Boutique Of Molly Review: 'Bruges'

My collection of Boutique Of Molly Bags is growing, and will probably continue to do so, but my most recent purchase is probably my favourite so far.

'Bruges' is a staple black bag for everyday use. The size makes it an ideal accessory for both complimenting an outfit and carrying everything you need that day.
I really like the gold, twist clasp on the outer face of the bag but particularly like the zip closing the flap off from the interior. It's reassuring to know you have both closures stopping others from accessing the contents of the bag so that if someone were to try and steal from you, they're less likely to be able to do so unnoticed!
It has two main compartments, separated by a zip pocket as well as two other zip pockets on both the inside and outside of the back of the bag. With so many compartments, it's easy to store everything in a neat, organised manner (I may not successfully do so... but I try!)
It comes with a removable shoulder strap as well as the regular handles so it's easy to adapt to your outfit and/or your plans for that day.

The faux leather design, feels sturdy and for £45 (or £36 if you use the code 'STEPH20') it feels like a high quality handbag.

You can have a look at BOM website here, browse their bags and purses here or get your hands on the 'Bruges' bag here. They are UK based but ship internationally. If you are interested in making a purchase, don't forget to use the code 'STEPH20' to get 20% off.

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Love, Steph x

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