I sometimes find it difficult knowing when I should voice my opinions and when I should just keep my mouth shut. I don't mean in serious situations where it really matters what you do or say, I just mean in discussions. I'm a pretty opinionated person when it comes to certain things such as equality, fairness and sometimes political issues and whilst I don't always voice my opinion, I tend to do it when it involves one of those things.

It's difficult deciding whether or not to just keep quiet and let other people carry on with what they're doing but if it's something I feel strongly about it
seems silly to not say anything. If I expect something to change because I think it's unfair or offensive then how do I expect it to happen if I don't say that or give my opinion. That doesn't mean I think I'm right necessarily, it means I believe in what I'm saying and want to share that thought with other people to either create a discussion or possibly give people something new to consider. There have been plenty of occasions where I've had one opinion or done something and then after a discussion where the other person disagrees or has extra points to make, my opinion on the subject changes. I like hearing other people's opinions in order to develop my own, without it my opinions would never change.

Sometimes I give my opinion in a way that seems too direct or too matter of fact and I never mean it to, I'm just not the best at phrasing things off the top of my head, I prefer to be able to form and reform my point until it's clear but hopefully doesn't offend anybody. I think from time to time it can seem as though I think my opinion is right and that I'm forcing it on people so they agree with me and change their ways but that's not the case. I say things to make people think about their actions or thoughts and if they think I'm talking absolute crap they can ignore it and possibly change my thoughts on the matter too but sometimes it makes people think and reconsider their actions.

Everyone has different opinions and each opinion has people who agree and disagree with it, that's just the way it is but it doesn't mean you have to keep quiet in case somebody disagrees.

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Love, Steph x


  1. I think it's very important to voice your opinions, but I, too, know how hard it can be. I used to be very loud with opinions about stuff I didn't know much about, which I really regret now. Which now makes me nervous to voice my opinions about other stuff. I don't know what I'm trying to say, other than I understand what you're saying.


  2. Yes it can be a difficult thing to do properly. My post didn't really have a straightforward point either it was more of a one sided discussion with room for other people to share their thoughts if they wanted to X


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