Louise Live DVD Review

I recently purchased Louise Live and although my expectations were high, the DVD soared past them, leaving me no choice but to rave about the show in a blog post.

I really wanted to go and see Louise Live but unfortunately, I was abroad when the tickets went on sale and was unable to connect to the ticket site, meaning luck wasn't on my side and I couldn't get tickets as they had gone by the time I got home and could try again (the same thing happened with Dan and Phil except I had no wifi at all so couldn't even try urghhhh)! Therefore, you can probably imagine how happy I was to hear that Louise was going to film her London show for a DVD.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and I'd happily take a dose of Louise Live every time I'm run down or unwell. Curled up in bed, having an early night after a few days of illness, the DVD was a nice little treat to enjoy. It had me in fits of laughter 80% of the time and in tears the other 20%, as she presented her section on Body Confidence. The section highlights to everyone how common feelings of low self-confidence or even disgust in one's appearance actually are, which is both reassuring and heartbreaking. It really puts things into perspective when you see a room full of beautiful people, all raising their hand as a sign that they hate something or somethings about their body and have at some point in the past year, looked in a mirror and thought they looked disgusting. It saddens me hugely to see just how many people feel crap about themselves and have something as insignificant as the appearance of their stomach or the size of their legs, play such a key role in their happiness and how they view themselves. As I write this, I realise that I have used the third person a lot but the reality is, I too share the same thoughts as I'm sure many of you reading this do too and that fact sucks even more. I try as hard as I can to be an advocate for body confidence and self-love but realistically, I'm no better at it than the majority of people, even though I know it isn't worth it. As Louise shows in the DVD, we're so cruel to ourselves but would never say or even think the same things about another person in the street. The way that she handles and discusses the topic is amazing and something that I think everyone needs to watch so if you only get the DVD for this section, it's worth the money! (Although the rest is equally as amazing in other ways).

Moving on from the ramble about body confidence, (which I could discuss in a lot more detail but I'll save that for another time) the rest of the DVD is full of hilarious anecdotes and jokes. I love Louise's sense of humour and find the way she tells her stories to be brilliant. I also love her quick wit when talking to members of the audience, which just adds extra humour and entertainment to the show. Personally, I adore the whole show but my favourite moments are the bin wars, her reaction to the Noah's Ark comment and the RelationTips section, although many other moments made me laugh a heck of a lot too! I'm sure it will be a DVD I come back to time and time again. I am also determined to get tickets to any future shows she may do, if she does anymore (please do some more Louise!), although maybe a few rows back to try and avoid audience participation.
Overall, I think the DVD is brilliant and hilarious for anyone, whether you're an avid watcher of Louise's videos or you've never come across her before. Although, I think it suits an older audience a bit better, so if she were to do another one in the future, I think she could explore it further by putting a higher age restriction on it. If you're interested in purchasing the DVD,  you can do so here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did and you want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload. I also uploaded a 'What I Got For My Birthday' video today, so you can find that video here if you're interested. Sorry that I missed uploads last week, I had a busy week with university and when I wasn't at uni, I wanted to make the most of the time I had with Runa, who I get to see once or twice a year at most.

Thank you for reading this post. Let me know what you thought of Louise Live if you've seen it either live or on DVD like myself.

Love, Steph x

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