50 Things That Make Me Happy

Last week, the beautiful Severina tagged me to do the 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag and as I've said a number of times on here, my favourite post on my blog so far is the 20 Things That Make Me Happy post as it is so positive and comforting to read and reread if I'm not having a particularly great day so I'm sure this one will be no different. Some I've not explained as they're pretty self explanatory and a couple might be the same as my 20 post but I've tried to mix it up a bit. So without further ado, here are 50 things that make me happy in no particular order.
1.    Family
2.   Friends
3.   Animals
4.   Good Food (especially healthy food as I can then enjoy it guilt free)- favourites would definitely include watermelon, halloumi, quinoa and veggie lasagna.
5.   Shopping
6.   Makeup- I love adding to my collection as well as trying out new looks. Good makeup days also make me very happy.
7.    Clothes- I love browsing for and purchasing new clothes and particularly love when I put an outfit together and feel confident in it.
8.   Homeware- I am a massive fan of homeware and love to plan room decor and buy bits and bobs, something I've enjoyed a lot this year, ready for September.
9.   Sunny Days- When the sky is blue, the sun is out and it's lovely and warm, I start the day feeling a lot happier and often find myself being more productive (unless it's too hot to concentrate).
10. Snow- On the other hand, I also love cold, snowy days and love skiing and ice skating which link to this type of weather. On another note, I also really want to learn to snowboard!
11.   Lush Baths- Any hot, bubble bath makes me happy but there's something extra special about a Lush one as they have so many gorgeous products that add to any bath time.
12.  Writing- Funnily enough, I love to write, be it a blog post, work on a fictional story, an article or even a list!
13.  The Blogging Community- Since starting my blog, I've been able to discover so many new blogs that I love to read, as well as so many lovely people behind them
14.  Books- I love sinking my teeth into a good book and having the chance to escape reality for a bit by involving myself in the plot and characters
15. TV Shows- There are way too many that I would consider favourites for me to single any out but I enjoy discovering a new TV show and then spending (too much) time watching them.
16. Films- I love a good film, particularly comedies, chick flicks and horrors.
17.  Concerts- There's nothing quite like the feeling of a concert; getting the chance to share a room with a musician you love and a bunch of people who share that love, whilst you all sing along to some of your favourite songs... concerts are very special events!
18. Music- Listening to music also makes me very happy, whether it's an artist I've loved for years or a new discovery.
19. Crisp, Autumn Days- These days can be lovely and cosy, when there is a nip in the air, you can wrap up warm and then cosy up when you get home. You also get the opportunity to step on crunchy leaves and hear that lovely sound!
20.Swimming- I don't do much swimming at all when I'm at home as it seems like a lot of effort either side of the actual activity but each time I go on holiday, I love to immerse myself in water and splash around for a bit.
21.  Gym- Whilst the actual exercise can be a bit tedious sometimes (it can also be pretty fun at other times), it makes me happy after I've completed a workout, knowing I've done something good for my body.
22. Holidays- It's great to take a break from your usual daily stresses and enjoy time with great company, in a lovely place, doing relaxing things. 
23. YouTube- There are so many YouTubers and YouTube videos that make me happy when I watch them and often put a smile on my face when I don't feel great.
24. Meeting New People- I love meeting and chatting to new people and although it can take me a bit of time to come out of my shell and properly chat to the person, it's great finding someone new that you really get along with .
25.Planning and When Plans Pay Off- I love writing lists and planning events and things like that and love it even more when it pays off and the plan comes together.
26.  Just Dance 3, This is Halloween- When I have a few days where I don't really feel like going to the gym, usually due to a lack of confidence or something, or can't get to the gym but I still want to do some sort of exercise, I either do a Zumba session at home, a home workout or have a bit of fun on Just Dance 3 and one of my favourite ones to do is This is Halloween, where I always select the Pumpkin as I love the spinning section (anyone who has played this will probably understand)- it's just a fun way to destress and do a bit of exercise at the same time.
27. Candles- There are so many gorgeous candles out there which smell amazing and whenever I buy one (and remember to light it), it makes me happy and helps make what I'm doing seem less stressful.
28.Getting Home After a Holiday- As much as I love going away, having an amazing time and discovering new places, I also love getting back home, to my own things and my family.
