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The other day, I had a Disney Marathon with one of my friends, which involved us watching: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Aladdin, Pocahontas and then I watched Cinderella, Mulan and Snow White after we had finished. This inspired me to do the Disney Tag...

1. Favourite Princess
Jasmine- she's always been my favourite but I'm not sure why, I just grew attached to her

2. Favourite Prince

3. Favourite Couple
Rapunzel and Flynn

4. Least Favourite Princess
Snow White- I don't really know why, she just gets on my nerves (I could subconsciously be basing it on Once Upon A Time but I re-watched the original Disney film the other day and she irritated me)

5. Least Favourite Prince
Hans- does he count? If not, I don't know.

6. Least Favourite Couple
Snow White and Prince Charming- just because she bugs me so I'm not a fan of the couple either

7. Favourite Dress/Outfit
Belle's golden ball gown or Sleeping Beauty's pink dress at the end

8. Least Favourite Dress/Outfit
Probably Mulan's outfit

9. A Princess Who Inspires You
Mulan; she was very brave and strong and everything she did was for the right reasons

10. Worst Decision Made by a Princess
Anna- to marry someone she just met; it was only ever going to end in disaster!

11. A Villian Who You Feel Was Justified In Their Treatment Of The Prince/Princess
The only one I can justify is Maleficent but that's only if you base it on 'Maleficent' rather than on 'Sleeping Beauty'

12. A Princess Who You Would Like To Trade Places With
Jasmine- she gets to fly on a magic carpet and has a pet Tiger

13. A Princess Whose Life You Would Hate To Have
Mulan- the way women were treated was definitely not something I would want to live through

14. A Princess Who You Think Is A Bad Role Model For Young Girls
Maybe Belle because although she's intelligent and is under-appreciated or seen as 'weird' by the villagers, and the story of beauty coming from within rather than being based on looks is positive, the fact that she returned to and stayed with a man/beast who imprisoned her and showed signs of abusive behaviour, could be damaging for young girls watching it. However I do love Beauty and the Beast, and my second favourite Disney princess is Belle.

15. Favourite Tiara
Probably Cinderella's tiara

16. Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (can include duets)
A Whole New World- Jasmine and Aladdin; it is my all time favourite Disney song (closely followed by Be Our Guest but that's not sung by a Disney Princess)

17. Least Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (can include duets)
I can't pick this one. I love most Disney songs, it just depends on my mood

18. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Best Friends
Belle because I think her personality is most similar to mine so I think we'd get on well

19. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies

I'm going to go with Aurora because I like her overall personality and think we'd get on but at the same time, I think her constant tiredness (I know it's not her fault) would really wind me up.

20. The Princess You Would Openly Hate And Be Enemies With
Snow White because she annoys me the most so might as well make that obvious

21. The Princess You Would Dress As For A Halloween/Costume Party

22. Three Admirable Qualities About The Princess You Named On Question Number Four
She's trusting, hard working and caring.

23. A Princess You Feel Didn't Deserve Her Happy Ending
I don't think any of them didn't deserve their happy ending but I though Pocahontas' ending could have been better- I didn't like that ending.

24. The Happy Ending You Feel Didn't Make Sense/Was Too Easy
A lot of them are quite easy because they meet their 'true love' once and then live happily ever after, after they save them.

25. Favourite Sidekick

26. Most Interesting Story

27. Best Singing Voice

28. Edge Of Your Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting
I don't find it the most exciting, but the moment I am most on the edge of my seat is probably the fighting scene/ avalanche scene in Mulan

29. If You Were A Disney Princess, What Would Your Story Be?
I have no idea

30. What Do You Want To See From The Next Disney Princess?
A strong, intelligent, caring princess who doesn't meet their true love once and get married, I'd also love it if they had a gay or lesbian character as a role model for young children. I'd also like a princess that's a little bit bigger than many of the others.

Love, Steph x

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