Summer 2015 Wishlist

I thought I'd do a Summer 2015 wishlist today. I've never attempted one of these before so bare with me if it's not the best quality- I also used a new editing site that I've never used before, so this is a post full of firsts I guess.

I haven't included fashion in there because I prefer to look in store for that so it's more difficult to find things I like online (unless it's tall clothing which many shops don't do in store- only online). But anyway, if you do want me to do a Fashion wishlist, let me know in the comments. Also, I just want to apologise for the fact that there are 11 products on there, I've only just realised and I don't have time to go back and edit the photo again, but if you're anything like me it will bug you (especially now I've pointed it out!). I can't stand having things on odd numbers, and it's particularly annoying here where I've done 11 rather than 10 of all numbers. But anyway, I'll stop rambling about numbers now; here are the things I'd love this Summer...

1. Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland (x)
I'm excited to read this book; I love Louise and her videos so I'm sure the book won't disappoint. I had planned to pre-order it but I think I might have to wait a bit until I have some spare money to get this.

2. FCUK Sun-Kissed Bronzing Collection (x)
I currently have an FCUK Bronzer (I don't know what it's called) which I got one Christmas absolutely ages ago but I love it; it's lasted ages; it's high quality and has a good level of pigmentation; it shimmers nicely in the sun; and it's a good shade for my skin tone. Anyway, it's running very low and I looked online for a replacement but I couldn't find the exact one, but this set looks amazing and I'm sure it will be of a similar quality, plus it comes with a highlighter-bonus!

3. Username: Evie by Joe Sugg (x)
Another YouTuber I love, so I'm looking forward to giving this a read when it comes out too.

4. Hand Food by Soap and Glory (x)
I am running very very low on this hand cream but I love it and it is easily my favourite hand cream, so I'd love to buy a replacement. It leaves your hands feeling silky soft, doesn't leave any sticky residue behind and smells amazing.

5. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester (x)
So many YouTuber's books which all pretty much have the same reasoning behind why I want to buy and read them; Love them and their videos so will hopefully love their book.

6. Real Techniques Foundation Brush (x)
I've been wanting to try a Real Techniques Brush for a while now and the one I'd like to try most is this foundation brush because the one I have at the moment doesn't spread it as easily and evenly as I'm hoping this one would.

7. Sugababes Tease (x)
Years ago, I had this perfume and loved it. Recently, I smelt some perfume (on someone passing by) which smelt exactly like this one and I fell in love with it again which made me really want to buy a new bottle.

8. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Pink (x)
I saw Gabby mention this product in her 'Huge Drgustore Haul' video the other day (here) and thought it sounded incredible. My hair has grown quite a lot recently but I think it could still benefit from the use of this product to hopefully help it grow even more and to improve its overall condition.

9. Hello Life by Marcus Butler (x)
This one has exactly the same reason as the other YouTuber's books.

10. Fujifilm 2x 10 Shoots Mini Instax Film Pack (x)
For my last birthday, some of my friends grouped together to buy me a Polaroid camera (Thank you!) which I love but I don't use as often as I should do because I'm always scared I'll run out of film so I figured it's time I bought some more and start using it more regularly because I do love it!

11. Looking For Alaska by John Green (x)
I really want to read this book as I've read The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, Will  Grayson, Will Grayson (I have a review on that for next Friday) and I'm currently reading An Abundance of Katherines, all of which have been amazing and written so well. The other John Green book I've seen and wanted to read was Looking for Alaska, so I'm hoping to get this and give this a read. (Update: since writing this this morning, I have actually bought this (well my Grandma bought it for me) so I'll be able to read this as soon as I've finished An Abundance Of Katherines)

Thank you for reading. Let me know what's on your wishlist!

Love, Steph x

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  1. Omg Steph I can't believe you haven't read Looking for Alaska yet!! It's my favourite! Oh and Real Techniques brushes are fab - I used my friends for a while and then splurged and bought the full face set and eyes set (you see why I never have money? haha!) But yeah, so worth the investment, they're really soft and amazing! xxx

  2. I know right, I'm definitely going to read it as soon as I've finished An Abundance Of Katherines but I've only just started that one so it depends how much time I have to read it as to how long it's going to take. It does look really good though so I can't wait to read it. I can't wait to try the real techniques brushes as well, I just don't know whether to get the foundation brush alone or get a set but this depends on how much money I have anyway- not a lot! I spend things way too quickly as well. xxx

    1. I really love An Abundance of Katherines too, I just thought it was so cleverly written, but I'd never expect anything less from John Green! Looking for Alaska is amazing though, I just love Alaska, she's a really well written character!
      If you have enough money definitely get the set!! You will want the set after trying just one of the brushes, so splurging on the set would be cheaper in the long run :') xxx

  3. Okay, thanks for the tip, I'll definitely consider doing that if I can afford to <3 xxx


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