Boutique Of Molly Review: 'Bruges'

My collection of Boutique Of Molly Bags is growing, and will probably continue to do so, but my most recent purchase is probably my favourite so far.

'Bruges' is a staple black bag for everyday use. The size makes it an ideal accessory for both complimenting an outfit and carrying everything you need that day.
I really like the gold, twist clasp on the outer face of the bag but particularly like the zip closing the flap off from the interior. It's reassuring to know you have both closures stopping others from accessing the contents of the bag so that if someone were to try and steal from you, they're less likely to be able to do so unnoticed!
It has two main compartments, separated by a zip pocket as well as two other zip pockets on both the inside and outside of the back of the bag. With so many compartments, it's easy to store everything in a neat, organised manner (I may not successfully do so... but I try!)
It comes with a removable shoulder strap as well as the regular handles so it's easy to adapt to your outfit and/or your plans for that day.

The faux leather design, feels sturdy and for £45 (or £36 if you use the code 'STEPH20') it feels like a high quality handbag.

You can have a look at BOM website here, browse their bags and purses here or get your hands on the 'Bruges' bag here. They are UK based but ship internationally. If you are interested in making a purchase, don't forget to use the code 'STEPH20' to get 20% off.

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Love, Steph x

YouTube Love... The Smaller Channels

Since starting my YouTube channel last year, I have discovered a lot more smaller channels, many of which are now some of my favourite channels to watch!

Once I discover a smaller channel that I really like, I try to be as active and watch their videos as regularly as I can as I know myself what it's like to make content for a smaller audience and how much comments, likes and views help make it all seem worthwhile and put a smile on your face. As a result, I wanted to dedicate today's post to my favourite smaller YouTube channels (under 5000), so I hope you'll go and show them some love too.

Cally Brooks: If you watched our collab a while ago, you may recognise Cally's channel. She has a variety of videos but heavily features fashion and beauty. I love to see the items she features in her hauls and her makeup tutorials always look amazing!
Keys To The Kingdom- Tatenda: Tatenda is new to YouTube but from his confidence and personality in his first video, you wouldn't know. The YouTube channel is an extension from his blog and discusses his experiences with religion, encouraging people to make it an important part of their lives. As a very nonreligious person, I find it interesting to see how religion impacts his life and see the strength in his belief, which is an experience very different from my own. He has such an infectious personality, which comes across in his video and will continue to do so, I'm sure. (I also think he'd make great reaction videos but that doesn't really fit the channel's theme at the moment!)
Kim Dee: Kim and I uploaded a collab on both of our channels the other day, which make me laugh a lot! I've included the Accent Challenge (FAIL) that we did on my channel for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to. I love the friendly, chatty approach Kim takes to her videos and the diverse topics mean I don't know what's coming next but I know I'm going to enjoy it. She's able to discuss a variety of topics and make a number of different videos but I could definitely see her being good at 'storytimes', which is something not everyone is able to do (myself included).
Klaudia Szewczyk: Klaudia's editing is always on point! I love the sleek, professional design that flows throughout her channel. I still can't get over the incredible editing in her 2016 review and 2017 revolutions video, which involved a montage of clips from throughout 2016. I'd love to be able to edit something to that standard and definitely need to practise a while until I get to that point! I really enjoy both her main videos and her vlogs, which she's started doing more of, so I recommend watching both types of video.
Pretty Blended- Dominique: Dom makes me laugh a lot in her videos! Whether it's a challenge or a spoof, her personality shines through and it's hard not to smile and laugh along. She seems like a lovely person that I'd get on really well with and would spend a lot of time laughing with (the best types of people), which I think is down to the friendly, approachable style of her videos.
TheKingBeth: Beth covers some really important topics that I admire her for doing. I think it's great that she shares her experiences and advice regarding mental health, which no doubt, helps a number of viewers. I like hearing about her uni experiences as well as watching a variety of other videos such as hauls and opinion videos.

Do you have any smaller channels that you recommend? Or maybe you have a YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments, so I can check them out! Don't forget to check out these channels and show them some love! I hope you find some new ones to enjoy. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner or subscribe to my channel here. Thank you for reading this post.

Love, Steph x

Should your audience change your content?

The internet is a weird place... generally, it's the one area that you prefer to share with strangers than those you know in real life. Obviously this varies from person to person and platform to platform but I for one, feel much more comfortable knowing someone I don't know is watching my videos or reading my blog than someone close to me.

As more people I know in person mention the fact they've read my blog, it makes me more aware of the information I'm sharing. My blog is often my place to ramble about whatever is on my mind, be it positive, negative or indifferent and knowing my family or friends are going to be reading the post does make me more inclined to censor myself and limit what sort of topics I talk about or how in depth I go.

I've definitely not held back about my emotions throughout university, which I think is great for myself to look back on and see how it changes, as well as being upfront to see if anyone else has similar experiences and to reassure those that feel alone that they aren't and hopefully, show how it improves.

It can be quite therapeutic to talk through your emotions and express how you're feeling with no one person watching you as you do so, making awkward eye contact and feeling obliged to comment in an attempt to help. I am terrible at discussing touchy-feely stuff- I can listen and help others as much as possible but I close up when it comes to the things going on in my own head. Somehow, typing it out is a lot easier, whether it gets published or just stays in my notes. However, facing the people who may have read the post is then a little difficult... a weird situation.
This is not to say I don't want family and friends reading my blog or that they should feel uncomfortable or unwelcome to do so, it's open to anyone and it's lovely to receive so much support, which I really wouldn't want to change. It's just an issue that's played on my mind a bit recently as I've considered sharing certain posts and opinions. I guess I have to find a balance and make sure I'm comfortable with everything I'm sharing. Ultimately, it's the approach that should be taken on all social media platforms with anyone, if I wouldn't want someone I know well reading it, then it probably isn't appropriate to be putting out to rest of the world.

I hope this ramble has made some sense to you and that you enjoyed or can possibly relate to this post. If you did and want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload. Thank you for reading this post.

Love Steph x
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