Sidmouth: Saying Goodbye

'Families are like the stalks of a flower, they grow in different directions yet the root remains one.'

A fortnight ago, my family and I spent the weekend in Sidmouth over my grandparent's wedding anniversary. In a town like a home away from home for them, where they spent a lot of time throughout their lives, impacting on the lives of the generations below. For me, it was the first time I'd been to Sidmouth at an age I could remember, so it was lovely to explore the town so familiar by name but new to my memory and experiences. Being able to see where my grandparent's flat was, where my cousins spent their days with grandma and grandad and even where my grandad had his last meal was an interesting, exciting and sad experience.
The Saturday was spent visiting the town and enjoying a nosey into the beautiful shops, before tucking into a delicious meal. Sat together, it was nice to enjoy the company and the atmosphere despite the sad but warming reason we were all together. We shared a lot of laughs like normal and made the most of our evening in the hotel, keeping the bar open a little too long... but it was a fun and funny night that I know helped make the weekend what it was.

On the Sunday, we were able to spread both my grandma and grandad's ashes on the top of Jacob's ladder, looking over the sea. Setting them free to fly and to return to us. After four years apart, they were reunited in time for my grandad's birthday and were set free together for their anniversary.
I hope they are happy to be back together and in a place so close to their hearts. I know they will remain with us, a part of our lives- the good and the bad times even though they cannot attend in person. As we all gather for Christmas, Easter, for future milestones and any other occasion, they will be dearly missed but we will be able to cherish the moments we did share and prepare to make new ones with a loving family that they created and maintained. So close to one another and always there to share moments with, the family would not be the same without their influence and we shall continue to be a tight knit family with grandma and grandad there in our hearts.
To say an 'official' goodbye is never easy but to feel as though they are free to fly and to share the moment as the children and grandchildren, is a moment I'm sure we will all cherish. Thank you to everyone who made the weekend what it was.

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Love, Steph x

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