June Favourites 2016

Before I get into my June Favourites, I wanted to let you know, in case you missed my last post, that I started a YouTube channel (eek) so if you want to head over and give it a watch, you can do so here. At the moment I have two videos uploaded and my aim is to upload two blog posts a week on a Tuesday and Friday and a YouTube video on a Wednesday so any love you can go and show it would be greatly appreciated.


Collection Glitter Gel Eye Liner- I have yet to use one of these as an eyeliner but I love the look it creates when I use it on top of or instead of eyeshadow, all over the lid. It gives a bit of oomph to an eye look and looks so glittery and pretty! It also stays on really well but can also be rubbed off easily at the end of the day- I don't recommend rubbing your eyes though as you do end up with glitter down your face. For the very affordable price, I cannot recommend these enough.
Tesco Ventilated Shoe Liner Socks- This is a random thing to put in a favourites post but I love them so damn much that I couldn't not mention them. I don't like wearing shoes without socks (apart from sandals and other similar shoes) but I also have a fair few pairs of shoes that are difficult to wear socks with. To combat this, I like to wear hoe liners and the ones I've tried in the past always fall down as I walk. Not these! They are so soft and comfortable, they're breathable and they don't fall down! If you are looking for some socks of this style, I highly recommend checking Tesco's options out. I must be one of the only people to ramble on about socks!


Catfish Film and TV Show- In true Steph style, I have become hooked to this TV show. I saw Gabbie mention an episode of Catfish in her May Favourites, which was a slightly different story line because it had a supernatural element. This detail caught my attention as I find these things really interesting and so I gave the episode a watch. I found it so interesting and entertaining and really wanted to watch the rest of series five, which of course I did. After finishing it, I went back to the start and gave the film a watch and after loving that, I watched series one and two and am now watching the third. I really like the way Nev and Max host the show and how they deal with the stuff and the people involved. It's not a TV show I ever thought I would get addicted to and would watch back to back episodes of but it's so intriguing and interesting that I just find myself craving more episodes. Once I saw the film and watched Nev go through a Catfish situation himself, it made me love both him and the show even more, knowing he could relate to people and was able to help them work out the situation.
Kian Lawley & JC Caylen- I mentioned in my YouTube addiction post (here) that when I have a stressful time period or have a bad time, I turn to YouTube to make me smile and make me forget stuff for a while. In doing so, I become dependent on YouTube and specific YouTubers. This month, the two people I watched most and relied on most were Kian and JC both as individual channels and their collab channel. I used to watch some of their videos individually and as part of O2L back in 2013 and for some reason (I don't remember what that reason was), I stopped, so when they came up in my recommendations, I thought I'd give them a watch again and I loved it. I especially love their collab channel and have watched all of the videos uploaded so far. I highly recommend checking it out yourself. I would definitely suggest you give this video a watch, if you haven't already seen it, as it is a collab with Cameron Dallas and shows what happened with the police/arrested incident which is actually really interesting to watch, they also did another video explaining the situation here. Cameron also uploaded a video explaining the situation here if you're interested in that as well. All in all, their videos make me laugh and smile a lot, so if you're looking for some entertainment, this could be worth checking out.


Primark Homeware- We all know by now that I love Primark and I've featured it in multiple monthly favourites in the past, but this month I want to be more specific and feature Primark Homeware. I love buying homeware and have enjoyed picking things out for my university room. I've found many shops great for picking up bargains but Primark has been my favourite overall as it has so many adorable bits and bobs for my bedroom at really affordable prices. Each time I go in, I like to browse the homeware section and often pick something up. If you're interested in seeing the things I've got so far, I will be uploading a YouTube video on it in the next few weeks ;)
Finishing College- Although I'm going to miss people at college, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and definitely felt ready for a break before starting the next step in my life. I'm going to try and make the most of my three months or so I have off and plan to do plenty that I genuinely want to do, including putting more time into blogging and YouTube. With finishing college, came Sixth Form prom which was a fun evening spent with some people that I probably won't see much of in the future. I will be uploading a post on my Prom evening which should go up next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I don't seem to have had as many new favourites this month as I've spent a lot of my time revising and haven't bought many new makeup items for a while (or if I have, I haven't properly tried them out yet) but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. If you like what you read, feel free to check out my links to be notified when I next upload. Thank you for reading this post.

Love, Steph x

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