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Twelve is not your typical number for a 'Top...' post but I have a lot of favourite movies across a range of genres so today I thought I'd share my ultimate movie picks with you and 12 was the smallest number I could get it down to.

'Chick Flick'

The Proposal- When people ask my one favourite film, I tend to say The Proposal as I have watched it so many times and still find it thoroughly entertaining. I laugh at so many moments in the film, cry near the end and could probably quote the entire film. It also has two of my favourite actors in: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as well as a load of other great actors. I love how lighthearted it is and how easy it is to watch.
Bride Wars- Another film that's really easy to watch and has some of my favourite actors in. It contains some brilliant one liners and pranks or revenge schemes carried out by the two brides. I also love seeing the wedding dress and planning in general.
Wild Child- This is a classic! There aren't many young women I know that haven't seen the film and for good reason. It's got a great deal of wit and sass which I love and the characters, whilst irritating at times, are lovable and easy to watch.
The Last Song- This film is so emotional and beautiful! Starring Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear, the film is bound to be good. It has such a sweet, emotional story. It's one of my go to films when I'm in the mood for a sad film or in the mood to cry (does anyone else ever pick a film for that reason?) and actually made me cry so much that I got a nose bleed the first time I watched it- sorry probably TMI there?! Either way, I highly recommend watching this film if you've not seen it yet.
Pitch Perfect (2)- As a big fan of the first film, I was excited for the sequel but didn't expect it to be as good as the first... I was wrong! It's funnier, the plot is great, the cast is brilliant and the music is amazing! The only thing that puts me off is the over exaggerated German accent, particularly during the songs as no one I know from Germany sings like they are shown to sing in the film.


Inside Out- This beautiful film is suitable for anybody! It's perfect for kids but also has a lot of humour and information that you would miss as a child but lap up as an adult. I think it is an extremely clever film, it makes you think and subconsciously shows younger viewers that all the different emotions are okay, particularly periods of depression which I think would help comfort an inform people as they get a bit older.
Hannah Montana Movie- This is one of my guilty pleasures and also one of my go to films. If I don't know what to watch, I'll often put this film on as it's very lighthearted, entertaining, nostalgic and has some fab songs.


Maze Runner- The first film in this series is brilliant and contains a lot of excitement, action and drama but the second film is even better! It combines so many different elements and works. I am very much looking forward to The Death Cure and would love to read the books which I do own but haven't got round to reading as of yet.
The Hunger Games- I loved the books and the films were no different. With incredible actors and acting, the story is captivating. I am gutted that the series is over and find myself getting very emotional at the last film. Whilst I love the last film, I felt like it was a bit rushed and too much was crammed in to the second part whereas if it had ended a bit later in the first part, I think the final film would have benefit from having more time to make some of the events seem more significant. My favourite is probably Catching Fire but I do enjoy them all.
Final Destination- The actual acting and special effects in these films are pretty terrible at times but I love the idea behind them. The whole not escaping death and dying in the order you're meant to creeps me out a lot but also fascinates me. I had to put this film in my favourites for the plot and idea behind them even if the films in the series are very similar to one another and aren't that great films in general.

Action Comedy

Kingsman The Secret Service- I didn't expect to like this film as much as I did but it is brilliant and hilarious. It doesn't take itself too seriously and kind of honours spy films rather than trying to be a new James Bond... or that's how I see it. Colin Firth is great in the film but Taron Egerton steals the show. He is a brilliant actor to be able to change his character so much within the film but then also create a totally new character for Eddie The Eagle and excel in that too.
22 Jump Street- I laughed so hard at this film in the cinema and still laugh a lot now after multiple viewings. Again, I enjoyed the first film but for me this is in a whole new league. It has some brilliant and hilarious scenes. I particularly love the 'tripping' scene, the 'my name's Jeff' scene and the 'daughter realisation' scene- you'll know exactly what I mean if you've seen it and if you haven't, why not?

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Love, Steph x


  1. Wow, you watch a lot of movies! Personally, I LOVE chick flicks! My favourites are Wild Child, as you mentioned, Pitch Perfect (I think I prefer the first one, but I've only seen the second one once), Bridesmaides, and then Mean Girls and John Tucker must die. I also really like Inside Out, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was!

    I just did a post about confidence and selflove, if you're interested!

    1. Yeah, I love watching movies and tv shows! I think my ultimate favourite genre is 'chick flick' or 'romcom'. I do like Bridesmaids but it's not one of I've really loved watching, although I think I've only seen it once or twice. I've also never seen John Tucker must die, I might have to check that out. Oh that post topic sounds great, I'm going to have a read of it now :) x


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