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Like many people, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and whilst I love watching a number of different channels, the following are my favourite ten to watch, although it was very close with some of the others. They aren't in any particular order and whilst a couple have been a favourite for a while, a couple are new to the list even if I'm not new to their channel.

1. Danisnotonfire- I find Dan's videos hilarious and always have. His rather dry sense of humour and abundance of sarcasm cracks me up and makes me thoroughly enjoy his videos, many of which I have watched multiple times. He also has some brilliant 'danecdotes' that I love to listen to.
2. iiSuperwomanii- Whilst I have been subscribed to Lilly's channel for several months, I have fallen in love with it since December when I binged watched more videos than I can count. Lilly always seems so hard working and produces amazing content that always makes me laugh. I also loved watching her on Jimmy Fallon recently.
3. Zoella- Zoe's videos are always lovely to watch as she uploads some really useful beauty videos as well as tips on things such as anxiety. I also enjoy watching her hauls and collabs which always make me want to buy new things (possibly not the best video I could watch) and makes me smile or laugh.
4. Velvetgh0st- If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love Gabby's channel. Her hauls once again make me want to go out and buy lots of things, her tutorials make me want to buy new makeup and/or try new makeup looks, many of her videos make me laugh, they always cheer me up and I love to watch her vlogs which are always interesting to watch even when she's not really doing much that day.
5. SprinkleofGlitter- Another YouTuber that I've mentioned a number of times in various blog posts. Louise's videos always make me smile or laugh (or occasionally cry depending on the topic) and I love the personality that comes across in her videos. I particularly love the way she helps raise awareness of important issues which helps teach both Darcy and her viewers the small things that can be done to make a difference to people's lives.
6. Jack Howard and Jack and Dean- I know these are two separate channels but I love Jack and Dean's channel as they produce hilarious sketches that I have watched and rewatched many times and still thoroughly enjoy. I especially love the sarcasm and dry humour they often showcase, the style of which is also found in Jack's videos on his own channel. I find his videos very amusing to watch but also like that he uploads some slightly different videos to the ones you typically find.
7. Jenna Marbles- I first enjoyed Jenna's videos a couple of years ago but after a while I went off them however, I recently rediscovered her videos and found them really entertaining and funny, which obviously resulted in me binge watching lots of her videos and her channel making it into my top ten channels.
8. Olan Rogers- If you haven't ever watched a video of Olan's, may I recommend you watch either of these two (The Comeback Kid or The Package Delivery) as they are my personal favourites and are videos I frequently return to for a good laugh. His stories themselves are pretty great but the way he tells them puts them on a whole new level of amusement.
9. Hello Katy- I've found Katy's recent videos in particular really interesting and comforting to watch as she often uploads videos where she just chats through her thoughts and often I can really relate to them. There are many occasions where I've been watching one of her videos and have been comforted to see somebody else express the same thoughts and feelings as myself or even put my thoughts into words and functioning sentences. As well as enjoying the more rambly, chatty videos, I also love any of the others she uploads, particularly the ones she has done around the start of each college year, showing her new room and any dorm hauls.
10. Musical Bethan- Not only do I love Bethan's voice but also her videos as they are both funny and intriguing to watch. I think my all time favourite video of hers is the Annoying People On Trains video which I could not stop thinking about when I had my own hectic train journey the other day and found a number of the issues she raised crop up as well as many more.

There were a number of YouTubers that I seriously considered putting in this list and ask me in a few weeks or months and my top ten could have changed a fair bit but as of today, these are my current favourite YouTubers and the ones whose videos I look forward to watching or whose old videos I can watch time and time again and never tire of.

I know there aren't really any smaller YouTuber's channels on there, I will be doing a separate post on my favourite smaller channels as none of them quite fit into my top ten overall but there are some that I really enjoy watching.

Let me know which channels you enjoy watching and if you have any recommendations as I love stumbling across a new channel that I enjoy.

Thank you for reading this post, let me know what you thought in the comments and if you enjoyed it, why not subscribe to be notified when I upload a new post?

Love, Steph x


  1. So many of these are my favourites too! I love HelloKaty, as you said, she's always very comforting and she makes me feel better. Jenna Marbles was actually the very first youtuber I ever watched, as my cousin showed me her video about caffeine and I laughed so hard!

    1. She really is! I don't think I saw that video. The first YouTuber(s) I ever watched was Jacksgap with Dan a close second who I discovered when I watched the two channels collab for 'How To Speak Internet' which is still one of my favourite videos on the platform. x


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