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Sorry there were no new blog posts last week, I had run out of posts and had a lot of other commitments which made it difficult to find the time to write some, so rather than try and rush something, I decided to just give myself a week off from the blog but I'm back this week with my Top Ten TV Shows (in no particular order).

Pretty Little Liars- I have been loving this program for about 4 years now and have become very attached to the story line and the characters. So far, I'm not a massive fan of 6B as I think the plot at the moment is pretty much identical to when A first started tormenting the girls except they have jobs and new haircuts. However, I do still love the show and I'm just hoping it picks back up with some new twists and turns like the show I know and love.
How I Met Your Mother- I spent a lot of my free time in February watching all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and regret none of it. Whilst all of the characters annoyed me at some point or another (and often repeatedly), apart from Tracy, I love them overall and find the show rather amusing to watch.
The Big Bang Theory- Another sitcom I enjoy watching simply for it's humour and amusing plots and characters.
How To Get Away With Murder- As I mentioned in my January Favourites, How To Get Away With Murder rose to the top of my TV show love list. It's full of plot twists, intriguing characters and a story line that has you constantly on edge and trying to piece together the clues. I highly recommend this show to anybody who enjoys mysteries and/or dramas.
Under The Dome- If it wasn't for season three this would probably be at the top or joint top of my list as the first two seasons had me hooked like nothing else. Once I started the first episode of a season, I spent all of my free time watching the show until I finished the season and watched the first season in a day and the second in two days. I still watched season three very quickly, in about two or three days but I didn't enjoy it as much as I felt like the plot took a confusing path that didn't really tie up that many loose ends but instead caused more questions and had a pretty big cliffhanger of an ending.
Eye Candy- An amazing mystery, thriller, crime drama that I would happily watch more of if there were more seasons available. It wasn't the most unpredictable of endings but overall it contained a fair few twists and exciting story lines.
Friends- The classic TV show that most people love and pretty much everyone is familiar with. I remember watching the odd Friends episode as a child when my brother and I used to go into my parent's room on a Sunday and we'd all watch an episode or two in bed. However, since entering adolescence, I've loved the show even more, particularly after I got the box set for Christmas one year and watched all of the episodes in order. I love the characters and their humour but my favourite will always be Chandler with his sarcastic comments.
Vicious- Another sitcom full of wit and dry humour which greatly appeals to me. This show is also the only British TV show in this list as I generally tend to prefer American sitcoms and dramas to British ones.
Melissa & Joey- Like Vicious, the dry humour between the main characters in this show makes me laugh a lot which helps this show make it to my favourites. I also love Melissa's style and frequently find myself admiring and wanting her dresses.
Scream Queens- A show combining humour, horror and an amazing cast had to make it into my favourites. Even though the humour made it more horror-comedy than horror with some comedy in it which I usually dislike, I actually loved this show and pretty much everything about it.

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Love, Steph x

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