What I Got For Christmas 2015

I had an incredible Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family, as chaotic as it gets when we're all together. It was also really lovely to see everybody enjoying it, especially the little ones who were mesmerized by the phone call they received from Father Christmas. I want to thank everybody who played a part in making my Christmas a wonderful one, by their presence, their well wishes or their very generous gifts. I received so much more than I was expecting and love every single thing that I was bought so I am sincerely thankful to everybody that gave me anything.

Sorry this post is so late, I went away for New Years and didn't get chance to finish the post before I left. However, I personally love to see what other people receive for Christmas or birthdays (I'm very nosy) and so I wanted to upload one myself for anybody else like me to have a nosy at (even if it is late) but also for myself to look back at in the future. If this type of blog post isn't your thing, no worries, just stop reading now and come back on Tuesday to see my next blog post, but for those that are interested in seeing what I got, I'll stop rambling now and you can have a nosy through.
Beauty and Fashion

Benefit Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit
Benefit Limited Edition Crescent Row
Urban Decay Shadow Box
Lush Candy Christmas Box
Champneys Oriental Opulence Collection
Soap and Glory Bright and Bubbly Box
Baylis and Harding  Skin Spa Toiletry Set
Imperial Midnight Sparkle Bath Bomb
Shower Gel Set
Cath Kidston Purse
Cath Kidston Bed Socks
H&M Socks
Quiz Scalf
Penguin Ear Muffs
Fluffy Bed Hoodie

I'm so excited to try these things out as I haven't used many of them yet due to going away almost straight after Christmas. Out of those I have used already, I found that the Baylis and Harding toiletry bag was the ideal shape and size for taking all of my toiletries away with me; every single one of the Benefit perfumes smells incredible, each different but amazing in their own way so once I've used each of these and have decided on a favourite, I'm pretty sure I'll be treating myself to a full sized bottle (if I can afford it). The bed hoodie is one of the softest things I've ever felt and it's so comfortable to wear when I'm lounging around the house. The Lush Candy Christmas Box includes some of my favourite Christmas Lush products including Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Whilst I'm excited to use these in the bath, I currently enjoy the candy smell I get when I walk into my room. When I was in Germany I found the Cath Kidston bed socks a great gift., they kept my feet nice and toasty as well as looked quite pretty. Similarly, my purse was a great accessory to have with me as I really loved the floral pattern and it fit nicely into my bag.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
Under The Dome Season 2
Inside Out
Joe and Caspar Hit The Road
5SOS How Did We End Up Here DVD
Now 92
The Vamps Wake Up CD and Tour DVD
Adele 25
Wireless Speaker
Cocktail Trivia
Hummingbird Game

Inside Out quickly became my favourite film when I first saw it and I was very excited to get my hands on it so that I could enjoy watching it again and again. I also really loved watching both Joe and Caspar Hit The Road and 5 Seconds of Summer How Did We End Up Here as they were extremely entertaining, Hit The Road for its humour (and plenty of it) and 5SOS' DVD for their music and the emotion and detail behind their development as a band. The wireless speaker is really useful as it plays both my phone and my iPod without a lead or needing to connect over Bluetooth and is of a pretty good quality. I've also really enjoyed listening to the three CDs which are all excellent. 

Radley Notebook
Patterned Notebook Set
'Steph The Greatest Writer' Notebook
A4 Notebook
5SOS Calendar

If you hadn't guessed by now, I love notebooks so I was very happy to have a couple of new notebooks in my possession. I'm yet to decide which I want to use now and which I want to save for university but wither way, I'm excited to write in them. I also love the calendar as it has plenty of room to write in each day and it is centered around one of my favourite bands.

Galaxy Selection Box
Chocolate Orange
Lindt Bear
Haribo Rhubarb and Custard Sweets

In true Christmas style, I received a number of sweet treats to enjoy, all of which are in my favourites. I'm looking forward to giving the various types of popcorn a try as well as maybe try a few new topping flavours on them as suggested on the back.

Olaf Cushion
Peach Schnapps
Batteries AA and AAA
Iced Cinnamon Bun Scent
Pink Ice Scraper
I'd Agree With You But Then We'd Both Be Wrong Mug
Digital Photo Keyring

I also received a number of things for university but I've decided not to show them just yet, instead, I will do a University Haul later on in the year which will hopefully include more things that I've been able to pick up along the way.

Thank you again to everybody that helped make my Christmas special, I love you all lots and wish you the best for 2016.

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Love Steph x


  1. I love all the gifts you got! Sounds like you had a lovely time! I was lucky enough to receive a new laptop as I've been needing a new one for a while haha. Fab post :) xx


  2. Thank you, so do I! It really was a lovely Christmas with plenty of family time and a lot more generous gifts than I ever imagined. That sounds awesome, it's always nice to have some new technology to explore especially a laptop which Is used so frequently and is particularly useful for a blogger! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I hope 2016 has gotten off to a good start for you <3 x


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