29.  Birthdays- I love celebrating my birthday, particularly when I get to plan a gathering or party for it and then get to see family and friends.
30.Christmas- The whole festive season makes me very happy for obvious reasons.
31.  Doing Nice Things for People- It warms my heart knowing I've helped somebody or made somebody smile.
32. Seeing People Do Nice Things for Others (especially for strangers)- Similarly, I love seeing people being nice and spreading positivity, particularly among people they don't know... it actually makes me want to cry (with joy) seeing these things happen.
33. Completing a To Do List- It's very satisfying to complete a To Do list and being able to see all the little tasks ticked off.
34. Notebooks- I love notebooks, there are so many cute ones and I find it hard to resist adding to my collection.
35.A Good Sleep (so that I feel refreshed in the morning)- Whilst I love getting into bed and going to sleep when I'm tired, I often feel like I'm wasting time when I could be doing more productive things but of course we all need sleep and I love the refreshed feeling you get when you've had a good sleep but still get up early enough to get plenty done that day.
36.  Clear Skin- When my skin is clear(er) and well hydrated, it makes me feel a lot happier and more confident, as shallow as that may sound but it means I can feel more confident with less makeup.
37. Gatherings- I love planning and hosting gatherings but I also enjoy attending them, particularly smaller ones which make me feel less anxious than big events.
38.Cold Bed- A simple pleasure of mine is getting into a cold bed and warming it up slowly with your body heat.
39.  Clean Linen- There's just something lovely about getting into a fresh, clean bed.
40.Comfy clothes- I love being able to get into comfortable clothes at the end of a day.
41.  Nice Feedback on My Blog- It makes me so happy hearing lovely things about my blog and knowing that people enjoy my content.
42. Quotes and Lyrics- I love so many different quotes and meaningful lyrics and enjoy reading my little collection of them from time to time.
43. Photos- As a blogger, you probably won't be surprised to hear that I love taking and displaying photos. I have several scrapbooks and photo albums as well as lots of photos on my walls.
44. Pretty flowers
45.Driving on a Pleasant Day with Music- When it's neither rainy and miserable or so sunny that it's blinding, I love driving and listening to music.
46.  Memories- I love looking back on favourite and funny memories and whilst some I long to forget, many make me very happy.
47. Laughing- I love a good laugh and thoroughly enjoy company involving a great deal of funny moments and laughter.
48.Dresses- Of all the clothes available, I love buying and wearing dresses probably the most.
49.  Games- Board games, card games and any games in general really can be so fun to play, particularly with a good group of people.
50.  Readers- Wow this is cliche but I couldn't do this post without mentioning those that read my blog, it genuinely makes me really happy knowing people enjoy what I write, so thank you.
Thank you Severina for tagging me, I enjoyed doing this and actually found it easier to come up with 50 things than I anticipated. If you haven't already, then I recommend checking out her blog as it's one of my favourites. I'm not going to tag anybody specific to do this tag but if anybody wants to (I recommend it as it's a lovely one to write and read), let me know and I'll be sure to check it out.

Thank you for reading this post, let me know what you thought in the comments and if you enjoyed it, why not subscribe to be notified when I upload a new post?

Love, Steph x


  1. Wow. This is a really long list of things to be thankful about! ♥

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. It is and I could have come up with more- 50 was surprisingly easy (or at least not difficult) to fill! It just shows how many things I have to be happy and positive about <3 x

  2. I really love this list! I'm definitely going to save this for my down-days when I just need a reminder of all that's good in the world. I love the little things here like candles, because it's the tiny things that really make my day. I agree about concerts, I'm going to one next week and can't wait!


    1. Thank you. I tried to include some big, obvious things as well as smaller, more subtle things which really make me happy without a lot happening. I've literally just got back from a 5SOS concert as I write this and had the best time, reinforcing my point that they are one of my all time favourite things! I'm excited for you for your concert, who are you going to see? x

  3. These are some stuff that would make me happy. Shopping is must to make me happy:) great post dear !! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media . x

    1. Thank you! I'd love to, I've just had a broswe of your blog and followed your links as I love what I've found. <3 x


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