TickPick had this great Faux-Chella, where people create their dream festival lineup and upload a blog post centered around it. TickPick is an American site (sorry to any readers from elsewhere in the world but you can still enjoy the rest of the blog post which is not limited to American readers) for fans to buy and sell tickets to various events such as concert tickets, NFL tickets and more.

I absolutely love concerts in fact, they are one of my favourite things, so I have thought about my dream festival lineup on many occasions. The only problem is, the lineup could fill a notebook. As I didn't want to ramble on about an abundance of artists (plus anymore on the poster would have overdone it!), I've tried to limit my list as much as possible.

The Lineup:

5 Seconds Of Summer- Despite the fact I've seen 5SOS live twice, I would HAVE to include them in my dream lineup as they are one of my favourite bands, their music is insanely good and when they put on a show, they put on a darn good one! I also think the likes of She Looks So Perfect, Don't Stop and Disconnected would be particularly great to enjoy in the sun. (Yes, I have guaranteed sunny weather at this concert!)
Shawn Mendes- Shawn Mendes has an insanely good voice and I've enjoyed listening to it for near enough two years but have yet to see him perform live as he hasn't done a show near where I live (to my knowledge)! I would love to see him perform live, especially if he were to sing A Little Too Much and the acoustic version of Life Of The Party, but any of his songs would be incredible!
Panic!At The Disco- Panic! is another artist I haven't seen live but would love to one day. I love the latest album: Death Of A Bachelor and would thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the tracks performed live. If he could sit at the piano and sing the piano version of This Is Gospel, it would be heavenly!
Meghan Trainor- As I've mentioned in a number of blog posts, especially recently, I love Meghan Trainor and find her songs catchy, empowering, uplifting and just incredible really- I've listened to both albums multiple times and still love the songs. She has some particularly great songs, lyrically, on the last album.
Little Mix- I saw Little Mix at Alton Towers Live in 2013 but I didn't get to see them properly as there was a massive queue for the drinks and food during the break so we didn't get back to our spot in time and instead watched from near the back, which was still a good view but not as good as where we were situated originally. I then bought tickets to see them this year but ended up not being able to go as I was on holiday with my best friend. Therefore, I would love to see them properly and my dream festival would be the perfect place (although any real life opportunities would probably be even better... oh well, a girl can dream). I love every single one of their songs and was a massive fan of Get Weird, their latest album.
Union J-  Surely you all know by now, just how much I love Union J. They are up their with my favourites and even though the group lineup has changed a bit this year, I'm looking forward to seeing what their future holds and a great place to hear their new music would be at my Faux-Chella festival.
Lukas Graham- I'm pretty sure you will have heard 7 Years by Lukas Graham and maybe a few other hits and if so, you probably won't be surprised to see them in my Faux-Chella lineup. The album is great with so many brilliant tunes, especially as the lyrics really paint a story and have a lot of emotion behind them. I would love to listen to Better Than Yourself live in particular: I think it would be amazing to see the emotion put into the performance.
Jason Derulo-I never see Jason as a favourite but whenever I listen to his songs on my iPod, I realise how much I enjoy his music and have no doubts in my mind that he would get a crowd moving with his many dance hits.
The Vamps- I had to include these in here as they are another band I love to listen to and after seeing them perform live a couple of times, I know that they would be great at performing and getting the crowd moving in the gorgeous, sunny, festival weather.
Nathan Sykes- If I could put The Wanted on this list, I would do but that would require some extra dreaming and is slightly too unrealistic (she says typing out a dream Faux-Chella lineup :P). Anyway, I'd still love Nathan Sykes to perform as I missed out on seeing him at the Little Mix tour as well and would love to see him hold the stage as a solo artist. He has an insane voice and a variety of styles of songs that I'm sure would accommodate everyone.

I must admit, after seeing the poster and writing this post, I desperately wish it were true as it would be a perfect event! There were a number of artists I wanted to include in the lineup but there were only so many artists I could fit on the poster so I tried to pick my ultimate dream festival lineup.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Who would be in your dream Faux-Chella lineup? Let me know what you thought in the comments. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, you can follow my various social media links to see when I next upload.

Love, Steph x


  1. This is so cool, and such a cool idea! How do you get such cool brand-deals?? I've seen 5SOS before, but I§d love to see them again, and although I don't regularly listen to the other artists here, I'm sure I'd enjoy seeing them live! My dream Faux-chella lineup would have to include fall out boy, ed sheeran, all time low, adele and taylor swift, although I'm not quite sure how well they'd all go together!


    1. If I'm honest, I don't really know how it works, I've just had a couple contact me about projects they're doing and seeing if I want to join in. I can't believe I forgot Fall Out Boy- they are one of the acts I most want to see and I don't know what made me forget to include them! I also love all of the others you listed and did actually consider putting every single one of them in but I had too many artists and they weren't as high on my priority list as the others. x


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