Boutique Of Molly Review: 'Venice' and 'Moscow'

When purchasing my 'Nancy' top last week (review here), I also purchased a new bag from Boutique Of Molly. The company also kindly sent me the matching purse, which I think makes an outfit that little bit more pulled together.

I really like the chequered pattern of the brown and black, neutral shades, which makes it a nice accessory with any outfit. Brown and black always compliment an outfit individually so the two together is no different.
The purse is a good size with two main compartments and a removable strap. I'd even consider taking just the purse with the strap out for the evening as a sort of clutch bag as I think I could fit my phone, money and essentials in, and I believe it would make a nice accessory. It has room for cards, a separate zip pocket for cash and plenty of room for my receipts that often pile up until I go through them! The zips have a heart shaped hole in, which is such a simple feature but one that that I think looks really pretty.
The barrel shape and medium to large size makes it easy to carry everything you'd need for a day out. It wouldn't quite be big enough for a college/uni bag as I don't think you could fit a folder in but if you only need a few bits and bobs that are a bit smaller, I'm sure it could be an option. I'm yet to try my MacBook in there but if that fits, it will make things a lot easier.

The zip on the outside of the bag is really useful for keeping items like my phone and lip salve in which I need to hand quite quickly. Therefore, it keeps things separate from the other items, preventing them from getting muddled and easy to access whenever I need them.
Inside is a section done up by a zip to help keep things separate and neat in your bag. Along the other side of the bag is a section to keep things separate but without a fastening as can be found in many a bag.
It has two handles that fit nicely in the elbow joint or your hands well, making it comfortable and pretty to wear. It also comes with a strap that can be removed or added to the bag as you please. Personally, I prefer it without the strap but I think the strap might come in handy when wearing it on my shoulder if it's heavier or needs to be carried around for longer. At least this way, I can pick and choose as I like.
I've already been using this bag every day this week so I'm sure it will get its fair share of use!

You can find the bag here, the purse here or you can have a browse of the store here.

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Love, Steph x

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