Current Music Favourites- Winter 2016

I recently signed up to Apple Music and I have no idea why I didn't before! For £4.99 a month (student price), I can access all the music I desire, for a one off listen or to download to my music library. As a big music lover, I spend so much on singles and albums that I realised I would have spent probably £20-30 this month if I'd have downloaded all that I wanted to download, which I wasn't prepared to do. Thankfully, it dawned on me to look into the Apple Music Subscription and I'm so happy I did. It's enabled me to listen to everything I want to and have yet to search for something and not be able to access it. I realise this sounds like an advertisement or a sponsorship (I wish!) but it is simply my thoughts on the subscriptions and why I highly recommend it to you, especially if you can get the student price (through UniDays).

Since purchasing Apple Music, I've been enjoying a lot of great singles and albums, so I thought it might be nice to share my favourites with you for you to possibly discover new music or to inspire you to add to your Christmas list or your list of gift ideas for someone else.
Illuminate by Shawn Mendes- I've mentioned this in a favourites already but I've enjoyed listening to Shawn's new album ever since it was released. My favourites include Hold On, Patience and Lights On but I love all of the tracks on the album as is the same with all of Shawn's music
Soldier by George Shelley- I look forward to Sunday's, knowing there will be a new track by George Shelley to listen to and watch. 360 was good but not my favourite song whereas Soldier, I've listened to a lot and really enjoy. The lyrics are beautiful and he sounds really raw (in a good way) which makes the track unique. The two singles so far have been in a different direction and style to what I expected but I enjoy them all the same.
Glory Days by Little Mix- After the release of Shoutout To My Ex, I had high expectations for the Glory Days album and it did not disappoint. Another album full of amazing tracks that makes picking a favourite very difficult however, the few I find myself craving a listen to most and absolutely adore are Power, FU and Touch (acoustic).
Unfinished Business by Nathan Sykes- Famous is such a great song to belt out and give your all so that's been my favourite track off the album to listen to. However, there are some other brilliant songs as well such as Burn Me Down and Money but I'm looking forward to giving it a proper listen next week when I'm not in uni as much.
Back From The Edge by James Arthur- James always produces some great songs with quite deep, sometimes dark and emotional lyrics, which I really enjoy listening to. On this album, I'm particularly fond of Safe Inside.
On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter- I have Daniela Pires to thank for this one as she mentioned it in a recent video and I've listened to it so many times since. As far as I'm aware, I've never listened to Sabrina's music before but after enjoying this track, I'll no doubt be listening to more in the future.
When You Love Someone by James TW- This is such a sweet and beautiful song lyrically and vocally.
Ain't Giving Up by Craig David- I'm not a huge fan of Craig David normally but I have really enjoyed listening to this song, which reminds me a lot of nineties or noughties music and I'm not entirely sure why but I love it!
I've also really loved the following singles, all of which are great to singalong to whether they're upbeat or a much slower track...
  • So Good by Louisa Johnson
  • Rockabye by Clean Bandit
  • All Night by The Vamps and Matoma
  • Alarm by Anne-Marie
  • Truthfully by DNCE
  • Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
  • Sucker For Pain by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Ty Dolla Sign and Logic 
What music have you been enjoying recently? I'm always interested in discovering new music. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did and want to read more, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload. Thanks for reading this post.

Love, Steph x

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