'Blossom and Blush': Spring Fashion & Boutique Of Molly Review

With Spring officially here, if you haven't heard that enough yet, hopefully the warmer weather is right round the corner. Time to put away the woolly gloves, thick jumpers and boots for another year, ready to say a warm 'hello' to the light jackets, open toed shoes and strappy tops.

As a tall, long armed person, Spring and Summer gives a lot more freedom and choice when it comes to fashion... no longer restricted by the not-quite-long-enough-sleeves that have to be passed off as three-quarter or stretched to reach the wrist!
So many gorgeous Spring/Summer items are available in stores at the moment, many of which can be found in the budget friendly, Primark! As expected, a small look around the store ended with a hefty receipt and very full wardrobe. You can watch my Spring Try On Primark Haul here or below to nosey through the items I picked up as well as seeing them on.
One outfit I am particularly looking forward to wearing throughout Spring and Summer is this 'Blossom and Blush', which is a great, stylish way to attend a variety of places for a variety of purposes. The pale blue jeans with the rolled up legs are a great way to style an outfit when it's not as warm as it could be (hello English weather). Meanwhile, the floral pink top, brightens up the outfit, making a statement, whilst the pink jacket keeps things light and free, taking the chill off, all whilst looking pretty. It can easily be styled with a variety of accessories, such as the choker in the photos and wouldn't be complete without the elegant, white handbag!
Outfit Details
Pink Floral Cami Top £4 Primark
Belt Primark
Tall High Waisted Blue Jeans New Look
Pink Sandals Tall Girls
Choker (Pack) £3 Primark
As always, the Boutique of Molly handbag is of high quality and in my opinion, looks more expensive than its price tag. It's a nice size for a small bag, that's easy to carry around but fits in all you need. With a flap separating the two main compartments as well as a zip on the inside and a handy pocket on the exterior. I love the gold clasp design as well as the gold chain detailing as part of the handle, which looks beautiful with the white quilted design. Overall, it's a great addition to my bag collection and will make a nice change from my usual black bag preferences. 
Unfortunately, the 'Monaco' bag is currently out of stock but you can browse Boutique of Molly here and see what other bags they have to offer here. If you want to get your hands on anything, you can use this discount code: 'STEPH20' to get 20% off.
I'll definitely be taking this outfit with me to Amsterdam, so if you follow my Instagram, you'll probably see some photos of me in it there, as well as it being featured in a vlog. You'll also be able to see photos with the outfit details, so make sure you check those out.
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Love, Steph x

