Spring Accessories Wish List 2016

As I mentioned in my Spring Lookbook, I love Spring and Summer fashion, it makes me feel like I have more choice of what to wear; I think the styles in those seasons can often be more flattering on me or at least make me feel more confident in some of the things. Having said that, I often forget about accessories or end up pushing them to one side when it comes to fashion and I find myself much more likely to splash the cash on clothing. This season however, there a few things I have my eye on in the Spring accessory world and whilst a couple of them are rather pricey compared to what I would like to pay or would normally pay, I thought I'd include them in my wish list anyway and then I know the sort of styles I like and the sorts of things to keep my eye on in case I find a slightly cheaper alternative. All of the images were taken from the Spring website and I'll include a link to all of the products shown in the top image after each one below- the link is marked with an 'x'.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you've been to any store or seen anybody wearing sunglasses, the chances are you will have come across some in the cat eye style and the more I see them, the more I want a pair myself. I'm yet to try some on to see if they actually suit me but I really hope they do as they look really cute and really help to complete an outfit. x
Black Twist Scalf
I love a good twist scalf and this simple yet cute American Apparel one is no different. They're a useful hair accessory for adding to an outfit and making your hair look great with little effort. The bonus with getting a black one is it's ability to compliment any outfit. x
Grid Backpack
I love the more unique yet easy to wear design on this bag. The backpack style makes it useful for day to day wear but the cute appearance makes it stand out from a lot of bags out there. When it came to adding the link to this product, it had sold out but it may well be available again soon so if you are interested in it, you can keep an eye out here.
Pink Satchel
This satchel was too cute not to add to my list. Like backpacks, satchels are useful for a lot of activities and day to day needs but the pastel pink shade makes it that much prettier and more appealing! x
Round Cat Eye Sunglasses
Like the black cat eye sunglasses, I love the style of these. I thought these were a little bit different to a lot of sunglasses of the style out there and I love the gold and pink colours for sunglasses as well! x
Wireless Headphones
I would really love a pair of wireless headphones as I think they would be so useful for the gym so I don't need to worry about any wires getting in the way when I exercise but I also think they would be useful in a multitude of other situations as well. x
Black Braces (Suspenders)
These are definitely not something I would have expected myself to feature in my wish list but I'm really loving that style at the moment and think they would be really cute with a simple tee and shorts in the warmer months. x
Double Helix Gold Hoops
I have been loving gold hoops this year and have worn very little else. Therefore, I'd love to get my hands on some more, particularly some made of Gold which would wear better and last longer than my cheaper pair that I currently wear. x
Steel Bracelet Watch
I am a nightmare when it comes to watches as I have broken or lost so many of them, hence why I wouldn't get myself an expensive one however, this gorgeous Michael Kors watch really caught my eye and made me wish I was able to trust myself enough to splurge on a watch. x
Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker
Not technically an outfit accessory but it would accessorize my shower... that counts right?! I love a good singalong in the shower and this would make that so much easier and better! x

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, what accessories are on your wish list this season?

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Love, Steph x


  1. I am so in love with that grid backpack you have there on your wishlist!

    Christina ♡ from Okay Christina

  2. Omg Steph, it's posts like this that are the reason I have no money. Absolutely gorgeous stuff, I love spring accessories!! xx

    1. Haha, sorry! I've made myself wish I had more money to splurge on these items too. :D My next post is on the other end of the scale though- from spending to saving (kind of sounds like a title for an autobiography). x


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