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I love reading and completing tags so I was very happy when Severina tagged me to do The Beauty Tag as it seems ages since I last did one (although it probably wasn't as long ago as I think). If you haven't already had a look at Severina's blog I highly recommend you have a browse (after reading this post ;)) as it's so cute and positive and, not to mention, features a lot of pink which makes me very happy. She's also a lovely person in general and is always building up other bloggers which I think is such a great thing to do.

Severina's questions:

1. What skin type do you have?
If I'm honest, I'm not 100% sure about this one as it used to be dry but for the past six months or so, has been prone to breakouts on my T-zone so I believe it is combination with an oily T-Zone and dry to very dry cheeks, at least for the time being. 

2. What brand do you use for skincare and why?
I've always liked using Simple, particularly for moisturiser as it is the best thing for keeping my skin hydrated and soft, recently I've started using Clean&Clear to cleanse and tone which seems to be helping a little bit and I own the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I also like to use but it is a lot more expensive and not something I can afford to replace every month which seems to be more or less how long it lasts. 

3. Do you exfoliate?
I use an exfoliating cleanser on my face but I only exfoliate my body a couple of times a month as I forget! 

4. Do you use fake eyelashes, why?
Not regularly, I like them for special occasions and I recently bought another, slightly more natural pair for daily wear (although I don't plan to wear them everyday). I tried them for the first time the other day and whilst I liked the look they gave my eyes, they didn't seem to make a MASSIVE difference to my trusty L'Oreal mascara so it didn't quite seem worth all of the effort. I would really like to give Fleur Loves 3/4 lashes a try though.

5. Benefit or Too Faced?
I have never tried anything from Too Faced so I'm going to have to go with Benefit. I own a couple of Benefit products and love them all, although most were presents and I think they're a bit expensive for me to buy myself as often as I do drugstore makeup.

6. What are your go to makeup tools?
I love a good beauty blender or the cheaper versions as it makes applying foundation and blending concealer easy and effective. I also love real techniques brushes and the eyeshadow brush that comes with most Urban Decay palettes as it's very good at applying and blending eyeshadows.

7. What's your favourite mascara?
I can not emphasise enough how much I love L'Oreal's Superstar False Lash mascara, it does everything I want from a mascara- it makes my lashes look longer, darker and more volumised so that they look like natural falsies without the effort of gluing natural false lashes to my eyes. 

8. All time favourite makeup brand?
This is tricky as I love several different brands for different things but if I had to pick one, I'd say L'Oreal as I don't have loads from their brand but the things I do have, I love a lot!

I tag:
To answer these questions:
Which beauty brand or product is worth the hype?
Which beauty brand or product is not worth the hype?
What kind of foundation coverage do you prefer?
Which foundation is your favourite?
What type of product do you buy the most of?
Who is your beauty icon?
Who is your favourite beauty blogger or YouTuber?
Which do you apply first, foundation or concealer?

Thank you for tagging me Severina and thank you to everybody else for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you answer my questions, leave me a link to the post below or let me know when you've done it and I can have a read. 

Love, Steph x

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