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In honour of mothers day last weekend, I  decided to do the Mum & Dad Tag with my parents. They answered them separately so they couldn't copy each other's answers and I then added the bits in brackets to give you a little bit of context on a few of the questions. I also uploaded an 'Open Letter To My Mum' post last week which you can check out here if you would like to.

1. What was I like as a child?
Mum: A lovely and caring child that was happy. Initially you were jealous of Robert when he was born but you became a really loving sister.
Dad: A ray of sunshine, very well behaved, strong minded, strong willed and very caring.

2. What do you think of me blogging?
Mum: I think that it is very good and you write some really interesting work in a lovely manner.
Dad: I think it's a good idea and it's the modern way... although I don't really understand it.

3. What's something funny I did when I was younger?
Mum: Took contraception leaflets into school when asked to collect leaflets which resulted in me having to talk to the head master who was concerned about the event. (This story is brought up way more than I'd like)
Dad: Drank a bottle of perfume. (Mum and I think my brother did this rather than me but it's a long term debate in the household)

4. Have you learnt anything about makeup/beauty from me?
Mum: No but I wish  I had as your make up always looks great.

Dad: That sky blue earrings suit you.

5. What's a weird habit of mine?
Mum: Feet!!!!!! (washing my feet before bed)
Dad: You putting the kettle cap down whenever I boil the kettle (when the cap is up, the water spills over!!!)

6. If you had to rename me, what would you change it to?
Mum: I couldn't, you were always Stephanie, even before you were on the way.
Dad: I wouldn't change it to anything.

7. When we go out, what do I eat?
Mum: Haloumi or spicy beans and of course MELON when that's an option.
Dad: Pasta.

8. What is one thing you wish I would do?
Mum: Not argue with Robert (my brother).
Dad: Reply to my texts.

9. What's something I do that annoys you?
Mum: When you get frustrated with the way I walk in public. (I get annoyed by slow walking or stopping to answer a text or something which means people behind crash or have to change their path)
Dad: Not a lot.

10. What's something I obsess over?
Mum: Washing your feet.
Dad: Everything... most things.

11. Where would you like to see me in 10 years?
Mum: Nearby!!!! More importantly happy in what you are doing.
Dad: In a happy place, doing the job that you want to do, with your good health.

12. When were you most proud of me?
Mum: I am always really proud.
Dad: When you were born and it's been the same since.

13. What's the worst thing I've ever done?
Mum: Tried to stamp on Robert's head as a toddler.
Dad: On occasions being nasty to your brother.

14. What's your favourite moment of us together?
Mum: Shopping for your prom dress.
Dad: I used to love walking you to [infant] school in that little red dress.

15. How was I in school?
Mum: Brilliant.
Dad: Showed consistent high standard.

16. What would you change if you could raise me again?
Mum: I would not shout as much and would try and retain information better. (I don't think she shouted that much at all)
Dad: Nothing (he on the other hand shouted more as he's not the most patient of people but still not to much)

17. Describe my perfect guy
Mum: Caring, equal, tall, strong but quiet ways, respectful and fair.
Dad: Completely opposite to me.

It was interesting to see what my parents answered for each of these questions as I wouldn't have expected them all. If you decide to do this with your parents, leave a comment below and I'll check it out.

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Love, Steph x

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