I had before.
Kingsman: The Secret Service- I didn't think I would really like this film as I expected it to be heavily action based which it was but it wasn't a serious action film. I found it hilarious at various points throughout the film and I fell in love with Eggsy's character.
5SOS How Did We End Up Here- I really enjoyed watching this DVD and being able to relive the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour as well as learn more about how the band got to where they are today.
Joe and Caspar Hit The Road- Joe and Caspar have really succeeded in creating a film that provides laughs from the start. I don't really watch Caspar's videos very often but I found both him and Joe hilarious in the film and thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
Acoustic Covers Of Pop Songs- A couple of weeks ago, we all went to our friends house for a lovely evening and a delicious meal (hi Vicky and Jess if you're reading this) and whilst there, they put on an acoustic cover of pop songs playlist which I fell in love with. There were so many beautiful covers of singers with amazing, stripped back voices whereby you could really hear the emotion behind it.
Catch Me If You Can- I'd never heard of this film before but we watched it on New Years Day in Germany, the group of us all together and out of the 11 people there, as far as I'm aware, everybody loved it. It had so many big names in it including Tom Hanks, Leonardo Dicaprio, Christopher Walken, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks and so on as well as being directed by Steven Spielberg. It was based on a true story but was so unbelievable that it made it quite humorous to see all of his successes. If you haven't seen this film before, I highly recommend you give it a watch as it is brilliant and is something that I think most people would enjoy no matter what their preferred film type is.

Beauty and Fashion:
Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care- As I've mentioned a couple of times on here recently, my skin isn't great at the moment and seems to be prone to break outs so I thought I'd give some tea tree products a try as in the past they've worked quite well on my skin. Whilst Boxing Day sales shopping I found a set with a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser which seems to be helping my skin although it's still got a long way to go until it's back to being almost clear.
Maybelline Color Tattoo- I love these eye products as they are a great base and they last really well. They are pigmented and pretty enough to wear on their own or to be used with another eye product which is my preferred method. At the moment I have the shades On and On Bronze and Pink Gold, both of which are gorgeous and whilst I'd love to buy a few more shades, I think I have enough eye products for now.
Benefit Hoola Kit- This kit is beautiful. I love the They're Real mascara and whilst I would love to buy myself one when I've finished the one in the kit, I'm not sure I can justify spending £20 on a mascara when there are cheaper ones I love. The Hoola bronzer, as I'm sure you will have already heard, is gorgeous. It's great for creating a bronze look as well as for defining your cheek bones. I also really love the Benebalm and am seriously considering buying a full size one when I have finished this one as it feels really lovely on the lips and adds a more subtle colour when used alone or a more full lip look when used with the Benetint.
Benefit Gina Perfume- All of the perfumes in the Crescent Row set smell lovely but my favourite is the My Place Or Yours Gina which again, I'd love a full size bottle of when the small size has gone.
Urban Decay Shadow Box- The Shadow Box is a handy size for putting in your makeup bag to take away with you and I find that it contains all of the key shades you need. Like all Urban decay eyeshadows, the quality is great and the shades in the palette all look gorgeous even if I wouldn't use some of the more daring colours on a regular basis.
Bourjois Intense Extrait Sand Pink Shimmer 03 Eyeshadow- I love the shimmer this product contains, it really helps to make an eye look sparkle. I've loved adding this to my eyes as the final product to add a lovely finish.
Trainers- These trainers are so comfortable as they have a memory foam insole which makes them fit around your feet nicely whilst you're working out. They are also really pretty which makes me want to wear them more often which in turn makes me want to exercise more.
Bed Hoodie- I got this soft, cosy bed hoodie for Christmas and I have practically lived in it since returning from Germany, particularly as it has been so cold as it's easy to just throw on when lounging around the house.
Gym Clothes- Like with the trainers, the new gym clothes I bought after Christmas look really nice which makes me want to wear them to exercise more often. Cute gym clothes are a great workout motivator.
Gold Hoop Earrings- These are my new favourite earrings which I have been wearing a lot this month. They're quite simple but add to an outfit and look really great.

Blanket- I have been using this A LOT through January as not only is it really warm but it's also extremely soft and comfortable, perfect for wrapping up in at the end of the day.
Sprinkle Of Glitter Diary 2016- Every year I get a diary and every year I neglect to use it after a short period of time. This year I want to improve on this and having a pretty diary is one way that will hopefully help make this possible. So far it seems to have gone okay and I find myself enjoying using it and seeing the little comments and tips from Louise at the start of the week or on the odd day.
I'd Agree With You But Then We'd Both Be Wrong Mug- I'm not entirely sure why but I love mugs and love when I find one with a quirky design or quote. As it's been really cold this month, it's been the perfect time to use this for hot drinks to warm myself up and I love that in an argument, I can just get myself a drink in the mug to finish the argument without saying a word.
New Year With Runa- You may or may not know that I spent the New Year in Germany with one of my best friends. There were six of us that went over and formed a group of 11 good friends that were able to do something together each day. Most of these things seemed to be evening or night things such as watching movies, going ice skating and the evening when four of us cooked for everybody else but we also had a couple of breakfasts together and a few shopping days. All in all the week in Germany was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with everyone, especially one of my closest friends!

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Love, Steph x


  1. I used to love watching 90210! The colour tattoo in Pink Gold is stunning, and I've been in my blanket quite a lot too, it's so cosy :)

    Velvet Blush

  2. Same I watched a couple of seasons as they aired but last year was the first year I watched all of the episodes in the right order and whilst I really enjoyed it, I did get annoyed by their repeated mistakes which made me annoyed with the characters. After having a break before watching season five it made me enjoy the show a lot more as I didn't care about the repeated mistakes much and I cried a lot at the last episode! I definitely loved season five the most. It really is! There's not much better than curling up in your blanket on a cold, grey day. X

  3. I have the Hoola set too and I love it! It's such a gorgeous kit, and I love everything inside it xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It really is! It's definitely helped persuade me to try out more Benefit products X

  4. HTGAWM is one of my favorite shows, can't wait for it to come back! love the body shop's tea tree range as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. I've only seen season one of it so far as season two wasn't on Netflix at the time so I need to find a new place to watch it but it's sooooo good! X


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