Recent Reads: Books To Check Out

Reading is easily one of my favourite pastimes and although I don't have a great deal of time to do it regularly, I have been on quite a good roll in 2017 so far and have enjoyed reading a number of books. Today's post is dedicated to these books with a bit of a review of each, for anyone looking for a new read or interested in hearing about some novels out there.
After The Crash by Michel Bussi- This book was a more difficult read as it had a lot of more complex or challenging language. Michel Bussi is a french author so those influences were evident throughout the novel, making it more difficult to follow at times but was a bonus for me, trying to pronounce various names and locations in order to practise my french. The story itself was not how I imagined it to be based on the blurb and in my opinion, took a long time to get to the interesting parts through the longwinded storytelling, which I believe was deliberate due to the character portrayal of the Inspector but it did make it less engaging. I thought the ending/reveal was interesting and a nice way to end the book although I don't think it was much of a shock or plot twist for me personally. As a thriller, it does make a good novel and could be enjoyed by many, particularly an older audience, but it didn't really do it for me.
Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg- The latest instalment of Penny's life is as intriguing and entertaining as the first two. The trilogy is an easy, light-hearted read, great to pick up to escape for a little while when life's a little stressful or just as a bit of enjoyment. I always get through them quickly and found myself left wondering where life would take Penny next. Although it's probably aimed at a slightly younger audience than myself, I think it could appeal to a fairly wide audience and can be enjoyed by many.
Good Girls by Sara Shepherd- Throughout this book, I found myself enjoying the story and intrigued by the plot, if a little confused at times, but it was the ending that blew my mind! It had an incredible plot twist that I won't spoil for anyone wanting to read the book (I recommend doing so) but if anyone has read it, let me know as I'd love to discuss it with someone who knows what I'm on about! I did think it should have ended earlier than it did, rather than setting itself up for another book as that seems like the only reason for the last chapter in my opinion, and I don't see why it needs another book to complete the story. I haven't read the Pretty Little Liars books but love the show and can see a lot of similarities between this series and PLL- including the need to drag out more books/series when it's not necessarily best to.
Mind Your Head by Juno Dawson- I don't often read non-fiction books but as a big fan of Juno Dawson (I recommend her books to any and everyone), I wanted to give this a read. I find mental health to be a really interesting topic and one I'd love to learn more about as it is such an important topic that I think should definitely be covered more widely and in more depth. It's a great book for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about mental health and its importance for someone suffering with mental health related issues, someone wanting to help someone with their mental health and generally anyone else who ought to learn a bit more about it. Covering mental wellbeing as well as more serious mental health issues, it's full of great advice and knowledge about a variety of subtopics. It's written in a humorous way that's easy to understand, without being offensive or belittling to the topic.
All Of The Above by Juno Dawson- I prefer reading Dawson's crime, mystery, horror novels than the chick-lit style books but I do still really enjoy them and this was no different. It covers some important topics in a tactful and intriguing manner and the book certainly makes for an entertaining read full of some brilliant characters. I'd consider it quite an easy read despite some of the topics it highlights, and would be ideal as a holiday book!

I'm currently getting through the pile of books I received for Christmas and am loving doing so, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts like this in the near future. Let me know if you've read any of these, I'd love to hear your opinion, and if you have any recommendations for me, they'd be amazing to hear about in the comments.

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February Favourites 2017

I don't have a great deal new favourites this month but there are a couple that I wanted to share with you. I'd be interested to know if any of you have seen any of the things mentioned in this post and if so, your thoughts on them.

Ice Hockey- Never in a million years did I think I'd be a sports fan and would enjoy watching a sports game but watching the Varsity Ice Hockey last month was one of my highlights of university so far. I loved the excitement and buzz in the atmosphere, the tensions as the puck made it close to a goal, the roars from the crowd... it was all just a fun, exciting experience, made even better by the fact that we won! I'm not so keen on the chants of hate- chant support all you like but I don't like hearing all the insults so much. The game itself is so great to watch and grabbed my attention a thousand times more than any other sport. It's definitely something I'd love to do again, possibly as a regular or semi-regular thing!
Split- Split is such a brilliant film both for its captivating plot and James McAvoy's amazing acting skills! I found the concept fascinating and was gripped from start to finish. Although, I don't think it helps people see the reality of those living with multiple personality disorders and makes them seem more dangerous or criminal than they are. Nevertheless, the idea that they are superior rather than inferior is an interesting one and one worth exploring.
Hidden Figures- I adore this movie, it's such a wonderful story with some incredible actors! I loved seeing an adaptation of NASA's hidden women's stories, which were something I knew little, if anything, about before hand. It was such an inspiring and empowering film, definitely worth a watch!
Grime music is growing on me, which is something I never thought I'd say. I feel like it's been a slow increase in interest throughout February with a sudden hit the last few days. It would be better if I knew all or most of the words so could feel like a boss whilst rapping/singing... whatever it is, away but we'll see if that ever happens. Although, at the same time, I think it could be a short love but lets see how long it sticks around for.
Ed Sheeran Divide- Not technically from February but as my Feb favourites has gone up so late, I want to include this in this post as it is insanely good and has been on repeat since Friday. I adore Supermarket Flowers and will probably find comfort in this song for a really long time... it's lyrically stunning! I also really love Nancy Mulligan and Barcelona, although every track on the album is amazing. It's so varied and shows how talented Ed is in order to successfully create an album full of so many different music styles.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. What have you been loving this month? Any overlaps? Let me know in the comments. If you did enjoy this post and want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload.

Love, Steph x
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