2015 New Year Sales Haul (part two)

Following my latest blog post, here is the second part, featuring the clothes and shoes I bought recently. All of the clothes I purchased were from New Look (online), and were in the sale. I had planned to do a photo shoot of myself wearing the clothes so you could see them better but unfortunately I haven't had chance to, so sorry that the pictures aren't of the best quality or the most accurate representation. Anyway, here goes with the second half...

Tall Khaki Parka: I love this coat, it's light enough to make it suitable for Spring, but it's also warm enough to wear now. The colour means it goes with almost anything and looks great. It has a hood, a crosshatch pattern down the sleeves and drawstrings in the middle to adjust the shape of the coat. I also thought this would go nicely with some of the other things I purchased. I bought this for £15 down from £39.99.

You can find it here

Dark Red Skater Mini Skirt: I love skater skirts and dresses as you will see from the purchases I made which other than the coat, are all skater style. At one time, I had four different skater skirts of different colours and styles and I don't know how many dresses, but two of these got ruined (I can't remember how). Naturally, I had to get a couple more to replace them. I loved the colour of this skirt which is a colour I didn't own before (I have lots of red but not dark red). I see this as more of a Winter colour but I've still got some time to wear it in Winter and, depending on what I wear it with, I think this could still be great to wear in Spring. I bought this for £5 down from £9.99.

You can find it here

Black Scuba Ring Belt Skater Skirt: The second skater skirt I bought was this black one with a Scuba ring belt. Included in the skirts that got ruined, one was my black one. Given that this was only £6 down from £14.99, I figured it was time to get a new black one, which will go with so many different things.

You can find it here

Pale Blue Acid Wash Skater Dress: I wasn't sure about this dress when I saw it on the website, but it looked a great dress for Spring so I figured why not? When I tried all of my purchases on, I loved this one the most. I think this fit my shape best (even though they are all similar styles), and just looked great for now with leggings or tights, or great for Spring and Summer. I can see this being a good dress for any holidays I go on this year, and I'm sure I will get plenty of wear out of it. I bought this for £15 down from £22.99.

You can find it here (now down to £12)

Black Lightweight Houndstooth Skater Dress: This was my favourite purchase after seeing them online and although I liked it once it was delivered and I had tried them on, it was not my favourite. Even so, I think this dress is really cute and great for a day out in Spring or now, and I do really love the pattern. I bought this for £12 down from £22.99.

You can find it here

Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boots: I was a bit reluctant about whether I should keep these shoes because they are quite high for me, as I'm very tall, so don't usually wear heels or if I do, they are small heels but, I loved the way they looked too much not to keep them. They weren't very expensive (£24.99) but they seem as though they'll last. I also thought they'd go very nicely with some of my other purchases, particularly the two dresses. I don't think I will wear them very often but I think when I do, they'll look great.

You can find them here

So that completes the list of things I bought in the January sales this year, I hope you managed to find some great bargains yourself.

Love, Steph x

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